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What Do Men Really Think About Pubic Hair On Women

Wendy is a journalist who has been writing online since 2007 on topics such as plus size fashion, learning languages, and traveling.

Francisco Goya, The Nude Maja, c. 1800 Artistic View of Pubic Hair

Goya's "The Nude Maja" has been considered as probably the first European painting to show woman's pubic hair

Goya's "The Nude Maja" has been considered as probably the first European painting to show woman's pubic hair

The Hair Issue

Whether for fashion, appearance, hygiene or just personal taste, most women now get rid of pubic hair. Some only have a little “tidy-up” while others have no second thoughts about going completely bald down there. But whatever a woman’s decision and the reason behind it most women have wondered at least once what men think about pubic hair.

The “hair” issue can be daunting during the first stages of a relationship as some people can take a very strong stand with their likes and dislikes. Here we are going to talk about people who have a strong opinion on the subject.

And you, what do you do with yours?

Darling How Would You Like My Venus Mound?

If you are ever bold enough to ask your partner how would he like your Venus Mound, you will be surprised at his answers and how much you learn about his personality with such a simple question. For a start, his answers might range from:

· “La Totale”, he is very meticulous and won’t accept anything else but bald. He is glad you finally asked because he did not know how to tell you!

· “You are perfect like that”, he is either completely in love with you and accepts you no matter how or he is desperate and just thankful that you are there.

· “Leave it to grow”, he thinks that pubic hair adds mystery to a woman’s anatomy. Certain souls are more susceptible to the works of Mother Nature and prefer to ignore certain parts of the body that should be hidden anyway.

· “Can you manage a diamond shape”, now he is either a compulsive card player or a jeweller.

· “Brazilian please”, now he is either planning for a beach holiday or he just had a holiday with a Brazilian girl.

· “what about dying it pink”, he is 100% crazy.

· “Later, can you get me a beer now, my team is about to score”, needless to say, you should be changing partners ASAP.

Fancy Some Coloured Pubic Hair?

Safe Color for Pubic Hair

I do prefer a very trimmed and even a waxed look down there but I had to try the Betty Beauty Hair Coloring Kit above I was just too curious to let it pass. The results? It worked really well, it lasted less than a month but I got enough for three applications out of my package, which is not bad considering the price.

A thumbs-up product for hiding grey hair or simply updating to a fun-colour like blue or pink.

Is it Safe to Dye Pubic Hair ?

Here Are Some of the Answers Given by my Male Friends When Asked About Women’s Pubic Hair

· “Personally I prefer hairless fashion. At the start, my girlfriend didn’t until I managed to ask her to go shave ALL pubic hair”

· “A woman should keep some pubic hair, otherwise, it is ugly to see all the bits hanging like an open wound”

· “The bald look reminds me too much of a young girl, it puts me off”

· “The metro ticket, that’s perfect for me”.

· “Hairs put me off, it looks dirty”

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· “I cannot stand a mouth full of hair, iagh.”

· “I am very visual, with hair all over the place I cannot see anything”

· “Women should shave 100% including the rear area”

· “I love shapes, it shows me that she has made an effort to impress me, like for Christmas when my girlfriend had a Christmas tree design there”

· “I like shaving her myself, it is part of the foreplay when we are in the shower”

· “The less the better for me, with fewer obstacles in the way it is easier to find the sensitive points”

· “No hair is cleaner”

· “I don’t care, as long as it’s not a jungle, I couldn’t care less”

· “No hair is better for oral sex, if she asks me I would shave too!”

· “I like a hairy woman, it gives her a wild side, like an Amazon warrior”

Should You Shave Your Pubes?

Shaving Pubes

Although not my preferred method, I do shave from time to time. I have tried many brands and by far, my favourite one is the Gillette Venus Extra Smooth Swirl Women's Razor. The blade refills are easy to change and they just glide over your skin. I also notice that with this brand I get less "accidents" probably due to its ribbon of moisture around the blade which helps protect from cuts.

They are more expensive than most disposable razors but are well worth the money.

The Gillete Venus Best Razor for Women

Heart Shaped Pubes

 Valentine or Sweetheart pubic hair style

Valentine or Sweetheart pubic hair style

Bikini Shaving Stencil Heart, Straight or Triangle)

Private Pruning

If you are shaving your private parts this can be a lot of fun. Newjinda (Amazon product above) offers a Bikini Trimmer Shaver for Women with a heart, straight and triangle styling moulds, to create special shapes. This has been my preferred brand as the moulds are way smaller than the other brands and you only need to buy it once and then just use it with any other shaver. In fact, I preferred using it with a different razor.

