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What Is the Right Leather Jacket for Me?

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What Makes Leather Jackets so Popular?

It seems leather has been part of the fashion scene since forever. If you look at your favorite TV-series based on historic times, they all include characters wearing leather pants and gloves. Leather has been a popular choice of many since it burst onto the fashion scene in the early part of the 20th century. Leather clothing has in many cases been associated with guys rebelling against the law, against the society, like a fashion statement of a person who's trying to fight for their rights. I guess it has to do with the rock'n'roll movement which started in the 1950s when everyone was wearing leather jackets. Just think of James Dean or Elvis Presley.

Leather jackets are most definitely the most popular clothing items. They are like a symbol of a guy, or a girl for that matter, of appearing more appealing and even "dangerous". People who wear leather appear more fierce, self-confident ... It is clear that no one can ever go wrong with a cool leather jacket! It is also so popular due to the material being so durable that it can virtually stand the test of time ... you can count on having the same leather jacket for 20, even 30 years without it getting damaged.

Men's Biker Leather Jacket

Men really love their motorcycles and their biker leather jackets, don't they? Even though you may not be a biker yourself, I am sure that you had at least one motorcycle leather jacket in your life, or at least you had or have a wish for one. It probably has to do something with the style of these jackets - a really macho, butch and buff look.

You barely see a biker not sporting a leather jacket while riding his motorcycle. Just imagine sitting on your Harley with just in a plain jacket or a regular t-shirt on. It doesn't feel right, does it? Now, imagine yourself sporting a black biker leather jacket with zippers, you alone with your bike on a long, winding road along the coast. Perfect, right?

Don't be embarrassed to put a real, tough-guy motorcycle jacket on and to show the world how good you look wearing it. I promise that you will feel confident, sexy, and manly ...

Presentation of a Men's Leather Jacket

Why are Leather Jackets so Popular?

Even as much as a century ago, leather jackets were among the most popular and fashionable clothes among men and women of all ages. In the past, they were considered as really expensive and as items that could be afforded only by richer people. At that time, only those with money could afford to wear leather clothes.

That changed already in the middle of the past century when leather became the must-have fabric of any fashion. Actors and actresses started wearing it, which meant it grew in popularity with each passing year. Musicians and athletes started sporting fashionable jackets, combining them either with jeans or other types of pants.

Nowadays, you see leather on the streets every day. All people are wearing it, from the young to the old, women and men, skinny and more butch guys. It has been made affordable to most people and you see guys wearing it to school, work, on a night on the town, to a concert, riding their motorcycle, or just for a stroll with the family around the city or in the park.

Guys like wearing leather jackets because they give something extra to their charisma and their self-esteem since they make them appear more macho, mysterious, attractive, and in a way "unavailable" and by that more appealing to girls and other guys.


Why do Leather Jackets Stand Out?

If you are wearing a leather jacket on the street you are bound to get noticed, since there is something special about leather that makes you stand out in the crowd. Maybe it is the shiny look of a jacket, the smell, or maybe the entire appearance. It gives the wearer extra confidence and raises their self-esteem which is in many cases visible also in their posture, walk, and how they socialize with others. It is true, leather clothes make a person feel more comfortable in their own skin which is clearly visible in how they act amidst friends. If you just try to think of one of your friends who wears leather a lot - aren't they usually in the centre of attention and that friend with whom all others want to be friends with?


Leather Jackets Last a Lifetime

Leather jackets are among those clothing items for which you can always find a special extra place in your wardrobe. And the best feature of leather - it will never go out of style, it will always be popular and you won't need to buy a new jacket every three years since a high-quality one will last a lifetime!

I've got my first leather jacket at the age of 14, I still have it, and it is almost 20 years old. Almost no scratches on it. Granted, I take regular care of it by cleaning it and moisturizing it with proper oil care.


Stylish and Elegant Men's Leather Jacket

Nowadays, you often see businessmen sporting leather jackets or better said leather blazers to work and to business meetings, since they have become a regular and common companion in the wardrobe of every businessman. I guess it has to do with leather blazers providing a guy with a sense of style and elegance, while at the same time giving him the opportunity to look more sporty, casual and hip and at the same time maintain a professional look.

