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What Is Volume Rebond? - How to Make Rebonded Hair to Have Volume

Achieve this hair with Volume Rebonding.

Straight Hair with Volume

Straight Hair with Volume

Volume rebonding defined and explained.

Are you one of those girls who feel that you have salon murdered your hair with the entire hair coloring, hair straightening procedures, or regular blow-drying? Or, you could be someone who is tired of having their hair permanently straightened but do not get the desired result of having a natural looking straight hair, since most rebonding procedures usually result to stiff and flat straight hair. The answer to your problem is Volume Rebonding.

If you desire your hair to be straightened permanently in the right way, make sure you go to a reputable salon that has a great history of hair services. Make sure it has been in the industry long enough. A little research can be very beneficial; you just may not know it.

You will not have the usual rebonded result, since your hair will end up perfectly straight, but it will have no stiffness and dullness. Volume rebonding is done by hair straightening chemicals that also contains intensive moisturizing ingredients. Usual rebonding solutions are just hair straighteners without extra ingredients for hair repair, and that’s why it usually results to super flat straight hair.

It is best to know that rebonding process is done by re-arranging the chemical bonds of the hair, thus damage can be likely to happen when the process is done improperly by less-skilled hair technicians, or worse, when chemicals used are not that good enough. I know a lot of cheaper rebonding chemicals, that although may result to straight hair, frizz and dryness can then result after a few weeks or months.

Volume Rebonding Products

One of my recommended Volume Rebonding products is the X-tenso Moisturist Line. It contains natural components that may produce some peculiar smell and can last for 3 days since you can’t wash your hair 3 days after the procedure.

Volume Rebonding Procedure

The procedure is done by the Volume Rebond chemical applied to each section of your hair, rinse off after some minutes, or when the hair specialist feels that the bonds have already break. At the same time, rollers will be placed on the tip of your hair and this is for the volume to set in your hair. It is supposed to take the form of the hair to have a natural looking straightened hair, and avoid the very stiff ends. Liquids will be applied to neutralize the broken bonds. Blow-drying and ironing is done afterwards. Ironing is done by a thermal volume iron, which is different than the usual hair iron since they have thicker prongs.

Volume Rebonding Maintenance

It is also suggested that pre-rebonding treatment is given to give the needed softness and protection the hair needs before rebonding. Also, make sure you maintain the softness of your hair by taking care of your rebonded hair regularly. Ultimately, the main difference from the usual hair rebonding procedure is the technique of how it is done, the chemicals used, the rollers, and the straightening iron used. With the multi-step volume rebonded, be aware that you have to stay for long hours inside the salon or hair center. Nevertheless, it will truly be worth it despite its price and lengthy procedure since you will have very natural looking hair that has volume on the crown, and will flow naturally with soft and shiny tips.

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