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Treatments to Keep Hair Stronger

I am a license Cosmetologist. My experience with hair is hands on different hair texture. I practice in many hairs and get good result.

Deep Conditioner

There are many deep conditioning brands. The deep conditioning consistency is thicker and creamed.

Steps To Apply The Deep Conditioner

1 wash the hair with shampoo twice with the correct shampoo for the hair texture.

2 after hair is washed and towel dry prosed to apply the deep conditioner and follow instructions on the deep conditioner container or package.

3 have a plastic cap ready to apply to the hair to keep it warm.

4 with a blow-dry, hood dryer or any hair dryer Keep your head warm so the deep conditioner penetrates the hair shaft for 15 minutes maximum or ten minutes.

5 after the dryer is off allow the hair to cool off for five minutes.

6 rinse the hair and towel dry it with a blow-dry.

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Hair Oils Another Treatment For The Hair.

Hair oils are good for the hair's porous. The oils keep the scalp clean. It is advisable to use a small amount of hair oil after the hair is washed for any hair texture.

Hair After A Stressful Time

After hair has been treated with color, bleach, or perms it gets a little dry. Hair with color and bleach services can be treated with deep conditioning, hair oil, and a mask. A perm hair I will recommend a mask and regular conditioner for treatment. Normal hair if it needs to be treated with any treatment.

Time for Treatment

Let us be kind to our hair.

ProductsTime processingOther procedures

Hair Oils

Leave it on until the next wash

Hair mask

Two to three minutes

Deep conditioning

Ten to 15 minutes

Cooling time is five to ten minutes

Hair After Treatment


Who Is Ready For A Deep Conditioner

A hair that has been previously colored with good results needs to wait at least two weeks for a deep conditioner. Bleached hair can be done right after rising the Bleach to make it stronger. Any hair damage can be done immediately. A deep conditioner can be repeated every month.

After Service Hair


For Salon Advice Service

Deep conditioners are convenient and economical and the person who gets treated enjoys and relaxes during the service. Prices are affordable and vary in different hair salons.

How Often To Treat The Hair

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