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Top 10 Ageless Skin Beauty Tips - Anti-Aging Secrets

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Top Ten Anti Aging Skin Care Tips

Top Ten Anti Aging Skin Care Tips

Secrets To Beautiful Skin

Best Anti Aging Tips

An ageless beauty is what every woman dreams to be. We are all concerned about reversing the already-visible signs of aging and/or preventing the fine lines and wrinkles. Aside from the genetic gene pool we are born into, looking good is all about following a healthy lifestyle. I wish I could tell you about some quick fixes to keeping your youthful looks, but trust me, if you are savvy and look after yourself, your skin will do the rest.

Some of these tips are common sense and some may be surprising, but the real key is to take what will work for your skin and make it part of your lifestyle. But if you follow these anti aging tips and you will be healthier and look younger than your years and you will feel great!

If you want to look younger, feel great and have a healthier and happier life you have come to the right place! Read on to find honest and unbiased information on anything and everything related to anti aging skincare tips.

Beauty Tips for Younger Looking Skin

You can shop for the best anti wrinkle creams that have saturated the beauty counters all promising ageless skin.Some of these beauty treatments have 'magic' creams that can help you keep that youthful wrinkle-free skin as you age, but, if you do not follow a healthy lifestyle all the creams might as well be pure water.

So here are a few tips to help you beat wrinkles while you age gracefully and look forever beautiful.

Best Beauty Tips and Secrets To Gorgeous Skin

Protect your skin from the signs of aging by being sun savvy - Use a good sunscreen to prevent wrinkles.

Protect your skin from the signs of aging by being sun savvy - Use a good sunscreen to prevent wrinkles.

Beauty Tip - Know your Skin Type

Beauty Tip - Know your Skin Type

Number 10

Anti Aging Beauty Tip

Know Your Skin Type

Have you ever wondered why a beauty product that did wonders for your friend did absolutely nothing for you, or even made your skin look worse? The reason is simple: you and your friend both have different skin types. And that is why in order to fight the signs of aging we first need to know what kind of facial skin we are caring for.

When you finally discover what your skin type(s) really is/are, you can make better decisions about the products in your skin-care routine. While all skin types can benefit from ingredients such as broad-spectrum sunscreens and antioxidants, there are skin type-specific ingredients.

Beauty Tips:

Remember that there are many factors that affect your skin type, such as weather, emotions, hormones and stress, and this will cause your skin type to be in a constant state of fluctuation/.


Stop Wrinkles

Over exposure to the sun is the #1 cause of skins wrinkle

Over exposure to the sun is the #1 cause of skins wrinkle

Number 9

Anti Aging Beauty Tip

Be Sun Savvy

Aging skin and wrinkles are due to UVA rays. The sun is the #1 reason for prematurely aging skin. It's never too late to start using sun protection. Wear a broad-spectrum sunscreen that protects against both UVA and UVB rays with an SPF of 30 or higher, even on cloudy days, and reapply every two to three hours you’re outdoors. Be sun savvy and wear a good pair of sunglasses and/or a hat is always smart. Also avoid sun beds and tanning salons.

Beauty Tips:

Always remember when shoping for sunscreen the SPF number noted on packaging, determines how many times longer you can stay in the sun without burning, than you could with out it. Consider your skin type when choosing sun protection.


Healthy Diet with Super Foods

Anti Aging Skincare Tip - Eating fruits and Vegetables for Younger Looking Skin

Anti Aging Skincare Tip - Eating fruits and Vegetables for Younger Looking Skin

Number 8

Eat Yourself Younger

Ace a Good Diet

For great skin eat a balanced diet. Great skin starts from the inside out. A healthy and balanced diet provides vitamins and antioxidants that are key to skin cell repair as well as natural collagen and elastin production. We need to feed the living cells that are continually replacing the dead cells on the skins surface. The growth of new cells is dependent on vitamins, minerals and hydration.Eat at least 5 servings of fresh fruits and vegetables every day.

Beauty Tip:

Prevent aging with the "Ace" Vitamins

  • Vitamin A - to prevent aging
  • Vitamin C - to promote clarity
  • Vitamin E- to protect against the environment
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Sleep - Ageless Beauty Tip  to beautiful skin

Sleep - Ageless Beauty Tip to beautiful skin

Number 7

Sleep Away Wrinkles

Scientists know that relaxation is a restorative time for the body, when the body repairs and regenerates itself. It is during its relaxed state that the brain produces feel good molecules, immunity is boosted and the body repairs and forms new tissue. Yale dermatologist Nicholas Perricone, MD, says that when you don't get enough sleep, the body produces excess cortisol, a hormone that breaks down skin cells. Get enough rest, Perricone says, and you'll produce more HGH (human growth hormone), which helps skin remain thick, more "elastic," and less likely to wrinkle.

