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Pregnancy : Top 10 Formal Maternity Dresses

Top 10 Formal maternity dresses


Formal maternity dress shopping does not have to be daunting. Shopping for formal maternity dresses can actually be fun. Yes, looking for formal dresses while you are pregnant can actually be an enjoyable experience. During your nine month pregnancy, you are likely to significantly show for at least the last three to four months of the pregnancy. Do you anticipate having to attend special occasion events and having to wear formal attire during your pregnancy? When you are participating in special occasion events such as being a guest at a wedding, you will want something beautiful to wear.

Here are my top recommendations for formal maternity dresses. I hope that you enjoy scrolling through this top 10 list of formal maternity dresses.

Please note that all of these dresses are just about knee length. I'll prepare another hub with my choices for long formal maternity gowns.

These ten dresses were found among seven vendors:

1. Ann Taylor Loft

2. A Pea in the Pod

3. Babies n Bellies

4. Bella Blu Maternity

5. Nordstrom

6. Seraphine

7. Trendy Tummy Maternity


For this list of TOP 10 FORMAL MATERNITY DRESSES, coming in at #10 below is the Maternity America sequined dress in black and cream. It is a bit pricey at $248 but it is lovely and currently on sale for half price, $123.90 at Nordstrom. It goes up to size XL (16).


photo credit:

photo credit:

Vibrant and trendy colors for formal maternity dresses

As I've done the research to write this hub, it is clear that some of the best formal maternity dresses that I've seen are available in beautiful, bold on trend colors such as cobalt blue, teal, purple or magenta.

If you are looking for a more subdued color for your maternity dress, my #9 pick below is a maternity dress that is available in either blue or gray, although I personally prefer the blue.

This Every Grey Maternity 'Penelope' Cowl Neck dress is very elegant and currently priced at $69 as of the writing of this hub (June 2011).

It is an on-line only deal available in sizes XS-XL (2-12/14).


photo credit

photo credit

photo credit:nordstrom. com

photo credit:nordstrom. com

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Trendy maternity dresses

If you want to be on trend with your maternity dress this summer, I most suggest going with a beautiful bold color. The teal dress below delivers. It is available at Ann Taylor Loft for just $89.50 currently and is an online exclusive.

The dress is available in sizes XS-XL. XL is a size 16 for this Maternity A Line Dress by Cotton Glam. It has cap sleeves. It's made in the USA and is machine washable.




Formal maternity dress

The magenta bella rose formal maternity dress below is availabe at for just $69.99 in sizes small to 2X.


photo credit:

photo credit:




Purple maternity dresses

Wow, with three purple dresses on my top ten maternity formal (avg knee length) dress list this year, I am finding myself really drawn to the purple color that is on trend. Dress #6 is also bandeau styling and is a very flattering strapless dress that drapes well for a pregnant woman. This Multiway Bandeau dress is also priced well. As of the writing of this hub, the dress is currently on sale for $71. Regular price is $99 for a savings of $28. It is available in sizes 2-12 at


The one shoulder dress below in a gorgeous aqua color is available at Seraphine for $105. It seems great for summer. The dress also drapes nicely and is more unique among dresses typically available in maternity wear.


photo credit:

photo credit:

Trendy Tummy Maternity

In general, I am very pleased with the selection at Trendy Tummy Maternity. The clothes are very trendy indeed. Both my #4 and #3 picks below are available from this company.

#4 below is the Chic Rose Cocktail Maternity Formal Dress/ Special Occasion Dress in purple. It is available for $89.99


photo credit:

photo credit:

One shoulder maternity dress

I think the Kendra One Shoulder Embellished Maternity dress below is quite beautiful in this purple color and it costs just $89.99 at


photo credit:

photo credit:

Black & white maternity dress

Black and white dresses are often very elegant. This pic below is from A Pea in the Pod collection. It is a floral print and cost $138. Available in sizes small to large with a 12/14 being a large. The dress is strapless but optional removalble straps are included with the purchase.


photo credit:

photo credit:


Audrey Formal Maternity Gown in Pink, $290.00,      Photo credit,

Audrey Formal Maternity Gown in Pink, $290.00, Photo credit,

Fashionable & stylish pregnancy

Enjoy a happy, healthy and stylish pregnancy!

© 2011 Nyesha Pagnou MPH


Nyesha Pagnou MPH (author) from USA on January 02, 2013:

Hi Darcy Santala, thanks alot for stopping by and posting your recommendation.

Darcy Santala from Houston, Texas on December 26, 2012:

Love, love, love the Ripe Maternity Satin Dresses, I think they are the perfect formal maternity dress, available in a variety of colors and lengths they are super comfortable, adorable and reasonably priced:

I think they would make for a perfect maternity brides maid dress and they are simple enough that it wouldn't be a problem to find a matching or complimentary dress for non-expectant moms.

Nyesha Pagnou MPH (author) from USA on March 23, 2012:

Hi Ann,

Your inquiry gives me an idea to write a hub about long maternity gowns specifically. I prefer long gowns too and it is interesting that in maternity wear, short gowns are more popular/more commonly found in stores. I will recommend you look for a Pea in the Pod store in your area. The Max and Cleo sleeveless stretched fabric dress, Style 15853 and the Sleeveless embellished maternity dress, Style 15905 at both seem to be nice. They cost $109.99 and $129.99 respectively. Best wishes and good luck.

-Journey *

ann on March 06, 2012:

looking for a maternity prom dress for a senior in high school prom. do you have any in your store locations here in Connecticut. If so please e mail me. i would appreciate it. also we are looking for long gowns.

thanks ann e mail

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