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What Is Keratin Blowout and How to Do It at Home


Hating your COVID hair, but scared to come in close contact with other people?

Keratin Blowout is a kind of hair treatment that is somewhat like the Brazilian blowout. Protein or keratin (its building blocks), is bonded to the outermost layer of the hair, which protects it from further damages, and also smoothing it in the process. It therefore results to frizz-free hair.

To note, Keratin Blowout is not a hair straightening treatment per se. If you have natural curls, and you want it to be straight, the treatment of choice should be Hair Relax, or Hair Rebond. However, some may prefer to retain the natural waves and volume, eliminintaing the frizz and unruly tips, then a Keratin Blowout is highly advisable.

Frizz elimination is the main purpose of Keratin Blowout. Aside from that, it can protect, smoothe, soften hair. Also, it signficantly adds shine, and lessens the need for blow drying unkempt and unruly hair. It can also be done right after any hair procedure such as hair coloring, rebonding, or relaxing.

Its effects can last up to as long as 3 months, depending on your hair type, and if you use sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner.
This hair procedure is basically a hair damage treatment, which has a desirable effect to the hair, making it a very beneficial hair procedure, and is highly advised by hair experts.

How do you do a DIY Hair Keratin Blowout Treatment at home?

  1. Wash your hair with just shampoo and do not put any conditioner.
  2. After drying your hair to 100% dryness, start applying the keratin blowout solution to dry hair.
  3. Wait for an hour.
  4. Use a hair iron that is set to 230 degrees Celsius and section hair.
  5. Iron each section thinly, and run through the iron to each section 4 to 6 times.
  6. Wait until 3 days before washing hair with sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner.

You can watch the video of how I did it here:

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