Beauty Tip:

Make sure you're washing your pillowcase often, so you're not putting your face in the same oils every night. Switch to silk, satin or a high thread count to minimize any friction on facial skin.


Beauty Tip #6

Exercise thirty Minutes a day for younger looking skin

Exercise thirty Minutes a day for younger looking skin

Number 6


Staying Active with a regular exercise routine can keep you fit and helps to slow down the aging process. Experts recommend 30 minutes of moderate exercise daily for most people as it has been repeatedly proven that staying active maintains your bone density keeps muscles strong and toned. Working up a sweat is a great and natural way to keep skin hydrated and regular exercise will keep you fit and help to slow the aging process. Common sense tells us that keeping active helps to keep stress down and it raises your stamina. So remember that working up a sweat is a great way to keep skin hydrated and glowing.

Beauty Tip: When exercising go make up free as cosmetics and sweat can and will clog pores more than sweat alone. This can lead to breakouts and enlarged pores.

Anti Aging Beauty Tip - Hydrate by drinking water

Anti Aging Beauty Tip - Hydrate by drinking water

Number 5 Beauty Tip

Hydrate with Water

One of the most important and basic ways to have beautiful skin is to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. It is not enough to moisturize your skin from outside we need to feed it from within. No matter how good the cream is, a good inside hydration is needed so don't forget to drink plenty of water.

Beauty Tips :

Drinking 8 - 10 glasses of water a day. This will help flush out toxins and will help in keeping all skin types clear. For every cup of coffee or alcoholic beverage, drink one glass of water.

Beauty Tip - Exfoliate with a mask twice a week

Beauty Tip - Exfoliate with a mask twice a week

Number 4

Rejuvenate and Transform

Use Skin Exfoliators and Polishers

As skin ages natural exfoliation becomes more difficult and dead skin layers build up. Over time our cell turn over slows down, so daily exfoliation is key. AHAs such as alphahydroxy acids act as a mild exfoliants by dissolving the 'glue' that binds skins cells together. Thus allowing the top layer of dead skin to be exfoliated more easily and help to unblock and cleanse pores. Gentle exfoliantion will help to erase fine lines and wrinkles and it stimulates oil production and circulation which in turn encourages new cell growth. For an effective but gentle exfoliator, look for products containing glycolic acid, lactic acid, salicylic acid, or malic acid.

Beauty Tips:

Exfoliate twice a week to remove the layers of dead skin and reveal new skin.If you mix a tiny blob of exfoliating cream with your nightly cleanser, and the next morning your face will look fabulous and fresh, rejuvenated and transformed into smooth and glowing skin.

Beauty Tip- Cleanse your face twice a day

Beauty Tip- Cleanse your face twice a day

Number 3


Don't over-wash your face

According to dermatologists at the University of Maryland Medical Center, tap water strips skin of its natural barrier oils and moisture that protect against wrinkles. Wash them off too often, and you wash away protection. Moreover, unless your soap contains moisturizers, you should use a cleanser instead.

The latest research indicates that the skin repairs itself most effectively at night,indicating the need for night cream. For those who are too tired to wash off their makeup at night, try this! Your nighttime routine doesn't have to be done minutes before you hit the bed. Wash your face when you get home from work, or even after dinner. Do it earlier rather than later! Washing off the day's dirt and grime and nourishing it with good moisture and nutrients will give your skin a chance to renew while you sleep! And remember, quality moisturizers that do not contain clogging ingredients will not suffocate your skin.

Beauty Tip: Wet your face using lukewarm water. Wet your hands and apply facial cleasner on your fingertips. Build up a lather with your fingertips working in a circular motion.Thoroughly rinse with lukewarm water, making sure not to leave a residue of the cleanser (we do not want any clogged pores). Follow with a quick splash of cool water. Pat dry (do not rub) with a soft non abrasive towel.