Fun Fact About Pubic Hair The ‘Merkin’ a Pubic Hair Wig

Did you know that there is such a thing as a Pubic Hair Wig? Believe it or not, YES, it is called a Merkin and had been used for centuries by women who didn't have pubic hair!

Kate Winslet revealed in an interview that she had used one during the making of the film "The Reader. " Heidi Klum has also been known for wearing a red-heart shaped merkin.

The pubic wig is not a new invention, it has been around since the 1400s when it was originally worn by women who had shaved their pubic hair off to prevent lice.


And you what do you think? Do you prefer your women hairy or hairless?

Cameron Diaz Defends Pubic Hair - The Graham Norton Show

CAMERON DIAZ on Pubic Hair Preservation

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2009 Wendy Iturrizaga


Shoaib khatri from Pakistan on March 23, 2019:

Interesting article

Cass Jones1214 on March 20, 2019:

"You are perfect like that" means he's desperate?? Should have just stopped while you were ahead with the "he's in love with you" reason. That's what it is. Why does is have to be a bad thing if he loves a woman the way she is? "Desperate"?

Angelina Zebath from Pakistan on March 17, 2019:

beautiful skin with no hair

James R Argroves from United States of America on February 24, 2019:

I like to see the pubic hair removed, in fact I often remove my pubic hairs.

Deborah Demander from First Wyoming, then THE WORLD on February 19, 2019:

For many years, I shaved from stem to stern. Arm pits, legs, pubs, every single day.

Then, my man suggested getting waxed. So I let the jungle grow to get waxed, and for about a year, i got everything waxed clean.

Lately, he's requested growing back a big patch, so I'm experimenting with different shapes. It's been fun!

James A Watkins from Chicago on February 15, 2019:

I read somewhere that the hairless pubes thing started with pornography. The idea was to pass off young women as being prepubescent to appeal to a certain kind of pervert.

Umesh Chandra Bhatt from Kharghar, Navi Mumbai, India on February 14, 2019:

Very exhaustive and elaborate.

Brad on February 14, 2019:


They can't replace the original coca cola, and that goes for women's pubic hair. It serves a function, and without it, a women looks like a little girl. Just like men that are balding decide to shave what is left off. They then look like cancer survivors. Or the men that grow what is left into a pony tail. None of these approaches beat the original.

StromRider74 from Eastern Nebraska on February 11, 2019:

I've been reading various hubs for several weeks now, but this is the one that got me to join and make a comment.

First off -- Thanks, Princessa, for starting this discussion so long ago. It's a Been good discussion, and quite provocative and insightful.

Second -- thanks to everyone who has participated for not only offering your insights and opinions, but being respectful of the comments and ideas of others. I think that's why this article can still generate comments even though it was started so long ago.

A number of things have caught my eye as I've read the article and the comments. One is natural color of pubic hear. As a rule (and as we all know, there are exceptions) I've found that people's pubic hair is often a more intense version of their "more visible" hair. And on the specific topic of redheads that people brought up, I will say that I've known several natural redheads whose pubic hair was brighter and more intense (sometimes even "orange," as some have said) as their visible hair. I will also say that pubic hair is often the ultimate proof of whether a person's hair color is natural, or a product of Ms. Clairol, et al. I'm also not in favor of the dying of pubic hair.

As for my own personal desires in this topic -- I've found that I've not had one set desire. Rather, I've found that of the various women I've been involved with intimately, the presence / absence of pubic hair was just one more component of whom they were / are. It's the choice they made in that area, one I found myself comfortable with. For most women (and I'm assuming men, too, though you rarely hear about men being voluntary bald down there), this is a choice they make for themselves.

This however, is not always the case, which brings me to a relationship area I'm surprised has not been brought up -- Domination and submission, or D/s. One of the stereotypes (for lack of a better term) I've seen in D/s is the idea that submissive women are ALWAYS bare-shaven. It supposedly adds to the idea of the submissive being more submissive, especially if bare shaving is required by her Dominant. (I have no idea if this is a stereotype for submissive men.)

I can tell you that of the many submissive women I've met over the years, there are a LOT that are bare, but it is certainly not ALL of them, nor is it a universal requirement. Is this an area where power is exchanged between submissive and Dominant? Most certainty, among many others. But it's not a "hard and fast rule" of D/s. Personally, it's not an area where I've given my submissive at the time any sort of direction.

I've known several D/s pairings that faltered in part because of the lady submissive being bare-shaven when coming into the relationship. Most often, the male Dominant in question had issues in the "child perception" category ("I want to be with an adult, not someone that reminds me of children"). So even in a relationship realm that can at times buck taboos, some things for some people are still just that -- taboo. Yet many others will want that taboo, or use it as a way to reinforce the power exchange between submissive and Dominant.

