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What to Wear If You Are Pear-Shaped: Celebrity Style and Fashion Tips

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This fruitilicious shape is often called spoon, bell, or A shape (triangle upward) as the key characteristics are a greater hip measurement than the bust.

Pear shaped women usually are rounder around the waist, upper abdomen, bottom and thighs. Whilst the bust and shoulders are slimmer. Famous women, who are members of this team are: Leighton Meester, Rachel Bilson, Christina Aguilera, Kate Winslet, Shakira, Rihanna, Ciara, and Eva Mendes.

Ciara looks stunning in this sparkling dress

Ciara looks stunning in this sparkling dress

Christina Augilera wearing a little black dress for the red carpet

Christina Augilera wearing a little black dress for the red carpet

Taking inspiration from pear shaped celebrities: Leighton Meester, Rachel Bilson, Christina Aguilera, Shakira, Rihanna, Ciara, Eva Mendes


A carefully selected dress could make miracles for any woman. For a pear shape, we are aiming for silhouette resembling the hourglass. On the top it should be more fitted and ending in a straight or A-line shape on the bottom.
A wrap-dress is also a great choice. Based on these rules Christina's LBD was a perfect choice and the sparkles around the middle give a good definition to her waist, directing the eyes towards her upper body and face.

Another great example is Ciara's look. On this dress the deep V cut cleavage and the see-through sleeves are enchanting for the viewers and photographers alike. But be careful with too much sparkles as they could add on a few pounds/kilos, unless you are a sports and dance fan like her.

Rihanna looks fashionable on the go

Rihanna looks fashionable on the go


With the pants you could go to two directions:
- The first is emphasizing your legs with leggings or slim fit jeans matched with a tunica or long shirt.
- In the second option wear dark jeans with straight or flare bottom.

On this photo Rihanna chose the later option wearing dark blue jeans ending in a flare bottom that also have a high waist paired with high heel shoes, a white T tucked in and dark jacket, making her legs seem even longer and slimmer.

This season's craze of flower-patterned jeans and matching yoga pants with tight T-shirts are not recommended, unless you absolutely want to follow the trends. In this case, opt for light coloured top and wear a long necklace to lengthen the upper body.

Rachel Bilson is petite yet still a member of the pear shaped team

Rachel Bilson is petite yet still a member of the pear shaped team


In this area you can go bold with vibrant coloured and patterned tops. Remember, we are aiming for drawing more attention to the top, so feel free to unleash your inner fashion mogul. You can also choose flowers, glitters, almost any décor placed around the shoulders, cleavage or waist area.

Long blouses and shirts should be permanent residents in your closet. Take a look at everyone's favourite Dr.Zoe Hart, aka Rachel Bilson and her cute flower-patterned potion-green top paired with dark skinny jeans, super-cool high-heel shoes and black leather bag she wore on the set of Hart of Dixie. No wonder Zoe's character has shaken the small town's, Bluebell's world with bachelors falling for her style and smile. If you would like to get the men's heart racing like Zoe, just take inspiration from her wardrobe and you will be irresistible.

Will this jacket be a reason to start a new gossip?

Will this jacket be a reason to start a new gossip?

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There are plenty of fashionable jackets out there that will look amazing on pear shaped women making all other shapes green with envy.

The best options are women's suit jackets or blazers that end around the line of the hips or slightly below. Leighton Meester's dresses in Gossip Girl are trend-setters, but this jacket should've been on the show too! It it a bit longer in the back to cover the back of the hip whilst stretching the torso. The shiny collars is a clever detail as if the jacket is saying: I look professional and fun all at once.

Luckily this season there are plenty to find in the stores from the shades of grey, red, and sand colours to navy blue. Ahoy!

And if you are more of a rock-girl with chic, go for the ever-green black motorcycle jackets or have fun with a new colour, such as powder pink or silver grey. If you still prefer a shorter cut jacket, you could match it with long white T, as Shakira did. Note: love her stripped jeans too!

Eva Mendes out shopping

Eva Mendes out shopping


If you would like to give an edge to your outfit, you could choose a belt. Tip: avoid placing belt on the hip but aim higher. There are great variants for waist belts available: in every colour of the rainbow, buckles with bow, rose, shell, and more - there is no limit to the imagination!

Eva Mendes is also a big fan of belts and this set she wore to shopping is an absolute winner on our casual outfit top chart. She likes to wear colours from the earthtone palette, such as this white dress with the dark brown wedge sandals that not only look comfy but pretty too. To bring this look all together Eva selected a stripy belt, a white & brown bag and a pair of dark shades to protect her eyes from the California sun and the flashlights of the paparazzi cameras.


As a recap, patterns are the pear-shaped girl's best friends if they are on the top. Jewelleries, such as statement earring, necklaces could also do the trick.


Dressing as a pear shaped girl, you might have felt the wardrobe challenge from time to time, but using the above tips you will be able to find the right clothes for you and will make you feel like a star every day you glimpse in the mirror. After a job well done expect the compliments coming!

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