Beauty tip - Know what kind of skin you have

Beauty tip - Know what kind of skin you have

Number 2


Toners are very important for anti aging facial care as well because they help remove completely all traces of dirt and make-up which may still remain on the skin after cleansing. After washing your face apply toner to a cotton pad and wipe the forehead, cheeks chin and around the nose.
Remember it is important to know what time of skin you have. Use a toner that is dependent on what type your skin is . .dry , combination, oily or sensitive.

Beauty Tips:

Spritz your face with the lamer tonic spray and gently dry your face and neck, dabbing in a gentle press and release motion. Repeat this toner process until cotton pad comes away clean.

Number 1 - Ageless Beauty Tip - Moisturize

Number 1 - Ageless Beauty Tip - Moisturize

Number 1

Never Underestimate the Power of Moisturizer

Whether your skin is dry, normal, or even oily, one of the best beauty tips you can come away with is, if you can only afford one skin care product, your dollars will be well spent on a good moisturizer. Some of the newer peptide products, along with agents such as alpha hydroxy acid and retinol, can actually have long-term benefits in making the skin look much less wrinkled.

According to New York University professor Rhoda Narins, MD, president of the American Society of Dermatologic Surgery:

"Sometimes, all you really need is a good moisturizer and a mild cleanser, and you can take years off your face. When skin is dry, every wrinkle is accentuated, making you look older.

Audrey Hepburn - Beauty Secrets To Beautiful Skin

Audrey Hepburn - Beauty Secrets To Beautiful Skin


Best Beauty Tip of All

Always remember these words of a timeless beauty,

“Our wrinkles are our medals of the passage of life. They are what we have been through and who we want to be.”
~ Lauren Hutton ~

So there you see that the key to gorgeous skin turns out to be a mix of common sense, overall good health habits, know what type of skin you have , a little bit of science and a simple stick-to-it skincare regimen.

If you have a skin care tip for beautiful skin, feel free to share it in a comment below.


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Shari (author) from New York, NY on November 14, 2011:

carolinemd21- glad to hear you liked this Hub. Basic common sense is behind all these gorgeous skin tips!

Caroline Marie on November 03, 2011:

Love your hub! I am afraid of aging and your hub's last words made me feel best. :) The tips are great too!

Shari (author) from New York, NY on July 14, 2011:

there is never enough good beauty tips for beautiful skin .. is there!!!

casnov30 from Brooklyn on July 14, 2011:

Great hub/advice!

2patricias from Sussex by the Sea on May 27, 2011:

Very well written and illustrated.

I agree with all your tips, and am especially pleased that you included sun care.

I do recommend using a sun screen for the face that has been specifically formulated for the face. You can use a less expensive product for the rest of the body.

Good hub - I've voted it up.

noorin from Canada on April 13, 2011:

Glad 2 know =)

wendy87 on April 12, 2011:

nicely written voted up !!!!and useful!!!

Shari (author) from New York, NY on April 07, 2011:

noorin - it is never too late or too early to follow these beauty tips!

noorin from Canada on April 06, 2011:

Even though I am 21, I absolutely love it and will definitely add a couple of these tips to my lifestyle ... Thanks, rated it up =)

billyaustindillon on March 13, 2011:

Packed with great sanguine advice - great tip for anti aging - something we need to put off as long as we can :)

katrinasui on March 13, 2011:

Great hub! Thanks for these wonderful tips.

Shari (author) from New York, NY on March 13, 2011:

Lady_E - And I love seeing you anywhere! One of the most beautiful Hubbers ever. .thank you my friend!

Shari (author) from New York, NY on March 13, 2011:

gr82bme - not sure if I can train myself at this stage to sleep on my back, I guess that is how I found the beauty tip to use a silky pillowcase!

Shari (author) from New York, NY on March 12, 2011:

drbj - your words are always music to my ear :) pretty hub for pretty skin! Have to come visit you soon .. I need my katie fix!

Genna East from Massachusetts, USA on March 12, 2011:

Wonderful tips and advise. Thank you. I'm fair, so I have to be especially careful of the sun, and using toners and creams that are too harsh. Good hub.

Elena from London, UK on March 12, 2011:

Great Tips. I like the way you presented it too.

gr82bme from USA on March 12, 2011:

Well done. Great tips. I have also heard that you should not lay on your face while sleeping. Try to lay on your back.

drbj and sherry from south Florida on March 12, 2011:

Thanks for the ageless beauty skin tips, Shari, which are in and of themselves ageless. And what a pretty hub layout this is. You do have the eye and skill of an artist.

Emma from Houston TX on March 12, 2011:

That is another grate job you have done here.

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