Britta Nicole -- thanks for the historical perspective.

Julie -- if you're comfortable talking about, no matter your age, then talk. You might be surprised some of the replies you get, from people of various ages.

As for the cleanliness health issues, I heard a comment years ago to the effect that having pubic hair is actually healthier, because it makes it harder for germs / infections to migrate to the vagina.

One other thing -- I'd rather not know about a woman's pubic hair status until our first time intimately together. It adds to the mystery and discovery.

I look forward to everyone's comments!

LaZeric Freeman from Hammond on February 11, 2019:

Either or. It’s like decoration. I prefer a tree with lights and ornaments vs a plain evergreen ... I’m just saying.

Mary's Crumbs on January 30, 2019:

For my age demographic staying natural down there is not the most common choice — i am aware of that. However, I have never felt a compulsion to join the bandwagon and go bare down there. (Hey, that rhymes, haha)

Pubic hair, breast development, and my first period were my three badges for feeling that I was growing up — that I was leaving childhood and becoming a woman.

As such, as odd as it may sound, I grew fond of my pubic hair. I found the idea of removing it unnecessary and, in a way, offensive.

Of the people with whom I have been involved in physical relationships, none have voiced a desire for me to remove it. If anything, some have expressed joy in my decision as they have an affinity for the "natural" look.

I do remove my leg hair and underarm hair, so I'm not a purist in body hair conservation. However, when it comes to my pubic area, no matter what the popular trend may be at any given moment, I like mine and i am keeping it. Besides, nobody has to see it but myself and whoever I trust to be in a a relationship with.

Himel Sharma from mumbai on January 24, 2019:

Good to read, thanks for your pretty work :)

Dwight Bratcher on January 17, 2019:

My wife has shaved, later she says it itches her, so what the hell? Why would I expect it of her? Most just follow the herd, Men are especially susceptible to peer pressure, yes, even when it comes to their wives and or girlfriend's body hair.

Alan R Lancaster from Forest Gate, London E7, U K (ex-pat Yorkshire) on December 29, 2018:

Glad you asked Wendy. To my taste I think a Brazilian or bikini cut makes a woman look sexy. I agree with the third man's comment above, that bald makes a woman look like a little girl and that IS off-putting to a red-blooded male like me who thinks of it as a sort of perversion to like a woman not to have ANY public hair. Makes me think of paedophiles who hunt down schoolgirls or younger. I don't mind more than Brazilian, just not bald.

That's a recent fad. Yuk!

Tim Truzy from U.S.A. on December 14, 2018:

This is a funny article. On a woman, well, it's her hair. Shave or grow. I don't care; it's not because of desperation that a man doesn't mind. It's about respecting a person to do what she wants with her body.

It's a hilarious well written piece about a topic many would rather keep hushed up about.

Much respect,


Debra Roberts from Ohio on November 29, 2018:

How has there been no comments on years in this? What a hilarious read!!!!

Britta Nicole Miller from Earth on November 25, 2018:

I cracked up on this.

This is a conversation that needs attention, I'd say. Pubic hair has been an issue for a lot of people, and, on a personal level, I believe a lady should groom the bush like she would any other wild-growing plant. The hair, down there, serves a purpose.

I've overheard guys saying they won't even consider having sex with a woman unless she's completely bald in that area. Though I would like to point out that "shaving," for women, is a rather 'new' invention.

Razors were invented around 1880 for men.

Razors for women came about around 1915, if I remember it right. So that'd mean women only started 'shaving' a little over a century ago. To put that into perspective, slavery ended in 1865.

Slaves got freedom before women started shaving. That kind of puts it into perspective, for me. Shaving isn't much of a big deal, really. I do wish guys would be a bit more open-minded. Why can men be hairy but not women? An issue of the sexes, there.

Fun article, either way!

Britta Nicole Miller from Earth on November 25, 2018:

I cracked up on this.

This is a conversation that needs attention, I'd say. Pubic hair has been an issue for a lot of people, and, on a personal level, I believe a lady should groom the bush like she would any other wild-growing plant. The hair, down there, serves a purpose.

I've overheard guys saying they won't even consider having sex with a woman unless she's completely bald in that area. Though I would like to point out that "shaving," for women, is a rather 'new' invention.

Razors were invented around 1880 for men.

Razors for women came about around 1915, if I remember it right. So that'd mean women only started 'shaving' a little over a century ago. To put that into perspective, slavery ended in 1865.

Slaves got freedom before women started shaving. That kind of puts it into perspective, for me. Shaving isn't much of a big deal, really. I do wish guys would be a bit more open minded. Why can men be harry but not women? An issue of the sexes, there.

