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7 Incredible Ways to Use Bicarbonate Soda for Beauty

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Bicarbonate soda is a product that shouldn't be confused with baking powder.These are two different products.It is used for various purposes from scrubbing sinks,floors and toilets among other functions.It is also used as a beauty product and below are some ways you can use bicarbonate soda(baking soda) as a beauty product.

1.Removing white heads

  • What are Whiteheads and what cause them?

Whiteheads are small,white bumps which form when bacteria, oil ,dirt or dead skin are trapped within the skin and clog your pores.

  • Bicarbonate of Soda as a remedy for white heads.

Bicarbonate soda is a good remedy for whiteheads because it gets onto the whitehead and eliminates oil,dirt and dead skin cells from the clogged pores of the skin.

  • How to use Bicarbonate of soda to remove whiteheads
  1. Wash your face
  2. Make a paste using baking powder and water.
  3. Apply the paste onto the whitehead
  4. Rinse off the paste.
  5. Repeat this 3-4 times a week

2.People use it as an exfoliate

Exfoliation is a facial techniques used in the removal of dead cells from the skin's outer surface.Exploration can either be chemical or mechanical.Mechanical exfoliation involves scrubing the surface of the skin using abbrasives such as microfibre clothes,sugar,salt,pumice,almond shells,sponge,brushes while chemical exfoliation involves using scrubs which contain gycolic, citric acid which are applied in high amounts by medical practioners or low amounts in over the counter products.


  • Make a paste using water and baking soda.
  • Wash your face.
  • Apply the paste on your face in circular motions to get rid of dead cells.
  • Wait for 15-20 minutes.
  • Rinse it off using warm water.Don't use hot water.
  • Splash cold water on your face to close pores.
  • Dry your face.
  • Apply a moisturizer

Always a patch test with the back of your hand before using a new product just to ensure that you are not allergic.

Don't exfoliate if you have open wounds or cuts


3.To wash,clarify hair and remove buildup.

Bicarbonate soda is great for washing hair especially when you feel you have buildup oils and it can be used to remove chroline buildup for those who swim alot.It is very useful when you really want to deep cleanse your hair.Some people do use bicarbonate of soda as a shampoo in the commonly known "no shampoo" method.

  • How to use bicarbonate of soda on hair
  1. Make a paste using Bicarbonate soda and water.
  2. Add the paste to your hair focusing on the scalp
  3. Rub it with your fingers so it can absorb excess oil
  4. Rinse your hair thoroughly with warm water
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4.As a deodorant

Baking soda is the best natural alternative for anyone looking for an alternative for commercial deodorants which are loadeswith harmful chemicals.

  • How to use baking soda as a deodorant.

Mix bicarbonate soda with a few drops of essential oil and apply on your armpits.If you don't have essential oil just rub plain Bicarbonate soda to your armpits.

6.For pedicure and foot bathe

Dry, cracked heels can be unpleasant or even painful but Bicarbonate soda treats sore heels and cracks on the feet.

  • How to use Bicarbonate soda for foot bathe.

Make a paste using Bicarbonate soda and water and apply on cracked heels to get smooth skin.

You can also soak your feet in warm water and add several spoonfulls of bicarbonate soda.

5.For teeth whitening

Discoloured teeth can be unattractive and one natural and inexpensive way of getting rid of discoloured teeth is using Bicarbonate soda.Bicarbonate soda is used to whiten teeth but if used too often it erodes the enamel and makes the teeth sensitive. Just use it very few times in a month

  • How to use bicarbonate soda to whiten teeth

Pour a little bicarbonate soda on your toothbrush and brush normally as you would brush with toothpaste.

7.Controls Feet Odour

Smelly feet are unpleasant but can be treated using bicarbonate soda because it absorbs moisture and odure.It also kills the bacteria's that cause odour.

  • How to use bicarbonate soda to control feet odour
  1. Soak your feet in water, add a water cup of baking soda and let your feet soak for 15minutes
  2. Deodorize your shoes.Pour a tablespoon of bicarbonate soda on the heel of your shoe then shake the shoe and let the bicarbonate soda spread.This will help in absorbing moisture which is great for the growth of odorous bacterias.
  3. Pour bicarbonate soda in your shoes before wearing them to prevent the growth of bacteria that make your shoes and feet smell.

Bonus: To clear dark underarms

Mix bicarbonate soda with coconut oil to form a paste and apply on your underarms.

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