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Overcome Wedding Dress Blues & Be the Most Beautiful Bride Ever!

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Your wedding dress is a picture of perfection, except, if you're bestowed with an average build, are pear-shaped, have large breasts or are apple-shaped you may have difficulty finding an ideal bridal gown.

Under no circumstance should you allow your wedding dress blues to discourage you from wearing the bridal dress of your dreams!

Certainly, you will need a wedding planner to take the edge off and calm your stress before your wedding day. Your best friend or maid of honor or mother may opt for the job. Since they know you best this arrangement is perfect! If they are not able to help you plan your wedding your next best option is to hire a professional wedding planner.

A wedding planner book is optimal to help keep you informed with the most up to minute details of your wedding. Make sure your wedding planner has a copy too, so your wishes are executed right. This will save you heaps of unnecessary stress.

You are a beautiful bride.

You are a beautiful bride.

Brides Get Fit with a Simple Trick from Dr. Harvey Diamond.

Except, you could be hesitant if you need to lose a few pounds and drop an inch or two all around or miraculously must gain weight before your wedding. The combination diet should help to shape your body when you couple your effort with light exercises.

If you plan to transform your stance before your wedding day, start eating protein with vegetables every day a year before your wedding ceremony! According to Harvey Diamond who wrote the Fit for Life, health book, he firmly stands behind a combination diet. It works wonders in helping to maximize the digestion of foods. Foods are processed through the gut faster and enzymes take a break from having to process more complex foods such as starch and protein, which take longer to digest.Your enzymes are given a chance to work on other processes, such as the condition of your hair, skin, nails, and shape of your body size.

  • The trick is to eat your proteins with crisp vegetables and your starches with vegetables or fruit. This will help to drop pounds easily and shape you into the stately figure you desire.
  • On the other hand, if you must gain weight, eat protein and starches together. Such a combination slows your digestive tract and its remnants are deposited into your fat cells. This causes you not to lose weight. You'll rather gain or maintain your weight depending on your portion sizes.

Who needs this kind of stress a year before their wedding! It’s generally difficult to lose weight on average, while it's easier to gain unwanted pounds. I know you can lose weight since you have the drive to look your best on your wedding day.

If You Suffer with Bridal Gown Blues, There Is a Fix

If you are getting married next year, you could be suffering from wedding dress blues already. Your wedding gown may fit superbly from the waist down and perhaps is too tight in the breast area. To be perfect in your bra size, choose a comfortable bra that is not too tight or too loose.

Your seamstress should assure your wedding gown fits flawlessly after she adjusts it. Surely, you hope to fit into your bridal dress without needing major alterations, except, if you purchase a dress that is two sizes larger your alterations will be smoother. You can also hire a fashion designer to create the wedding dress of your dreams based on your aspirations.

You can also take a peek at bridal magazines and marriage planning books for more wedding dress and reception ideas.

I believe if your makeup is light and airy you will appear more beautiful. Choose shades that become your complexion and hair color. Rosey pinks for blondes, reds, and browns for brunettes and shimmery grays and whites with pink for black haired ladies.

You should not fret, a professional makeup artist knows what they are doing and he knows how to cover imperfections in your visage and accentuate your most prominent features whether it's your nose, eyes, cheeks or lips and skin. They Can Make You the at Your Best. If you are bold enough you can do it yourself and make a striking appearance.

Remember, your wedding dress must fit at or above your heels too. Besides needing an adjustment on top, your wedding dress may need to be hemmed and washed.

What if there is not enough fabric to adjust your dress? You think nervously! However, there will be enough cloth if you buy a dress that is slightly larger. By no means should you purchase a dress that is too tight and need to force yourself to lose weight to fit into your bridal gown? This would place an added burden of stress on you and perhaps you might not lose weight and you'll be stuck needing to quickly buy another wedding dress or get trapped without a wedding cause you won't have a wedding dress to wear.

You must fit into your wedding dress flawlessly despite your efforts. Besides, every bride normally believes the worst-case scenarios and drives herself crazy a year before her wedding day. So, whom are you kidding?

Hopefully, you won’t be pregnant before your nuptials too; since you'll surely postpone your wedding reception for two years or so until you can compose your family. Under no circumstance would a darling bride want to charm her guests with a giant belly.

Your bridal ceremony rocks!

Your bridal ceremony rocks!

Your Impeccable Wedding Planned to Perfection

If you plan your wedding a year ahead, your wedding ceremony will hopefully be impeccable since you planned every inch of it. Everything should go the way you expect without any hassles or headaches.

Besides, the blessing of marrying a remarkable fellow, another facet of your nuptials will be how gorgeous you are on your wedding day. This certainly is your day to mimic the majestic impression of a fairy tale goddess!

I Believe the Talk of Every Wedding Is Elegance and Grace

A budding bride must walk flawlessly in her wedding dress! If your finance is taller than you, plan to wear white leather or satin pumps with a great pair of legs pantyhose. A shimmery leggings hose will hug your legs and cause them to sparkle.

Closed white, satin shoes will anchor your feet better and feel more comfortable than sandals. Since you'll be on your feet all day, you need to wear the best shoes.

If you wear sexy spiked heeled sandals that are 5 to 6 inches or more, your toes may slide out of your shoes, and you may trip over your wedding gown, ouch. You'll feel more at ease with an open toe kitten heel.

Remember to pamper yourself before your wedding by having a pedicure and manicure. You should enjoy a facial two weeks before your nuptials too. Absolutely, no bride wants to feel embarrassed on her wedding day! Therefore, walk diligently and appear extra fresh.

How to Style Your Hair?

If you naturally wear your hair tied, wear it loose on your wedding day with a dazzling tiara. And if you wear your hair unsecured often, have a hair stylist create a gorgeous updo with either delicate flowers fixed in your hair or exceptional hairpins.

You want to be amazingly special and different on your wedding day, and not have your hair appear the typical way you style it.

Kate Middleton should have worn her hair in a stunning up do the day she married Prince William since she forever wears her hair unbound. She most certainly seemed plain, even though she was classy and ageless in her charming wedding dress designed by Sara Burton.

Don't Forget Your Bridal Gloves and Money Bag

If your dress is short sleeved or sleeveless, a delicate pair of white satin gloves will add a touch of sophistication to your wedding gown. Your lovely gloves could be laced to your elbows similar the one shown on the right or it could be a full-bodied satin glove that reaches your wrists. Either choice will be fabulous as you carry your money bag.

Of course, everyone realizes a bride will be overly sensitive regarding her appearance! Furthermore, every wedding concern is undeniably worth the nuisance!

Your wedding is your time to shine! Ultimately, you will sparkle on your nuptials with the gentleman of your dreams amid your family and friends venerating your beauty. Wow, this is absolutely fabulous, congratulations! This is the start of your fabulous family! I hope you enjoy a most splendid day!

Simple Wedding Dress Shopping Guide By Fashionable Bride

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