Fun article, either way!

SClemmons from the Carolina Coast on November 22, 2018:

Interesting well written article and the metaphors used by your readers as shown in the comment section here are hilarious! I truly laughed out loud as I read them.

Brad on November 21, 2018:

Why do women want to look like they are 7 years old?

Alexander James Guckenberger from Maryland, United States of America on November 21, 2018:

On a good woman, hair or no hair I will admire her body. Women's leg and hiney hairs are way thinner on average than male hair anyway. It's still feminine to me.

Ruth Coffee from Zionsville, Indiana on November 11, 2018:

I think this is a topic of more recent preferences. I don't recall it being something women did when I was young, you were just natural. My only complaint about it at all is that women seem to have to put a lot of time in already to look the way the average man wants her to, but with guys you are lucky if they bother to wash their hair.

DREAM ON on November 09, 2018:

I feel it is her body and what she likes I like. What is good for the guys should be good for the woman too. For the guys who like it shaved what if their woman asked them to shave their own special spot would they? See how the shoe feels on the other foot. Interesting topic on love and life. Hope your day turns out special and beautiful.

Alexander James Guckenberger from Maryland, United States of America on October 08, 2018:

I trust a woman's choice to do what she think is best. I like body hairs on women. Hairy armpits can be cute. Women have finer hair than men, and their hairs are still feminine.

hartingale on February 07, 2011:

Priceless - although also an exceedingly male point of view. Maybe I need to balance it out with a new hub..

Julie on January 12, 2011:

Thanks Bryan, now I don't feel like a freak, LOL

Bryan on January 08, 2011:

I started very young 45 now every women i have been with thinks sex feels better when we are both shaved,and they all felt cleaner after a couple of weeks the bumps and stuff go away make shaving down there the last thing you do when you shower so the hairs a water saturated we just use regular bath soap

Julie on January 07, 2011:

Okay, what about how old you are? I never shaved until my marriage of ten years, to a younger man, ended. He is a a hairy Italian ( which I liked) and didn't want it shaved.

I just decided to try it since I had no one to impress and it just feels clean. And super soft, which was a surprise. I'm 51. Should I even be talking about it?

Top Places on December 26, 2010:

I like this article with screen shot, thanks, very

Eileen M Antolino from Central New Jersey ~Trenton/Princeton area on December 06, 2010:

I must comment so I can save this thread...the discussion is hilarious but the topic is well worth discussion. I'm with Lefty as he has so eloquently expressed how a truly free and confident woman would choose to present herself.

I believe the natural form is most appropriate. The argument that "No one likes a mouth full of hair, they get everywhere and it takes ages to fish them out of your mouth" is not viable to me. No male partner I've ever been with worried about me coming up with a mouth full of curlies!! Also, when I did attempt the bare childlike version for myself, I found the razor burn and subsequent horrific itching was not worth the effort.

However, I do prefer men with clean shaven faces and not hiding their expressions behind heavy growths and showing enough hair on their head so as to allow my fingers to run through in loving caresses.

Then again, geez louise...with so many moral travesties occuring in the world, how do we justify the time spent on this topic? Okay, I got caught up in it...but I will attempt to contribute something humane, biocentric and ethical in another venue.

hairy mike on November 26, 2010:

i believe women should trip their pubic hair and keep the area always clean. Pupic hair for a woman or a man makes them more sexy.

nayad on November 25, 2010:

it's long as it's not longer than her crowning glory :)

Col T on November 10, 2010:

I truly prefer to kiss the peach sans fuzz ... the feelings experienced while kissing the lips are enhanced with smooth skin and wetness the only tangents ... I would also prefer to be cleanly shaved, however I lost my partner who performed the operation in foreplay mode as noted in quite a few posts ... I need to find another who is so inclined! Very interesting hub ... enjoyable and shows it takes all kinds! Some should lighten up on the pedophilia attribution ... a giant leap to say that a preference for a smooth peach is akin to having sexual preference for little girls ... some sound like "The Church Lady"

Emmily on November 06, 2010:

Think about this, if it was 'the social norm' to cut your arm off would you do it? Regardless of what you might think, cutting your arm off is the same concept as shaving your pubic hair. Both are put there naturally, and serve a purpose. Vaginal hair is actually MUCH CLEANER than no hair.

Neil Sperling from Port Dover Ontario Canada on October 31, 2010:

Had to come back to read more comments. Bald below is my choice.... so I keep mine that way too for my ladies.

Smooth rules as Cheeky Girl said.... and I agree 100%.

