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What Is the Best Foundation for Oily Skin?

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Finding the right foundation for your skin type is not an easy task.

Finding the right foundation for your skin type is not an easy task.

On This Hub You Will Find:

1- About oily skin foundations

2- Oily skin characteristics

3- Tips before applying make up

4- The best foundations for oily skin

5- Surviving oily skin

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Good foundations for oily skin.

Good foundations for oily skin.

Best Foundations for Oily Skin

Finding the best foundation for oily skin can be very challenging and many times will be a case of trial and error.

As my own experience tells me disguising skin's oiliness is not an easy task because most foundations don't last long enough. You need to constantly re-apply make up in facial areas where oil tends to accumulate such as nose, chin, forehead and the area between the upper lip and nose called philtrum.

Another problem I find with some foundations is that they can leave the skin feeling very dry, like a facial mask drying on your skin, and it can be pretty uncomfortable.

Having said that, you need to be a savvy shopper and discover if the ingredients listed on the label are the best ones for your skin type.

Sometimes isn’t good enough to trust marketing companies because, after all, what they try to do is sell you the product. You will be in safer hands if you conduct your own research and learn about harmful chemicals for the skin. This is especially important if you are dealing with oily acne prone skin.

Below you will find 3 of my top foundations for oily skin, but first let me tell you the 5 most common characteristics of this skin type.

5 Characteristics of Oily Skin

The specific characteristics you have to look for on this skin type are:

1- Shiny sheen

2- Enlarged pores

3- Blackheads

4- Dull complexion

5- In some cases pimples and/or blemishes

Tips Before Applying Foundation

Tips Before Applying Foundation

5 Tips before Applying Foundation

Give a better chance to your make up by following these tips.

1- Pick the right moisturizer- Choose moisturizers with less proportion of oils than water. Silicon serums are a great alternative.

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2- Cleanse the skin morning and night. Antiseptic soaps are a good choice if your have acne prone skin.

3- Skin exfoliation is an important step for oily skin. Try one made with 3 spoons of oatmeal, two spoons of sodium bicarbonate and some water. Blend the ingredients together to get a smooth paste. Add the water gradually to avoid the paste being too runny. Gently rub on the skin for one minute and cleanse with tepid water. Exfoliate once a week.

4- Make use of a homemade facial mask once a week. Try one with cucumber and lemon. Blend few slices of cucumber with one egg white and one spoon of lemon juice. Leave on 20 minutes and rinse off using warm water. Splash a bit of cold water to close the pores.

5- Apply a BB cream for oily skin and/or a primer. Primers that are designed to minimize pores are a good choice.

1. Mary Kay TimeWise Matte Wear

Mary Kay is a brand that I have known for a long time and I'm very fond of its products. What is great about this foundation is that is not only excellent for oily skin but it is also efficient to fight the signs of aging skin.

This matte finish liquid foundation covers well without giving you that cakey look and is long lasting. There are 23 shades so you have an ample choice to find the best matching shade for your skin tone.

The main ingredients are vitamin E, well known for its antioxidant properties, and peptides which are known for stimulating skin's regeneration and diminishing lines and wrinkles.

It is aimed at those with combination/oily skin and takes care of excess oil and shine by incorporating special micro spheres and an ultra fine mineral to their formula. It is also kind enough for sensitive and acne prone skin.

Some complains about Timewise Matte Wear is that it tends to accentuate wrinkles which is estrange because it is designed for quite the opposite. To avoid this problem use a good moisturizer for your skin type and a face primer. Another tip is to avoid those areas and just apply a good BB or CC cream instead.

For best results apply just a small amount of product with a brush, blend well and wait about one minute for it to settle. If you are not happy with the coverage it gives your skin just build it up or use a concealer on top.

2. COVERGIRL Ready, Set Gorgeous Liquid Makeup Foundation

Covergirl is another budget brand that I really like. I love most of the products I have tried and never fail to deliver.

Covergirl Ready, Set Gorgeous drugstore foundation really offers value for money. The very lightweight formula is designed for combination/oily skin and it gives a flawless and natural look that it almost feels like you are wearing nothing at all. Those with sensitive and acne prone skin are using it with great success.

The coverage is light/medium but you can build it up until you reach the desired cover. Not sure that you could get a full coverage even after a few layers, so if you are looking for full cover maybe this product is not for you.

On the other hand, if you like it but are looking for more coverage you could try applying 2 or 3 layers and concealer on top. Or you could always mix it with another foundation for added consistency.

Its shine-free formula is long lasting, will cover redness and won't clog the pores. The final result is natural, poreless and healthy looking skin.

There are different shades to choose from so to avoid disappointment, make sure you pick the right shade for your skin tone.

3. Best High End Foundation for Oily Skin - Laura Mercier Mineral Powder SPF 15

I really like Laura Mercier make up, especially concealers and foundations. This mineral powder has been finely milled and because of the smaller particles is able to give better coverage than pressed powders.

It is formulated with natural ingredients such as pearl mother, and contains 15 active amino acids to fight aging skin and keep the skin toxin-free.

Other benefits that it has to offer include:

  • Oil free, which is good news for oily skin
  • Water resistant
  • Non-comedogenic (don't clog pores)
  • SPF 15
  • Suitable for sensitive and acne prone skin
  • Covers blemishes and imperfections well
  • Long-lasting
  • 8 shades to choose from
  • Flawless and healthy complexion
  • A little bit goes a long way

I like to apply a small amount of powder using a blending brush and tapping off any excess. The coverage is medium but you can build it up. You could also apply it on top of your foundation or mix it with a tinted moisturizer if you are looking for more coverage.

If you can't find the right shade for your skin's tone try mixing up two shades.

I'm a big fan of Laura Mercier mineral powder and although is more expensive than I will normally pay is totally worth it. To read what other consumers are saying about this product click here.

Improving Oily Skin

Improving Oily Skin

Surviving Oily Skin

I know that dealing with oily skin is a difficult thing but using the right skin care products and cosmetics will make it more manageable. Make sure that your fingers, make-up brushes and sponges are always clean. Keep your hair away from the face and make sure you are sleeping on clean pillowcases.

Exfoliating the skin once or twice a week and using clay based facial masks also help.

There are 3 mayor factors to take into consideration when shopping for foundations like the right coverage, the right shade and the right texture but once you master all these three factors it will be easier to find the perfect one for you.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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