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Ways To Remove Stretch Marks Using Natural Methods

People are always looking for ways to remove stretch marks using natural methods. The appearance of stretch marks can be very unattractive and leave women feeling very self conscious. Stretch marks can appear on the thighs, breasts, stomach area as well as the upper arms and shoulders.

They are caused due to the skin expanding at a quicker rate than it expects to. Although the skin is robust and contains elasticity, it can not cope under pressure so the fine tissues tear to accommodate the weight gain. This results in ugly looking scars.

Once you understand what causes stretch marks you can start to look at ways to prevent, improve the appearance or even remove them completely.

Stretch mark removal creams can help improve your skin's appearance

Stretch mark removal creams can help improve your skin's appearance

Here are a few suggestions of treatments for stretch marks that you could try.

  • Stretch mark removal cream
  • Try herbal remedies
  • Make up
  • Self tanning lotions
  • Healthy diet
  • Invest in a loofah
  • Moisturise
  • Drink plenty of water

Stretch Mark Removal Cream

There are several over the counter stretch mark removal creams that guarantee the removal of your marks. The creams will usually contain active ingredients which will help return your skin back to is original state. These active ingredients can include

  • glycerol
  • hydrolyzed collagen
  • Indian pennywort
  • striadril complex,
  • silicon dioxide derivative
  • shea butter
Pregnancy and childbirth can cause stretch marks

Pregnancy and childbirth can cause stretch marks

Try Herbal Remedies

If you would prefer to look at herbal remedies as an alternative to chemical based products, seek out creams that contain one or more of these effective natural ingredients

  • ginseng
  • chickweed
  • butcher's broom
  • ivy
  • horsetail
  • calendula

Make Up

If you want to improve the appearance of stretch marks, you could use tinted foundation and concealer on your skin. You can even buy specially formulated skin creams that are produced to cover large areas of the body. This will of course be a temporary solution but it can be effective.

Self Tanning Lotions

Self tanning lotions will also have the same effect as using concealer and foundation products. Once the skin area has stretched, it will no longer be able to tan naturally, so you might want to consider applying a self tan lotion in order to even out your complexion.

Healthy Diet

Eating a good diet will ensure that your body receives all the nutrients that it needs so that every area is replenished and can function at its best. Make sure you eat foods containing vitamins A, C, D as well as zinc and protein. Lots of fresh fruit is ideal.

Invest In A Loofah

Using a loofah or a body brush when you are in the shower will help to reduce the appearance of the fine lines that stretch marks leave. The massaging motion will help promote good circulation.


Using a good quality moisturising cream will also aid with good circulation and help the skin to be firmer. A daily skin care program is recommended to help reduce skin damage.

Drink Plenty of Water

As well as ensuring that you eat a healthy and well balanced diet, drink plenty of water. Water acts as a natural agent to clear the body of toxins and to flush out impurities. Make sure your body is well watered to help in the renewal of skin cells and to keep your skin soft and supply and healthy.

Stretch marks can look unsightly but if you take some active measures, you can improve on the appearance of these scars. If you are looking for a more radical way of removing scars, look at ways to remove stretch marks using medical methods. If you are really unhappy with the way your skin looks, starting looking for remedies to improve the way you look.

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Lala nAm on July 19, 2011:

it rly doesnt matter wat age bcuz i'm 15 n i started avin stretch ,arks frm 13 yrs old on ma breast n stuff n its awful

Lara on July 29, 2010:

I have stretch marks on my hips, ass, legs :(

Waht can I do and they are still reed !! :(

Victoria Virgo (author) from London, UK on July 05, 2009:

@Lady_E - stretch marks can be horrible to deal with, whatever age you are. Thanks for stopping by.

Elena from London, UK on July 05, 2009:

This is nice to know Top Cat. (I don't have stretch marks - yet. Lol).  I've actually noticed some people have it as early as their twenties.  Wonder what causes it. Men don't seem to have it a lot either. Sooo not fair - its always the ladies. Interesting Hub.

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