Nice to see the hub still active.

laura on October 29, 2010:

i think it frames the girl nicely.. especially if she has a nice set of hips, just a point of interest. plus, its just so natural, nothing can get better than being natural!

lefty1 on October 27, 2010:

I have been lucky to meet many women in Europe and other parts of the world who have the good sense not to shave their armpits, legs, or pubic hair. Many of us men out here regard such hair as both physically attractive and a sign that the woman is unconventional and independent-minded, admirable qualities. Shaving is uncomfortable and leads to prickly interregnums until the next shave. Makeup, shaving, and deodorant ought to be regarded as options and not necessities. Women ought to be able to decide for themselves how they want to look without feeling pressure to conform needlessly to the dictates of “fashion police” or their intransigent partners. Unfortunately, the vast majority of women today appear to have given in to such pressure. Sadly, they are at war with their own bodies. Not content to be engaged in a continuous battle with their “bikini lines,” they feel compelled to shave off every last hair down there, which makes them look more like children, not grown women. It was not like that years ago. Is that really what most men find appealing now? I think a woman’s natural hair and odor are to be enjoyed, not expunged.

Contrice on October 20, 2010:

I think it totally depends on the woman. If she is comfortable bald or bushy then whatever. The more comfortable she is with her body and the way it looks, the more comfortable she will be naked and showing it off which makes for better sex.

11Bravo on October 18, 2010:

Bush, bush, BUSH!!!! DEFINITELY Maria of Last Tango in Paris style!

"Give me Hair" had the greatest post in here, so far!

The hairier the better! Makes for much better eatin'!


Freo guy on October 08, 2010:

Both shaven and unshaven is good in women, and both are natural. A girl I was seeing was shaven when I first met her, and I took it for granted that she had no hair. She went away for two months, and when she came back, I found she hadn't shaved, and I remember thinking "oh that's right, girls have pubes..." I loved it just as much. She shaved a couple of months later, but I only got to enjoy that once, because she soon denied me the privilege from that point on.

Bex on October 05, 2010:

I think a man wanting the hairless look is a little creepy. That being said, some grooming is defintely required, but I do that for me so I don't feel unkempt, not for my guy. I don't care how his pubic hair is kept and he doesn't really care how mine is kept either. It's such a silly, inconsequential thing to spend time thinking about.

Give me hair! on September 27, 2010:

Ok I can not take it any longer...I hope the rest of the men out there realize that I respect them as men...But I have to say from one man to all the rest that complain about getting hair in your mouth when giving oral...."We as men are suppose to grow up and eat p...y - not be one." When men cry about getting hair in their mouths - it just sounds so childish.

chris on September 12, 2010:

women should look like women not little girls !!! Its getting quite sick in the 21st century when men can ask women too look like little children and think its perfectly OK

ve on August 28, 2010:

Some hair down there is beautiful and every man should appreciate a woman whop leaves some natural hair down there its a huge turn on for both male and female to HAVE HAIR DOWN THERE! =) okay

ve on August 28, 2010:

AS long as nice clean and trimmed but not bald like a phinx cat EWWW!!!

ve on August 28, 2010:

i agree with sydney removalist

candle62 from London on August 26, 2010:

Good information

keep it up

rakesh on August 02, 2010:

Bald. Nothing.

sydney removalists on July 26, 2010:

Good information to the hair remove care Men do not shave for women why should women shave for us the weaker of the sex. Fiend more hear.

Xavier on July 24, 2010:

Hair down there is natural, right? Why would it bother me. Growing up I was fascinated with my hair growing "down there" and I'd play with it after taking a shower and I often dreamed how it'd look like on a girl, and how it would feel. Once I felt it for the first time I was hooked. To this day I love to feel a woman's pubic hair, it's a huuuge turn on! :)

Venus on July 05, 2010:

Ok first great hub, second I totally agree with the whole shaved looking younger girl thing, but I also get the whole no hair in the mouth. How about a nice middle, a little bit larger then a landing but as low as the putting greens on the golf course? That way your still of age, yet trimmed, and clean, with a sophisticated style. Love it =)

Bill Door on May 10, 2010:

Don't like it. A man is supposed to be hairy, not a woman. If I want a hairy lover, I'll go to a gay bar.

mquee from Columbia, SC on April 27, 2010:

Never thought I would have the opportunity to voice an opinion on this subject. High heels, a shapely calf, skirt or dress somewhere below the knee, and hair. I'm old school, so I like a woman/lady, to be mysterious and desirable. Today, so many ladies are wearing skirts or dresses so short that nothing is left to the imagination, but that's me, to each his/her own. Pretty original subject matter, lol! Really.

newguy on April 11, 2010:

I cannot say for anyone else,but for me I have been shaveing my pubs for years.I feels cleaner and is a lot more comfortable.

