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Are Heels Really Magic?

I was born in the south. I live in the south and will die in the south. This is only a small part of the memories I share.

A Video is Worth a Few Thousand Hubs

I am Very Serious

to tell you that although we guys admire pretty girls who love to wear high heels, but we guys simply know one thing about girls in heels: appreciation. That’s it in a nutshell. Just the sound of hearing a pair of high heels walking on a concrete floor (yards away) will literally stop any guy who is in mid-sports conversation leaving that guy stunned and drool running down his chin. Guys, be honest. Have any of you had this happen to you?

I am not boasting, but I can tell you that I do not know of any female anywhere, who can look pretty when she is walking that walk and looking pretty when she stumbles. God knew all things when He made woman. I am serious and you will not receive any apology from yours truly.


But The Cold Truth

remains. There are, and albeit a few, pretty females who cannot and do not know how to walk in high heels. And this lack of talent does NOT take anything from her beauty, it is just a lack of balance, but in practice, I believe this can be cured. But us guys, forget it. Even if we were to try for several months, even years, we guys would stumble, bumble, and tumble our way down the sidewalk, but we might make a few hilarious clowns.

In my honest opinion, there is just “that” something, that mankind will never discover, how a pretty woman can magically take on a certain distinct beauty when she puts on a pair of black heels. No. I am not going to believe that some witch or sorcerer put a spell on her heels that turned her into an ugly beast who lives in dark caves. No. The fact is, and I’ve seen this happen, an awkward, stuttering young woman of 21, who passes by the guys and does not get as much as a glance, can put on high heels and without trying, turns these same male fools into a gang of sputtering apes who are mesmerized.

Look Familiar?

Then There is Another Thing

that is so cute that I could not publish this piece unless I told you about (yes, another one that I have witnessed), a pretty secretary or receptionist whose cute feet hurt just enough for her to slip her foot off of her right high heel and dangle it in the air when she is on the phone. Oh, she does not know how much electricity she is producing around her, but next time you see this event, and if there are any guys in the office or waiting room, just watch them and see what they are doing.

Then, if that action is not mind-blowing, look at same receptionist or office manager who is engaged in conversation with a higher-up or co-worker and she, I can only assume to rest her legs, will pull off one high heel and place that foot in her other leg and continue talking and no one will be the wiser. I would tell you about those flirty women office workers who tangle and untangle their hair and . . .letting one of her foot dangle one of her high heels while males’ tongues are hitting the floor.

As for a woman’s matching-wardrobe, society, (if the woman follows such), should wear “flats,” shoes that are flat and having no heels, black, to match her matching slacks, but not jeans. And if she is to wear a dress, it must have black lines or small black dots into the fabric. But to this old man, I find that high heels go with a loose dress, not necessarily the same color as the high heels, and the high heels can match her slacks and shorts. You see? A woman can wear almost anything by way of high heels, but not as much with flats.

Do not faint. I found out that another secret (about women and their high heels) may shock you, but I do not think so. A professional woman, receptionist, office manager, or clerk, who sits behind a desk to greet customers and visitors, may take-off her high heels and rest her feet as long as her feet stay underneath her desk or will have to walk somewhere (in the office) to take a package or other items to another office. Then she immediately and instinctualy slips off her high heels and walks to her destination.

Then There is Elegant Dangling!

The Pure Magic of a Woman Running

in high heels is one sight to behold, if you are a male or female. I witnessed this very sight several times when I worked for our local newspaper and I have to admit, the girl who did the running in heels must have been born in the circus to a family who made their job of walking a tightrope.

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There were five various offices in out front lobby section of the paper and I worked (with other employees) in the Production Dept., but I recall this girl who did not want to call our boss, who was also working in “that” department because he loved to lay-out the paper because he was so talented. Well, the girl ran from her front office to where the boss and I worked and I have to tell you, she ran like a gazelle—never missing a step and although she had heels on, she never stumbled once.

Women also possess another style of magic besides running in her heels and that is when the woman who is in heels, is driving to work or shopping, and has to park away from her destination and has to walk several yards to get there, she first lets her legs slide out of her car to the ground and gently stands up being careful to not allowing her skirt or dress to ride-up for gawkers to see her “valuables.” Most women, heels or not, will throw that one leg out of her car and when she tries to get up, she has to manage her other leg and that can be very burlesque, or is it risque?

A Strap Breaks, But This Girl is Prepared


I Told You Once About

how wonderful the sound is to hear a woman who is in heels and walking down a concrete (or tile) floor. It is like some orchestrated-symphony of Boston, Mass., or even the New York Symphony, all parts of her walk all coming to the ears of the male fans. Like yours truly.

Most women who walk in high heels are professional’s, and they never make a misstep.Never. Besides the music of the Beatles, Nat “King” Cole (and his daughter, Natalie), and Mac Wiseman, women walking on hard surfaces while in high heels will always rate as my number one favorite thing to listen to—EVER!

Now that you have enjoyed a mixture of heel walking, dangling, and other heel-related things, I know that all of my male followers will agree that the video’s on his hub rate higher than my writing.

September 3, 2019__________________________________________________

Happy is Spelled High Heels


© 2019 Kenneth Avery


Kenneth Avery on July 03, 2020:

Samantha . . .your comment is very interesting. But I must hot have explained fully where this hub came from. It originated in the early 50s when TV was in its birth and westerns were the thing, but then came the TV cops, detectives like "Mike Connors," of Tight Rope and Lee Marvin of M-Squad and well, one cannot watch these shows unless we see several women wearing black heels in every scene. Sure the sound of her heels playing In-a-Gadda-Da-Vida on the cement floor of her office made me have chills go down my spine.

Thus, puberty met reality in my life and here I am.

Samantha on July 03, 2020:

Hi, I'm a male in my 30's. I experience some of the samethings u had spoken about in this article, and do have disagree with the part when you said "But us guys, forget it. Even if we were to try for several months, even years, we guys would stumble, bumble, and tumble our way down the sidewalk, but we might make a few hilarious clowns." That's really not true, I crossdress as a hobby and I could walk in heels but I mastered the art of walking in heels in less than 6 months in 5 inch heel height and I have to say in those same 5 inch stiletto heels I can run as fast if I was in sneakers. I do agree that not every guy and lady can do the same. If I have to choose between flats or heels, I'll choose heels all day long. I do have flats and thats on casual Fridays. I'm actually the only guy at my job that wears high heels, I have a lot of female friends too and my choice in apparel is actually paying top dollars. My boss is a female and was glad that she knows a guy, good at his job and wear heels while working and it never became a problem to her or the other staff members that are working around me, and I respect women so I'm not just doing it to see who hits on me. No, im doing it because I was tired of hiding in the closet for so long wearing wedges and flats all the time and when i showed up at work in women's clothing, my boss had a different opinion about me and she likes to team me up with all women and I have to say the women and myself is like an army of 1 we watch each other's back and the men at the job is scare of us.

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