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What is the Influence of Fashion on Mankind?

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A Woman Working in a Garment Industry

A Woman Working in a Garment Industry

There's a remarkable impact of fashion on the human lifestyle over the ages. People are so fashion-conscious that they are not only aware of what they wear but also of what are their pets wear.

In this material world, most of the time, their attire influences their moods and thought processes instead of the other way around. In this contemporary world, fashion keeps changing rapidly. We knowingly or unknowingly choose what's trending.

Fashion has a massive impact on many spheres of our lives. Scrolling down, you will come across the major areas of human life that fashion influences.


Any kind of fashion goes well with a healthy and well-shaped body. This is true but, on the contrary, people like to get in specific body shape to meet the requirement of a particular fashion. For instance, the beach-loving sexy chicks generally maintain an hourglass figure to look attractive in bikinis.

Some dresses look well in zero figure body type, while some are appropriate for the round body type. Instead of buying bikinis or any kind of dress which suits their body shape, females tend to shape themselves up to look well in the clothes they desire to buy. That's how a piece of cloth impacts the human body.

The same applies to men. Men tone themselves up to look better in suits. Fashion motivates them to do so. If they lack this motivation, they will wander carrying the bloating belly and wearing baggy outfits or a formal shirt with the fat tummy breaking the buttons and popping out.

Some Body Types in Women

Some Body Types in Women


There is mostly an indirect relation between fashion and diet, if not direct. It is like a particular costume inspires you to stay fit for you fit into it. That's how you get health-conscious. You follow a proper diet. A balance between diet and exercise leads you to gain that figure ideal for the dress you want to put on and show off. Following a diet for maintaining a specific body shape to suit well in a particular garment keeps people motivated.

Woman with the Vegies

Woman with the Vegies

Fashion influences the diet mostly in the below situations:

a. You wanna impress your high school sweetheart on the prom night by slimming or shaping up and wearing the flattering dress to keep his attention from the girl he has his eyes on. In such a case, you will prepare for a month or two - Workouts and diets.

b. You watch a movie where your role model acts brilliantly. The fashion they carry stuns you. You decide to buy similar apparel, but you are too fat, and you may look odd in that outfit. In this case, by dieting, you will be able to follow up with your dream fashion.

Additionally, many fashionable reasons can motivate you to continue a dieting plan.


Fashion influences the human mind. Likewise, people get easily swayed by attention-grabbing designs. Imagine in a corporate office scene. Everyone attends the meeting in a formal dress (or 'pajamas' - the new work freedom), and suddenly an employee shows up in booty shorts or hot pants. Do you think the meeting will go smoothly without any distractions?

This scene is played in one of the Saturday Night Live shows. In that show, a male character enters in an inappropriate dress that constantly distracts his colleagues. He is finally asked to leave the meeting room. Such situations, if not well-handled, can turn the office meeting into an orgy! haha!

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So my point here is that your fashion impacts the surroundings. Even if anyone is unattractive or plain-looking, they will grab the attention if they dress up like a warrior at a beach party. This is an exaggerated example of fashion affecting the situation.

But the subtle changes in dresses can positively attract people. For instance, putting on a fashionable scarf that goes well with your winter coat! Also, wearing stiletto heels can be very appealing if it goes well with the overall dress.

Man in Casual Attire at the Office

Man in Casual Attire at the Office


Yes, you are reading right! Fashion influences human gestures, movements, and actions. If you observe keenly, there are subtle differences in your walk cycle when you walk on the beach with swimwear and on the busy city streets with your shrug or a long coat.

Suppose, If you are an actor performing a role of a gladiator, wearing the dress of a warrior will influence your gestures. You will show aggressive body language with your chest out and head straight. Even you will perform your dialogues with natural gladiator-type hand gestures. Some of the gladiator maneuvers can be learned, of course. But your bearing is also influenced by the dress you put on. In such an outfit, you will never act or gesture like the early characterization of Sheldon cooper in the world-famous show, the Big Bang Theory.

If fashion doesn't influence your actions, you can act like a cowboy wearing a classy suit or act seductively like a fetish model by wearing business formal!




Before dominating the human body, diet, and gestures, the first and foremost part of humans that fashion impacts is the mind. Fashion makes people change their minds on the way they perceive fashion.

Just like a kid gets amused by the new toy and throws away the old toy, the latest trend grabs the human mind. Our mind tends to find that dress out of fashion which was our favorite apparel before a few months.

Fashion has captured the female mind. For females, shopping means buying clothes, jewelry, and perfumes. Generally, shopping also includes electronic devices, foodstuffs, utensils, toolkits, etc. But according to women, shopping is only complete when they buy a dress, footwear, a necklace, or perfume.



The fashion industry is always mutable. Either fashion should be the motivation to stay fit, or your fitness should amplify the beauty of your outfit. In my view, you must focus on health and well-being to adapt to almost any fashion you want.

An in-shape person looks attractive in any kind of fashion. Moreover, the fit individual can set a new fashion trend. In simple words, that 'x' dress should look great on you rather than you looking great in that 'x' dress!

The first emphasis should be on your character, secondly on your well-toned body and overall personality, and lastly, on the fashion that you like to carry.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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