But the best part is that my woman likes to ...enjoy them in ways that she did not before.

QueenKnobster on January 30, 2010:

Wow...I like your style Princessa,and so enjoy the topics you discuss thus far! thanks for being so Dedicated!

Tammy Knobloch

or QueenKnobster

Chris on January 26, 2010:

By the way and most importantly I just like having sex, so if the women has a lot of pubes I'll deal with it. Just nobody want's to have a woman remove her panties and then "poof" have a big bush jump out at you!

Conversely, what i would really like is a natural blond bush. That could be some fun, but not easy to come by unless you live in sweden.

Wendy Iturrizaga (author) from France on January 26, 2010:

affiliate markets: that's right, most people think that shaving their pubic hair is something relatively new, when in fact it has been going on for centuries!

Sean: we know now that you prefer the "hairy" look. Thanks for sharing :)

Rik that is hilarious LOL

Chris; it makes sense...

Mark, let us know for how long you manage to keep your resolution :)

Mark on January 25, 2010:

I personally like the bald look. Or at least I used to. I used to shave my whole body, including my pubes. My wife loves it when she looks at me in the nude, and there's no hair on my body. I've recently decided to stop doing this (been smooth all over since I was 19 years old), because she is turning it into a chore. So, I told her that my "New Years Resolution" was to stop shaving my body for good. She doesn't think I can do it. I shaved one last time New Years Eve 2009. I haven't taken a razor to my body since then. I feel confident that I will never shave my body again. We're only 25 days into 2010 and I haven't had the urge to shave my body. However, if she stops making it a chore, I may change my mind and shave again. I preffer her lower regions to be smooth as well. But she said that if I stopped, I couldn't shave her between the legs either. Sometimes you have to lose to win. We'll see.

Chris on January 18, 2010:

comon already. If you are naturally a hairy person or have very course pubic hair it's only right to do some basic landscaping and if it suits just go completely bareback. That said, if you are not hairy and your hair is more sparse, then nothing beats a nice lightly brushed look.

Rik Ravado from England on January 06, 2010:

I hear public hair can be woven into clothing suitable for rodents such as beaver - So I think it should be removed as long as small animals are helped in the process..

Sean Leong from Malaysia on December 31, 2009:


I like natural pubic hair as much as you do.If you can't get a guy who appreciates natural beauty, don't worry, I'm still available.

To me, those women who shave their pubic hair might as well shave their hair up there as well.

A woman without pubic hair is just like one who has no tits.

I know it's a personal choice, I just want to make my stand clear.

affiliate markets on December 05, 2009:

Excellent article - most people don't realize the long history of shaving pubic hair. It is a personal decision, but no doubt the shaved look is again popular with the majority of men and women.

Wendy Iturrizaga (author) from France on December 05, 2009:

masculine: I suppose at the end you cannot force any one to do it your way so whatever she prefers is a good choice :)

masculine on December 05, 2009:

well for me its her call , whatever she prefers its good ,but if you ask my choice i like some well kept hair downthere not totally bald.

Wendy Iturrizaga (author) from France on December 03, 2009:

Cheeky Girl: I agree... smooth rules!

Cassandra Mantis from UK and Nerujenia on December 02, 2009:

Nice to see pubic hair getting a public viewing, in hub form I mean! Great reading! European women have plenty, Asian women have less. Climate seems to have an effect. Smooth rules! (Not to mention glides too!)

Wendy Iturrizaga (author) from France on November 30, 2009:

azad582002: funny to think about pubic hair as cushioning...

Kanutin: I agree with your point, shaving legs and armpits does not seem to pose a problem so why should shaving pubic hair should?

Kanutin on November 29, 2009:

I prefer no hair, and thankfully my wife indulges me. At least in the beginning she was indulging me, now she prefers it too.

I don't understand people saying that it looks "childlike". Little girls don't have hairy legs or armpits either. Yet no one seems to feel that men who prefer women with shaved legs and armpits are closet pedephiles. Are those who think nature shouldn't be interfered with, against all shaving, faces, legs, etc.? I doubt it. If we stuck to what nature gave us, we'd all be walking around looking like cave people.

I love my beautiful 42 year old clean and smooth wife. Why add friction, plus it seems like she is even more naked, which is always good.

azad582002 on November 26, 2009:

nice write up about pubic hair

cusioning makes sense

Wendy Iturrizaga (author) from France on November 10, 2009:

ghost: have you ever tried a "tongue guard"?

debbie Scott: that seems to be one of the main reason for a tota shaved look.

phil: thanks for your opinion.

