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Under Eye Bags Treatments, Causes And Best Cream

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Choosing the right treatment for under eye bags can make all the difference

Choosing the right treatment for under eye bags can make all the difference

Hate Under Eye Bags?

Who would not wish for bright and attractive eyes? However, because of a fast paced lifestyle with erratic schedules, one tends to get so busy, that taking care of eyes is often overlooked. That causes eye bags to appear under the eyes.

There’s none denying the fact that such bags mar the looks of a beautiful face. So, they have to be treated without any delay. Other than the eye bags, other undesirable marks like fine lines and crow’s feet further add to the problem of making your face tired and worn out.

Eye bags under the eye are not the prerogative of women either; even men have them. However, it’s the woman who is more conscious of it. Well then, what causes these bags and how can you get rid of them?

Main Causes

Typically, the causes of eye bags are many, some of which are a deficiency of vitamins, a poor unhealthy diet, deprivation of sleep, too much exposure to the sun’s rays, water retention, allergies, heredity, smoking, aging, disease or ailments, stress; the list is endless.

Man or woman, sadly, this problem does not go away by itself, only getting worse, as time passes. Therefore, you should be proactive so that the root cause may be identified and successfully eliminated.

The only saving grace is that usually bags under the eyes very rarely indicate any serious medical problems. Usually these bags come about by naturally-occurring fat that is found underneath the eyes. The fat tissues are anchored by ligaments, but as we age these ligaments become slack pushing the fat to the forefront nearer to the skin’s surface.

Consequentially the eyes look puffed. Sometimes even makeup can cause puffiness in the eyes and sometimes, even certain aliments have puffy eyes as their symptom.

Best treatments and solutions to reduce and erase under eye bags

Best treatments and solutions to reduce and erase under eye bags

Popular Ways to Treat Eye Bags

The great news is that, by and large, we can exercise control on certain factors to reduce the bag formation.

Some ways to reduce them are to get a lot of rest. If you are a smoker, quit the habit, eat balanced and healthy meals, get your quota of vitamins and try not to get stressed. All these factors simply tell you that your lifestyle has a lot to do with bags under your eyes.

There are a variety of creams available in the market that helps reduce the bags. Even a spoon, chilled and placed on the closed eyes, can reduce the puffiness under your eyes. Moistened green tea or caffeine bags placed over your eyes are said to reduce puffiness.

Of course, there are extreme cases when all the above-mentioned treatments and abstinence will not eliminate these bags; then the other alternative you could probably opt for is cosmetic surgery.

You can permanently remove the eye bags by going through the route of conventional surgery, where the fat underneath the eyes is removed through an incision made on the lower lash line. But you need to ask your self if is really worth it because there is the odd chance that the bags could return and also because it doesn't come cheap.

Today, there is also something called laser eye lift that is a combination of the laser plus non surgical methods to rejuvenate the eyelids and the peeling of the skin, such that the bags can be removed.

By utilizing a laser treatment for under eye bags to make a tiny cut on the inner side of the lower eyelid, unsightly scars can be done away with on the outer part of the lower lid.

There are other ways to remove eye bags without surgery. Using fillers, as well as non-surgical means of tightening the skin in the area around the eyes, like Aluma radio frequency device.

Under Eye Cream For Men

Aluma Therapy and Laser

A Different Laser Treatment

There is a relatively new treatment that can eliminate eye bags in just a few minutes. Is commonly known as "tear through treatment" and as per Milo clinic, consist in injecting a dermal filler just above the orbital bone. Is injected many times while massaged amd moulded to create amazing results in as little as 10 minutes. If you want to find out more about this treatment visit Milo Clinic

Fillers for Eye Bags

Top Rated Under Eye Cream

Best creams to reduce under eye bags

Best creams to reduce under eye bags

Your Eyes Have It!

4 Ingredients to Look For in Eye Products

Selection of the best cream for eye bags is both fun and challenging at the same time. It’s fun because ultimately, you want to end up with a cream that enables you to eliminate common problems associated with the eyes, like dark circles, eye bags, wrinkles and fine lines.

What make it challenging is the availability of too many creams on the market. So, you may land up with a wrong cream which would further add your problems of the face needing to be resolved, before they get worse.

There are 4 ingredients that have been proved to have a positive impact in reducing bags under the eyes. When shopping for eye creams make sure that at least one of these ingredients has been added to their formula.

1- One of the preferred ingredients of a good cream is Eyeliss. It eliminates eye bags by dissolving fat globules and reducing water retention to minimum level.

2- The other important component is Haloxyl. Haloxyl is ideal for dissolving the blood clots from the vessels of the eyes. These vessels, basically comprising of blood, may become dark in color when the skin underneath them is exposed to very bright light.

3- Another helpful constituent of the most effective ingredients is Chrysin that ensures gradual and smooth elimination of darkness under the eyes. A combination of Chrysin and Haloxyl works great as the two jell very well.

4- And finally, we come to Matrixyl, another very desirable component of eye cream. Usually, it is predominant in creams formulated for getting rid of wrinkles but is added to good eye products to help getting rid of the fine lines that appear around this area.

Other effective ingredients to look for are hyaluronic acid, peptides, antioxidant vitamins and caffeine.

Patented Eye Serum With Essential Ingredients

Shopping for Eye Creams

The important thing to ensure is that the cream has some scientific support to back it up. Many employ half-cooked principles, though some are based on some real facts. The best under eye cream that you buy should be supported on scientific results like stem cell research and cell regeneration. There are essential ingredients to look for in a cream that can improve the skin surrounding your eyes.

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