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Top 10 Winter Makeup Trends


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As the weather gets colder, it’s time to refresh those winter makeup trends in your mind! Granted, we all knew about the trends months ago. These makeup trends are fun to experiment with, look great when you're video chatting and are perfect for the holidays!

1. Classic Winter Makeup Ideas

Red lips and rosy cheeks can still be found everywhere this season. If you’re in a mad dash to get ready for the day, a bold lip will look trendy and only take a few seconds. Accenting your beautiful face with a hint of blush will instantly make you look more cheerful this holiday season. If you don’t have time to try out the latest makeup trends, you can break out the classics without looking outdated.

Soap brows are exactly what they sound like: you define your brows and set them using soap. Soap brows are cheaper than eyebrow gel, and soap brows stay put for much longer. Get the full scoop on how to do soap brows here.

3. Dark Lips

There is nothing that says winter like red lipstick, but the dark tones of this year’s winter makeup trends are taking the traditional look to a new level. The darker your red lipstick, the trendier it is. Learn how to make your lips look bigger or find the perfect lip plumping serum to bring serious attention to your kissable lips.

4. 60’s Styled Eyeliner

Who said eyeliner needs to stay on your waterline? No one this year! This winter takes things up a notch by using your favorite color eyeliner to line your eyeshadow. You can create the same look with eyeliner while leaving the inside of the outline nude, but there’s no reason to leave your metallic eyeshadows in the closet this season!


5. Metallic Eyeshadow

Speaking of metallic eyeshadow, it is bigger than ever this winter. It’s one of the most versatile winter trends that remains popular year after year. Any color of metallic eyeshadow will instantly make you look chic!

If you're not a fan of metallic pink or purple eyeshadow, opt for a smokey eye with gold or silver instead. Both gold and silver pair well with any other color. This look works well for everything from work to glam holiday makeup ideas.

6. Statement Eyeliner

You don’t have to put away your statement eyeliner just yet! This winter season you can still rock your glitter eyeliner, or switch it out for new eyeliner art! Create candy cane stripes, or opt for metallic maroon eyeliner to stay with the winter colors of the year.

7. Glitter in Everything

Glitter is the equivalent of holiday glam, and we get to have fun with it again this year! Glitter eyeshadow is back in a big way. Opt for larger pieces of glitter to create a bold statement, or stick with small flakes of glittery eyeshadow for a subtle approach to the holidays. Other stylish ways to incorporate glitter into your look to stay up to date with this year’s makeup trends include:

  • Glitter lip art
  • Glitter eyeliner
  • Dusting your lashes with a bit of fine glitter powder (like the eyeshadow pots you probably have)

8. Vibrant Colors

The traditional colors that we see every year, such as shades of burgundy, are slowly taking a backseat to another winter trend: vibrant eyeshadows. Set aside your timeless grey smoky eye palette and make room for shades of pink and purple. Colors that are typically seen in Spring, such as vibrant blues, are also a huge hit.


9. Shiny Skin

Sit your matte finishing powder on top of that now outdated eyeshadow palette if you haven’t already done so. Winter is about looking fresh and this year’s winter trends go hand in hand with that. It’s time to break out your favorite highlighter (don’t wear bronzer during winter) and a setting spray that gives your skin a dewy glow. (If you don’t have one, opt for one with a moisturizer included when you go shopping.)

10. Eye Gloss

Eye gloss is like lip gloss for your eyes. I love this because it creates an instant glossy look that you are going to love! You can rock the glossy look like a quick makeup look to wear by itself or include some 60’s eyeliner to make it pop.

In Conclusion

There’s something about a bold lip or 60’s eyeliner that instantly makes you both look and feel better. These winter makeup trends are guaranteed to make sure you feel your best going into this holiday season!

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Amber Lynn (author) on November 30, 2020:

I always love to see new makeup trends. I really like the 60's eyeliner this year! I'm a bit curious about soap brows, though. On the one hand, I want to try it, but I just don't see myself doing it every day unless it's more amazing than my brow gel. I doubt that it is.

Sp Greaney from Ireland on November 30, 2020:

It's always interesting to see what makeup trends are in this season. Somehow the soap brows is not one I would adopt. But I'm sure it already has some devotees.

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