Um...yeah: LOL I almost fell off my chair thinking about your emo pubes :)

George: Why people likes or hates something is always a mistery. Thanks for your insight.

George on November 09, 2009:

So why exactly are some people repulsed by pubic hair? There must be something in their youth that made them repulsed by the changes that occurred during puberty; something that keeps them still sexually attracted to what amounts to the genital region of a ten year old...

Pubic hair signifies that transition to adulthood and maturity. As a society we are hyper-focused on staying young forever. It's not a healthy obsession. Grow up and grow it out.

Um...yeah on November 09, 2009:

How bout emo pubes? Dye it pitch black with some pink/blonde highlights...some teasing and a sprits of hairspray...rocking! Whahahaha I nearly fell off my chair laughing. K but seriously now...I know hair is natural but it's just so gross. I don't even have a boyfriend right now but I'm still fuzz free for me. And I couldn't even begin to imagine how it must feel for a man to go down on a woman with hair down there...EEK!

phil on November 04, 2009:

I dont like any hair on a woman down there

ghost on October 16, 2009:

I think girls should shave, cz there is something called muff diving.come on girls it hurts my tounge while licking

Wendy Iturrizaga (author) from France on October 04, 2009:

Joker: thanks for sharing your opinon. I believe that there are not many men going for this look (only 19% out of 425 according to my poll) but I guess that it is the look that secretly most women prefer as it does not require painful waxing or annoying shaving sessions.

JOKER on October 04, 2009:

I prefer a woman to be natural. To me, the more hair she has the sexier she is. This shaved look fad is just that ... a fad. It make a WOMAN look like a LITTLE GIRL yeech. Real men want a Real woman. The hair is sosexually attractive. It's ok if she trims up slightly, neatly but still have hair. I realize lot of women shave arounf the "lips" for oraling purposes which is fine. As a man it feels so good to have those hairs "brush on your BOYS" during intercourse.

Wendy Iturrizaga (author) from France on August 28, 2009:

captain, I think most women would like that style too (after all shaving is not a pleasant job) but they feel they need to go "bold" to be fashionable.

Captain on August 21, 2009:

I prefer the entirely natural look - a real woman. Shaved just looks like a little girl. A minor trim before a beach holiday is fine, though.

Wendy Iturrizaga (author) from France on August 16, 2009:

Mystique24: great for you, as long as you are comfortable with your bush...

sinsationaldad: that is a juicy opinion :P

Mystique24 on July 28, 2009:

I'm a younger woman and won't be the last to admit I'm outvoted; however I like my bush and won't take a man trying to make me otherwise! It's the way I feel beautiful. However, I do trim for a better look.

Wendy Iturrizaga (author) from France on July 28, 2009:

guidebaba : An evergreen jungle ? I bet you like to play Tarzan don’t you ?

Brenda: Well, it matters for all the 261 gentlemen who voted on how they like the pubic hair in their lady.

Jaspal: cheers! But now you left me wondering what is under YOUR kilt…

Juliet: Hair as cushion? Now, that’s a new one, thanks for the idea ;)

Netease: thumbs up!

Nima: good idea.

John: I think you might be in a minority.

Anath: personally I don’t like the nothing look in a man.

Muley84: Interesting rules about the curtains matching the drapes. Thanks.

Maricarbo: Now you are up to date ;), thanks for visiting.

KevinPeter: LOL that is a funny story.

KevinPeter on July 27, 2009:

If you learn female anatomy from Greek statues, you would notice none of them have pubic hair. Another story I read somewhere, dont know whether it was true, John Ruskin, a Victorian writer ran from the bridal chamber in horror when he discovered on his honeymoon that his wife had pubic hair.

maricarbo on July 26, 2009:

Wow, I had no idea that 1. Most women are shaving themselves bald and, 2. Most men prefer the bald look! Unbelievable! I grew up in a different time!

Michael A Muehleisen from Miami,FL on July 26, 2009:

I prefer a bush to shaved, though I had one girl friend with it shaved and it was very exciting the first couple of times. There is one rule I believe all men agree with; the curtains should always match the drapes. There is no bigger turn off than to find the hot redhead you're getting it on with, is really mousy brown (unless it's gray!). If you are going to spend $150 bucks to dye your hair, get a store kit and do down below to match.

