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Unique and easy tips to avoid darkness on the above lips

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The darker upper lip is a problem for many women, it is the first pigment on the face with sun rays. This is especially true for those with naturally darker skin tones. A black upper lip may be the skin above the upper lip. And perhaps more importantly: can you stop it or stop it? We have good news because both prevention and treatment are possible thanks to these simple home remedies!


Causes of pigment mustache

There are three common causes of oily mustaches: it is genetic, there is a change in hormonal balance, or it happens to women who use the contraceptive pill. Oily mustaches can be identified by the dark color on the lips. The body makes more pigment around this part of the lips than any other part of the face. Some people are more sensitive than others.

Skincare is very important

Pigmentation deviation usually occurs during the Summer season. So be careful now, so that you stop the oil mustache. The most important precaution is that it is good to cleanse the skin, then use skincare products that contain, for example, rose water, niacinamide, and vitamin C. It is suitable for lightening the oil in the skin. In addition, vitamin A and glycolic acid also help to remove oil from the skin. Also, take good care of your skin with good sun cream.
It should be used in cold weather. Repeat the application throughout the day for maximum results.

You Can Make Mask At Home

You can make your own at home instead of buying a mask from a cosmetic shop. Apply the mask on the dark skin above your lips. Let it rest for a specified time on the mask package. Rinse the paste with some warm water, then dry the skin. Use these masks three to four times a week until the glow is light.
Homemade mask recipe, mix a tablespoon of gram flour, a pinch of turmeric, lemon juice, and honey in a small bowl until it becomes a smooth paste. Let it sit for five to ten minutes, or until the paste dries.
You can beautify your skin using this wonderful remedy.


janat on June 26, 2021:

Amazing remedy thanks for sharing

hira (author) from faisalabad on June 26, 2021:

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Thanks Dear Rawan Osama

Rawan Osama from Egypt on June 26, 2021:

Very informative thanks for sharing

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