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Top 10 Fashions of the World That Are Worth Your Attention

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With the abundance of clothing stores from around the world and changing fashions all the time, it can be difficult to keep up with fashion trends and know which clothes are worth your money. While many fashion trends may not seem very practical or well-designed, others will catch on big time, so it’s always important to keep your eyes open for what’s hot in fashion and what will help you stay stylish at any age or size without breaking the bank. If you’re new to international fashion, here are 10 of the most popular styles that are worth taking note of right now.

Woman in Black Dress Walking on the Street

1) The Knee-length Dress

The knee-length dress is a piece that can flatter every woman’s body type. This form-fitting dress looks great on every woman, but is especially flattering for those with an hourglass figure, as it accentuates their natural curves. This silhouette is popular because it exudes femininity and elegance and can be accessorized to create a variety of looks. When wearing a dress cut just above or at the knee, you can draw focus away from any imperfections you may have by adding accessories such as belts and jewelry to highlight your waistline and balance out your upper body. However, if you have longer legs than most women then a knee-length dress might look better on you than on shorter women as it will not overpower your frame with extra fabric.

2) The Shirt Dress

The shirt dress is having a moment right now and with good reason—it’s flattering, comfortable, and goes with everything. This little black dress alternative is exactly what it sounds like: a relaxed-fit button-down shirt, cut to fall just above or at the knee. Its style goes back to Coco Chanel in 1925, but it saw a resurgence when Miuccia Prada designed her signature version in 2001 (and then again when she launched her Topshop line). A shirt dress takes less time to throw on than a typical LBD and still looks chic for dinner out with friends or an afternoon meeting. Stylists can tuck their tail into slim pants or let it loose around your waist for a more relaxed fit.

3) Belted Dresses

When done correctly, a dress with a belt can be extremely flattering. It's best when worn at a natural waist or empire, which helps elongate your figure and draw attention to defined curves. The key to wearing a belt is proportion: You want it to be large enough so it stands out but not so big that it’s overpowering. Go for small belts with larger dresses and vice versa. Vary up where you wear them, too: Right on top or across one shoulder is just as good as in front. Of course, make sure you pick one that matches—you don't want to wear an orange belt with black shoes. But regardless of color, ensure any piece (whether it's your clothing or accessories) looks like part of a well-thought-out plan rather than an afterthought—and never let it get lost in all those layers.

Multiracial Models in Trendy Clothes

4) Bell Sleeves on Dresses

To rock bell sleeves on a dress, select something light and flowy. The loose silhouette will balance out any weight added by long sleeves. The maxi style is extra flattering for most body types; it shows off great legs and elongates your frame. For shorter women, a midi dress with bell sleeves can add inches to your figure so you’ll look taller in photos or standing in groups. Other styles to try to include halter tops, tunics, jumpsuits, and bandeaus paired with skinny jeans or leggings. Bell sleeve dresses are an easy way to add variety to your summer wardrobe without much effort! When wearing high heels, remember: Keep your toes pointed forward (not out). Your posture should be straight up and down, not forward over your toes. Wear wedges instead of platforms if you want more comfort because they provide some heel height but still keep all of your weight distributed to your whole foot (instead of mostly on one side). A wide heel is less likely to flip out from under you than a stiletto heel – not only will they be easier to walk in, but they’re also safer.

5) Puffed Sleeves

During most of history, puffed sleeves have been worn by women to draw attention to their upper arms, which was thought to be a sexual turn-on for men. In fact, in some Victorian courtship guides, it was considered fashionable to only ever wear low-cut dresses and tight corsets so that they could draw even more focus on their womanly features. Puffed sleeves became fashionable around 1900 and remain a classic element of femininity to date; however, we do not recommend wearing them with anything too revealing as you’ll probably end up looking like Dolly Parton’s long-lost sister. You can learn how to tie a puff sleeve blouse here. If you want to look beautiful, feel beautiful, and help save animals at the same time – then go vegan! It’s one of those decisions everyone has to make when they are confronted with something new or different... if someone had asked me what I wanted before I went vegan (before September 2012) I would have laughed & said NOTHING! NOT EVEN CHOCOLATE!

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6) Long Coats on Dresses

In 2016, don’t be afraid to wear a long coat on a dress. A dress with a long coat is both modern and feminine. Long coats with dresses can be worn for both formal and informal occasions. Show off your figure and style in all its glory! In addition, some styles have been designed with many hidden pockets to add storage space while keeping everything close to you at all times! A bonus is how fashionable they look. A great investment in any wardrobe! They’re trending.

7) Prints on White Dresses

These days, print on white is a hot trend, and it's not hard to see why. It's easier than ever to pull off, for one: Just add some funky sneakers or boots in a contrasting color, and you're good to go. If patterned pants or shorts don't seem like they'd go with just about anything else in your closet, try wearing them with tops in simple colors like black or navy blue—then throw in a scarf and/or some colorful jewelry. The result? You'll stand out at any springtime picnic or barbecue you attend while still looking super cool.

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8) Solid Colored Trench Coats

Trench coats have had a huge comeback in recent years, especially among younger people. These coats, historically worn by soldiers on duty, feature a long cut with a full-length hidden zipper. While military-issue trench coats have been dark olive green or dark blue over time, fashion designers have lately introduced beautiful colorful trench coats that can be worn to work or at parties as well. Some celebrities wear their trench coats to red carpet events for an edgy look. You can choose from different materials like polyester and wool for stylish but warm long coats. Many brands such as Burberry offer both short and long cuts depending on how formal you want your look to be. Sizes go from XS to XXL so everyone has a chance to find their perfect fit.

9) Trench Coats with Fur Collars

The trench coat is an indispensable fashion staple and, as such, it can be worn almost anywhere. But if you don’t want to overdo it—or get overwhelmed by coats with all kinds of different styles and lengths—your best bet is to stick with a classic model with a matching fur collar. The style has become so popular that now a wide range of designers sell their take on the classic. To put things in perspective, Christian Dior S/S 2016 featured a sleek version in black leather, Louis Vuitton showed off theirs with studs and oversized buttons, while Burberry Prorsum had one in glazed cotton with ribbed cuffs. There’s no doubt about it: Trench coats will never go out of style! All hail the comeback of last season’s hottest look! However, another big trend at Paris Fashion Week was opulent headwear. Some models wore plumed turbans in medieval hues; others donned outlandish versions featuring glittering jewels. Pompadour hair came back into vogue too – pairing well with sky-high flower crowns. Many were also wearing statement beaded earrings or chokers piled high with round gold coins from designer Edie Parker. She even teamed up with jewelry company Eyeko for a handbag collection based around vintage fleurs-de-lis.

10) Long Scarves as Accessories

In today’s society, it seems like everything has a dual purpose: if you’re going to carry around a big purse, why not have one that doubles as a bag for laundry? If you need extra counter space in your kitchen, there’s probably some contraption out there to do that. All things being equal, having accessories with two uses is nice – but when it comes to fashion, I prefer my scarves long and used as … well … scarves. Why use a scarf as an accessory? It seems unnecessarily complicated (not to mention plain uncomfortable) for something you wear on your body every day. And if I want to make sure my head stays warm, I don’t think I can count on anything else doubling as a hat. Wearing a scarf over my shoulders makes more sense because it keeps me warmer, but doesn’t take up any other important real estate. Just remember not to get confused; we all know how easy it is to stick one thing on top of another and call them matching - even though they aren't!

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