Anath on July 25, 2009:

What about pubic hair on men? Does anyone like the nothing look in a man?

john on July 22, 2009:

Women dont be ashame hairy pubic looks very attractive. I personally likes hairy women

Nima Mehanian on July 20, 2009:

Really amusing article. You should conduct a study with women, and how they feel about guys' pubic hair.

netease on July 17, 2009:

clean is better.......smooth makes love happening

Juliet Christie Murray from Sandy Bay Jamaica on July 10, 2009:

I do not enjoy fully shaven I encounterd the itching problem too but nicely trimmed is Ok.Why was it placed there in the first place. Two fully shaven mounds on a long haul can be rather uncomfortable especially if both participants are skinny. I suppose you guys may not quite understand, but ask a Jamaica,I think the hair acts as a kind of cushion.Just keep it

Jaspal from New Delhi, India on June 23, 2009:

Touché Princessa mon cherie! Let me not beat around the bush (I don't know whether there is any :p), and just say that the Atholl Brose sounds interesting, both ways.

Till then, let's drink one to the hill and the heather, the kilt and the feather ... :)  

\Brenda Scully on June 22, 2009:

It never ceases to amaze me what you can learn on hub pages...... Does it really matter????? it seems it does, interesting hub...

guidebaba from India on June 22, 2009:

I just like Natural Evergreen Jungle, regardless of the size of the tree !!!

Wendy Iturrizaga (author) from France on June 22, 2009:

trish1048 : not a bad idea ;-)

R. Blue, that's right, pubic hair is so forgotten. How do you style yours?

Jaspal: I love Glenfiddich, especially mixed with whipped cream and honey for an Atholl Brose served either on tall glasses or spread all over my body ;-) "slange var'

Jas: thanks for the honesty but you still didn't tell us what style you like in that "bouncy backside" ;-)

Jas on June 21, 2009:

As I like to approach from behind I'm really just looking for a bouncy backside.

Wendy Iturrizaga (author) from France on June 20, 2009:

cheaptrick : LOL I knew the bold look in a man reminded me of something but I couldn't quite get it... an Ant Eater! LOL

laswi: I find freshly shaven sheep quite cute. Have you ever notice that they look more athletic and can run better when the wool has been removed?

Jaspal from New Delhi, India on June 20, 2009:

What a super hub on such an interesting subject! And the comments and repartees are even better. I have cast my vote on the polls and it appears that the no hair, nada, is winning hands down and pubes shorn!

But that is not necessarily my choice - I believe the total bald waxing is too painful. No real man wants to put his lady through pain. As someone pointed out, the best is probably what she can carry off with confidence and aplomb. So what is best would vary with the individual.

However, given a choice, one would like a neat trimmed look, nicely shaved all around the trimmed part. The shape could be any, a landing strip, an oval, a triangle, a heart or even a diamond. I am reminded of a friend, many years ago, with whom it used to be fun bringing up the subject earlier in the evening over drinks and taking a bet on what the shape for the day might be. Later, at action stations, when the truth was revealed, the loser had to be the slave and follow all directions of the winner.

There was a comment about trying cream. Surely we can be more adventurous than that. How about some wine? Or even better, a splash of single malt? Much as one loves to nose and sip the Islay variety, down under I think I'd prefer Glenfiddich with its soft aroma of fresh pear and sherry to the strong peaty flavour of a Laphroaig.

About men: There is that old one about how kissing a man without a moustache and beard is like having fried eggs and bacon without salt and pepper. Surely that applies equally to the curtains and the carpets (loved this phrase I read somewhere above!) But it should be salt and pepper sprinkled in measured quantity, the way a lady would have it .... not a whole damn jungle of unruly red hot chillies! Keep it neat and trimmed guys, and so will she!

Did I say it already? Let me repeat it then: Great hub. :)

R. Blue from Right here on June 20, 2009:

PGrundy....I'm about your age and I disagree....Smooth and sexy is the way I like em. Hair down there is way overrated.

trish1048 on June 20, 2009:

Hmm, well then, if the French people were smiling at me thinking I was having fun, I could toss them a one page newspaper that says want to have as much fun as I am? Shave your pubic hair! :)

Wendy Iturrizaga (author) from France on June 20, 2009:

Hi Sally : thanks for following and sharing this hub, it has been a lot of fun reading all the comments.  Fashions have changed a lot and with it our perceptions of beauty.  Perhaps what it was not fashionable or even ugly some years ago is now acceptable and even wanted.  Interesting to hear your opinion.

trish1048 : In France they would just think that you are having fun ;-)

pgrundy : what a blessing not to worry about it, I was shocked to hear that some men do love the « au naturel »  look LOL

laswi from Sri Lanka on June 20, 2009:

With no hair at all, they look like a sheep after the entire removal of whool. But rear side can be shaved well because of the following reasons given this hub.

“The less the better for me, with less obstacles in the way it is easier to find the sensitive points”

“I am very visual, with hair all over the place I cannot see anything”

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