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What Is the Best Lip Plumper? Top Ingredients and Tips for Fuller Lips

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In Search of The Best Lip Plumper

Sometimes it can be a struggle to find the best lip plumper and many times it will be a case of trial and error. To help you on your quest for a fuller pout I have compiled few points of things you need to be looking at when shopping for a natural lip plumper.

What you are going to find on this article:

1- Why the lips get thinner.
2- Why lip plumpers are a much loved beauty product.
3- What to look for on lip plumpers, including ingredients.
4- 5 Tips to get fuller lips.
5- 2 Homemade recipes for natural lip plumpers.
6- Selection of best and top rated lip plumpers.
7- Related videos.

Why The Lips Get Thinner With Age

As we get older the skin begins to sag and facial wrinkles find a place in our face. The lips are also affected by the passing of time, they become thinner and wrinkles form around the lips due to the loss of collagen and subcutaneous fat.

External factors also influence the look of the lips. Things such as smoking, sun, wind and pollution can make the lips dry and wrinkly. If you want to avoid or delay aging lips you need to protect and hydrate the lips on a daily basis.

Many women desire full lips because is considered by many more attractive than thin lips. If you are not blessed with fuller lips there are several options to make them appear bigger. One of these options are lip plumpers.

Lip plumpers contain ingredients that make the lips swell giving the impression of fuller lips. Ingredients that are normally found in a lip plumper include vitamins, oils, collagen and hyaluronic acid.


Lip Plumper, A Favorite Beauty Product!

Lip plumpers are among one of the favorite beauty products that many people use to increase the volume of their lips. There are other ways to increase the size of your lips, such as cosmetic fillers and implants, but many times these procedures can go wrong.

I have seen many women with the awful "trout pout" look because the practitioner injected too much filler or because of a bad reaction to the injected product. It just doesn't look natural.

A safer and cheaper alternative to temporarily increase the volume of the lips is to try a lip plumper. They come in the form of lipsticks and many times incorporate a lip gloss.

There are quite a lot of brands on the market today and for that reason is important to learn the difference between the ingredients contained in them, so you are able to choose the best plumping product that will make your lips fuller and boost your confidence too.


4 Important Points to Take Into Account When Shopping for Lip Plumpers

1- Hydration

Choose one that incorporates moisturizing ingredients. Many of these products incorporate hydrating ingredients such as jojoba oil and vitamin e which are great for keeping the lips soft and smooth.

2- Vertical lines

As you might be aware with age, smoking and facial expressions come the dreaded vertical lines across the top lip. This is commonly known as the " bar code". Apart from using an anti aging moisturizer in that area is a good idea to chose a lip plumper color that will reflect the light and make these lines less obvious. Light reflection will also help to make your lips look fuller. Another thing you can do to reduce lip wrinkles is to do facial exercises for the lips.

3- Lip Plumper Ingredients & How They Work

When looking for the best lip plumper pick the ones with at least one or more of the following ingredients: peptides that will help generate new skin cells and improve collagen production. Other important ingredient is hyaluronic acid which helps with cell regeneration. Ingredients such as cinnamon oil and pepper extract will improve the flow of blood to the lips making them appear fuller. You will notice a tingling feeling which indicates that the ingredients are working.

4- Allergic Reactions

Look at the ingredients in the lip product and watch for those you might be allergic to. If the ingredients are not clear consult the person at the beauty counter.

Sometimes you will need to use the lip product for several days or weeks before you notice any improvement, it all depends on the one you pick.


5 Tips for Fuller Lips

Here you have 5 things you can do to make your lips appear fuller:

1- Applying a bit of lip gloss in the middle of the lips, on top of your lipstick.

2- Rubbing a toothbrush over the lips for one or two minutes to increase blood circulation and get rid of dead skin.

3- Rubbing an ice cube over the lips for a while, again for blood circulation, and to prolong the staying power of the lipstick.

4- Using a lip pencil in the same color as the lipstick, just above the lips.

5- Use two or three layers of lipstick, just like Marilyn Monroe just to do to make her lips appear fuller.

Also don't forget that there are things you need to do keep your lips in the best possible condition. Apart from keeping them constantly hydrated is essential to use solar protection all year round, especially in the hotter months. In winter use lip protection aimed to safeguard this delicate area from the cold and wind. Hydrate your body from the inside out by drinking an adequate amount of water and eating a healthy diet.

Make Up Tricks for Fuller Lips


How to Make Homemade Lip Plumper

Homemade lip plumpers are a good idea if you are looking for a natural way to give more volume to your lips, but bear in mind that most lip plumping products take time to work, so you need to be consistent and patient.

You can buy them or you can try make your own. Here I give you two recipes to make a homemade lip plumper.

1- Melt two tablespoons of beeswax and a tablespoon of olive oil in a saucepan. Grate a teaspoon of ginger, squeeze the juice through a cloth into the saucepan, and mix with the other ingredients. Store in a small jar in a cool place.

2- For the other homemade recipe you need to mix cinnamon power and cayenne pepper in equal amounts. Just a bit of each will do. Add this mixture to 2 or 3 spoons of petroleum jelly and mix well.

Is important to notice that these recipes should not be applied over damaged lips. Avoid if your lips are cracked, dry or you have any other problem in the lip area. It shouldn't be applied directly over the lips but over a lip balm.

At Home Lip Plumper Recipe

4 Other Ingredients and Tips You Can Use to Make Your Lips Fuller

1- Put cinnamon oil over your lips to make them appear bigger. This is short-lived, but if you constantly put cinnamon oil the results really last.

2- Use honey to leave your lips moisturized and beautiful.

3- Exfoliate your lips and make them soft. You will need a little honey or sweet almond oil mixed with brown sugar, gently rub your lips with this preparation using the fingertips. Then rinse well.

4- Hydration - Having glowing, soft and juicy lips is closely linked to a constant and deep hydration. Apply lipstick daily or a moisturizing balm with sunscreen.

If a homemade lip plumper is not your thing try one of the many brands available from beauty stores.

Best Over the Counter Lip Plumper

Collagen and hyaluronic acid are the main ingredients on M.G Collin lip plumper. It does a great job in moisturizing and plumping up the lips. One of the best lip pumpers we can find on the market today.

Bottom Line

Lip plumping products are only an illusion to make the lips appear fuller for a short period of time, but is a safer alternative to lip cosmetic procedures. If you don't want to risk ending up looking like a duck your best bet is using a good lip plumper that will give you bigger lips, even if is only short lived.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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Theres a great plumping tool called Fullips that Ive used too. Works awesome and was under $20 too.

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