Elegant leather jackets go great with elegant pants, a shirt and a tie. The combinations are numerous, one just needs to decide on what the right look and style for him is. If I go into a business meeting, I tend to decide on wearing my black leather jacket with a shirt with a russian collar and jeans or maybe pants in jeans style.It feels the most natural and casual, as well as the most comfortable look for me.

Choosing the Best Men's Leather Blazer

Is Black Really the Most Popular Colour for a Leather Jacket?

If you think of leather jackets that rockers and bikers usually wear, you probably think of black leather jackets first. It is true, black is the most popular colour to wear, not only when it comes to leather but I guess also to other types of clothing. It probably has to do with the fact that one can easily combine all types of clothing with black. Nevertheless coloured leather is growing in popularity, since you can see guys (and girls, for that matter) sporting brown, blue, red, even yellow leather jackets.

Why I like Men's Leather Jackets?

I always liked wearing leather jackets. I think I got my first one at the age of 15 or 16, when an uncle, who was a biker gave one to me, after he bought himself a new one. And ever since my 16th year, I've been wearing leather jackets which I absolutely adore.

I like leather jackets a because of the fact that you can wear them with almost everything. Either when you go to school, to grab a coffee with a friend or catch a movie. Of course, I love wearing mine when going to work and on my business trips.

I hope you'll browse through this hub and if you don't find something to your liking, be sure to check out my other leather fashion websites, I'm sure you'll find something more to your taste and to your liking somewhere. Don't forget to leave a comment or a review about that particular jacket at the bottom of the website, in the comment section. Thank you.

Men's Premium Biker Leather Jacket

What you should pay attention to when buying a Men's Leather Jacket?

You should really pay attention to the material from which the jacket was made. If you want to have a jacket just for riding your bike, then you should probably go with rough leather, whereas if you are looking for a perfect jacket for your every day activity, then you should probably go with softer and supple leather. Be sure to find a jacket you feel most comfortable in, the style of which suits you perfect and do not just choose the classical black leather, but try on also brown, blue or even red, maybe you'll find them better than the black.

Be sure to distinct between soft and hard leather, since that affects the level of comfort you want to have when wearing the jacket. Hard leather may be more suitable for bikers when riding a bike, while soft nappa leather is more for suitable as casual wear.


How to take Proper Care of Your Leather Jacket?

Leather is a special fabric, which you need to take great care of in order to protect it from the effects of the environment. Possible ways of prolonguing the durability of leather jackets:

1. Before heading out in your jacket, be sure to put protectant spray on it to protect the fabric from possible water and rain, but stay alert not to use any sprays that would damage leather or cause its discolouration.

2. If rain catches you, do not try to dry the jacket, but rather let it dry out naturally. Only use a cloth to wipe those water marks, never use a hair-dryer or anything similar.

3. If your leather jackets has unfortunately been exposed to ink and has ink stains, use alcohol to remove them. Rubbing alcohol is perfect to remove stains from SMOOTH leather jackets, DO NOT USE alcohol on SUEDE leather. Just pust some alcohol on a white cotton cloth and gently rub it until the stain fades out.

4. If you feel you are not up to the task of cleaning a stain from your jacket, rather call in the professionals and have them take proper care of your jacket.

Men's Rocker Leather Jacket

Men's Rocker Leather Jackets are quite similar to biker jackets, but maybe they are not as heavy, and tend to be softer and more casual, without the additional protective add-ons which we can find on motorcycle leather gear.

You see a lot of rockers and other musicians sporting all kinds of leather on and off stage, as leather seems to be the most fashionable piece of clothing any musician owns. Musicians love wearing leather on stage, it seems that it makes them even more appealing and sexy to their fans. It's true, there is just something sexy and special about leather, especially on a hot musician.

Maroon 5's Adam Levine performing in a Black Rocker Leather Jacket

Should I get a Leather Jacket?

Well, if you are asking yourself this question, it is clear that you have been wondering about getting a brand new leather jacket to grace your closet. Many guys feel embarrased about wearing leather, thinking that only bikers or gay men should be seen in leather. My answer to all would be - always wear what you like and what you feel comfortable in, regardless of what others think about it.

Don't hesitate, just go online or run to the shopping mall and start browsing and looking at different types of jackets, to see what gets your attention. Then decide on the colour of the jacket and last but not least on the fact whether you want a more soft and light jacket or more of a sturdy and heavier men's leather jacket.