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Cure Acne With Apple Cider Vinegar: Celebrity Secrets

Apple cider vinegar has been around for hundreds if not thousands of years. Recorded history shows vinegar to have been around and used by the Egyptians back in 3000 BC, and by the Babylonians as far back as 5000 BC. The uses for apple cider vinegar have been numerous to say the least. Besides being used as a condiment for adding flavor to salads and other wholesome dishes, we have discovered over time that vinegar can be used to treat many different ailments and is used in many home remedies around the world for its healing power, disinfectant properties, and as a preservative, just to name a few. I recently came across some information showing how you could use apple cider vinegar for skin care purposes. This was new to me, and so I decided to do some research and find out how this was being used to treat the skin. Not only did I discover how ACV was being used by numerous individuals including well known celebrity figures as a skin care tonic to keep skin young and beautiful, but that many were also using apple cider vinegar for acne treatment and acne prevention.

Scarlett Johansson uses apple cider vinegar for skin care. Source: Flickr - (CC-BY-SA-2.0)

Scarlett Johansson uses apple cider vinegar for skin care. Source: Flickr - (CC-BY-SA-2.0)

Why use Apple Cider Vinegar for Skin Care?

So what makes apple cider vinegar so useful in treating acne and in keeping your skin clear, smooth and beautiful looking? Let’s take a look at the list below showing the top benefits of apple cider vinegar for your skin.

  1. ACV makes a great natural exfoliant for your skin in that it is high in malic acid which is also an AHA (alpha hydroxy acid). AHAs are well known for their uses in the cosmetic industry for chemical peels and also found in products claiming to reduce wrinkles and make your skin look younger and healthier.
  2. The Antiseptic and antibacterial and anti-fungal properties in apple cider vinegar help prevent acne breakouts.
  3. ACV balances your skin’s pH level and helps eliminate acne prone skin. Your skin is naturally acidic, and thus the ACV helps restore your natural pH balance of around 5.5.
  4. Not only does ACV dissolve dead skin cells due to its natural acidity levels, but it is also known to improve skin texture and lighten hyperpigmentation, reduce red marks, and many other signs of aging.
  5. Regular use of the apple cider vinegar toner has also been known to help reduce oily skin and may even help normalize sebum production. Oily skin is known to clog skin pores and cause more acne.
  6. Due to its high level of acetic acid, consuming apple cider vinegar before or with meals can also help the body absorb more important minerals in foods. Consuming ACV also appears to help in the digestive process and the detoxification process. And that means a healthier body and healthier skin.
Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar for skin and many other uses. Source: Flickr - (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar for skin and many other uses. Source: Flickr - (CC BY-SA 2.0)

What Apple Cider Vinegar should you use for your Skin?

Not all apple cider vinegar is created equal. Most ACV you buy at your local grocery store, such as Heinz, is filtered and is not “with the mother”. Unlike filtered apple cider vinegar, ACV with the mother contains enzymes that other overly processed vinegars may not have.

It is important to note that apple cider vinegar is highly acidic and that anything over 5% could be damaging to your skin. Most commercial brands found at your local stores will be 5% and under. However, some retailers sell solutions well over this amount which can be highly corrosive.

Some of the best brands to buy are from Dynamic Health, Fleishmann’s and Bragg. Among the most popular is by far Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar “with the mother”. Made in California, this ACV is gluten-free, certified organic and is raw, unheated, unfiltered and unpasteurized.

How to use Apple Cider Vinegar for Skin Care – Topical Application

This ACV solution is simple to make and can be used as a toner to help treat acne, or simply keep your skin glowing and youthful looking. In most cases it is used on the face before bedtime. The toner can be made with one part ACV and one part water. If this is too harsh on your skin, making a weaker solution using one part ACV and two parts water may help.

Using a flat cotton pad or cotton bud, add a few drops of your ACV toner. With your face already clean and dry, rub your entire face or only those areas you wish to treat with the apple cider vinegar toner. You may wish to wash your face afterwards with cold water. Leaving the ACV on your face overnight is not uncommon, but not necessary. Applying a light moisturizer may also be preferred to prevent dry skin.

How to use Apple Cider Vinegar for Skin Care – Drinking ACV

Because of apple cider vinegar’s probiotic properties, many consume ACV as part of their healthy skin treatment program as it helps aid in digestion. Digestive problems can contribute to unhealthy skin. And as mentioned earlier, the high acetic acid level helps your body absorb essential minerals locked in the foods you eat.

It is recommended that you add one tbsp. ACV in a glass of water and drink once or twice a day before or with your meal. If you have difficulty drinking this mix, you may also try taking ACV pills available at your store or online. Again, these should be taken before or with your meal.

Hilary Duff also used apple cider vinegar on her skin. Source: Flickr (CC-BY-2.0)

Hilary Duff also used apple cider vinegar on her skin. Source: Flickr (CC-BY-2.0)

Celebrities who use Apple Cider Vinegar for Skin Care

Scarlett Johansson said she was looking for something natural for her skin when her research lead her to apple cider vinegar. She believes it is very effective as a natural skincare product. She believes using it as a toner can be harsh on your skin, but that it can be very healing for acne breakouts. She says it’s a great natural alternative to those otherwise harsh chemicals recommended by your dermatologist.

Scarlett also said to Elle UK “If your skin is problematic or you’re having a lot of breakouts, it’s really healing. It’s a little bit stinky but if you’re not sleeping over at your boyfriend’s, it’s really effective!”

Hilary Duff allegedly uses apple cider vinegar to spot treat acne outbreaks. And at the iHeart Radio Music Awards in L.A. when asked what her secret was to maintaining healthy, clear and radiant skin she reported saying “I drink a lot of water that has apple cider vinegar in that”.

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Thank you for reading “Uses for Apple Cider Vinegar for Skin Care and Acne Treatments by Celebrities”. As with most things in life, moderation is key. Overuse of apple cider vinegar, whether using it on the skin or taking it internally as a tonic, can have negative results. Make sure to dilute your toner before using ACV on your skin, and to also dilute apple cider vinegar before drinking. ACV is highly acidic and can burn the skin or cause serious dryness or flaking if not diluted properly. If not diluted before drinking, it can also burn the tissue in your mouth and throat, and over time eat the enamel on your teeth. It is always better to start your solutions with a higher percentage of water and gradually work your way down until you find the right mixture for your needs. If you are unsure about using or consuming ACV, you may want to consult with your physician before starting this regimen.

If you are interested in learning how ACV can help you lose weight, you may want to read “Drinking Apple Cider Vinegar for Weight Loss – True and Bogus Claims”.

Thanks for stopping by and let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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John Mark (author) from Texas on July 09, 2019:

I would always suggest using organic, raw unfiltered ACV with the "mother". Especially when ingesting. Thank you for a great question.

unknown on July 09, 2019:

Which acv is better to use?

Carrie on August 22, 2016:

Thanks for the video anxious to buy and try

unknown on April 03, 2015:

its hardly been few weeks i hv been using acv has not only controlled my acne but have also reduced its spots to quiet an extent...n the results hv nw started appearing....

Ruchi Urvashi from Singapore on February 13, 2015:

I love ACV and I love using it for my hair and skin.

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