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Top 10 Lavender Perfumes for Men - Best Fragrances for Males

Anamika S. Jain has been a social media consultant for six years. She has written more than 200 articles on relationships and dating.

Best Lavender Based Male and Unisex Perfumes

Lavender is a flowering plant belonging to the mint family which is widely used in dried flower arrangements, cosmetics, perfumes, balms and also in Aromatherapy. I have many friends who like lavender based scents. Lavender Essential Oil is known for its antiseptic and anti inflammatory properties. It is one of the best sleep and relaxation aids I have ever used. As a Perfume fan I have used or smelled many lavender fragrances and I love most of them.

After reading through my Perfume Hubs, I got a mail from a Guy who wanted me to suggest him some lavender based fragrances he could try. So I thought I might as well make a Hub on it. I am giving details of my top picks of Lavender Fragrances like Gendarme 20, Creed’s Royal Scottish Lavender, Caldey Island Lavender, Caron un pour Homme, Jicky from Guerlain, Nicolai Pour Homme for Men, Acqua di Parma Lavanda Tonica, Pure Lavender by Azzaro, Grey Flannel by Geoffrey Beene, Lavender Water for Men from Geo F Trumper, Reverie au Jardin by Andy Tauer and Inglese by Lorenzo Villoresi which can be tried if you are a lover of this scent.

Top 10 Best Lavender based Perfumes or Fragrances for Men

Top 10 Best Lavender based Perfumes or Fragrances for Men

Top 10 Lavender Scents for Men

Given below are by best picks of top fragrances for men.

  1. Gendarme 20: If you like a clean pronounced lavender fragrance which smells really good then you may try out Gendarme 20. It is a modern classic fragrance that captures the cool, calming and fresh essence of clean white linen. A fragrance so soft and subtle yet combines with citrus floral notes. I smelled this perfume first time when I met a younger client of mine for a coffee to discuss business and could not resist asking what perfume he is wearing. He told me that it is the perfume he wears when on a date or when he needs to make an impression. He told me that it may not be a fragrance which may last long to suit a night out but definitely it is a confidence giving perfume. I was so impressed by the smell that I suggested it to several of my male friends and all of them liked it.
  2. Creed's Royal Scottish Lavender: If you are looking for a spicier, classic and clearly masculine Fragrance then you should try this one. This is the signature scent used by one of my best friends so I have no problem in recommending it. Creed’s Royal Scottish Lavender is a very natural and endearing in scent which is costly to the pocket. But considering the fact that this fragrance was made more than 100 years ago for British lords and ladies, it is expected. This is a high quality fragrance and has the wonderful aromatherapy benefit of lifting the spirits up and giving confidence. The top notes introduce one of the most natural smelling and calming note of lavender along with citruses and bergamot, lay on a base of vanilla, sandalwood and spicy notes. So if you are looking for something of a royal quality, you cannot ignore this one!
  3. Caldey Island Lavender: If you are looking for a pure and clear lavender smell without a muddling of other scents then this perfume made by the Cistercian monks of Caldey Island could be your perfect option. It is a clean and clear lavender fragrance which smells like the lavender flowers in the garden. This soft lavender fragrance can be a perfect companion for summer and early spring evenings. This is the favorite perfume of a cousin of mine who has never wanted to try anything else after trying Caldey Island Lavender.
  4. Caron un pour Homme: I find this scent masculine as well as elegant and sexy. It is a classic lavender scent which was introduced in 1934 and has top notes of lavender, bergamot, lemon and Rosemary, middle notes of clary sage, rosewood, cedar wood and rose and base notes of vanilla, tonka, musk and moss. As a unisex or yin-yang fragrance in feng shui terms I find it a well balanced and classy perfume I have no hesitation in wearing when I feel down and needs a confidence boost. If you are looking for a fragrance which has lasted for generation and still is a huge hit among lavender fragrance lovers then Caron un pour Homme is for you!
  5. Jicky Perfume from Guerlain: I fell in love with Jicky the first time I smelled it. This scent was created in 1889 but it is one fragrance which can be called classical yet timeless and very modern. The top notes contain lavender and citrus (bergamot, lemon and mandarin), which perfectly match the cold, metallic orris and rose shaded by vetiver. The cold top and middle notes are an elegant counterbalance to the warm base created of patchouli, vanilla, amber and musk. Though it is marketed by the Company as a Perfume for women it is a unisex fragrance which is popular with men as well which I do not mind on a man.
  6. Nicolai Pour Homme for Men: Nicolai Pour Homme introduced to the market in 2003 is a cool and really nice smelling perfume for men which I would not mind wearing as it is unisex. Lavender is the heart of this perfume and holds prominence. It opens with minty green notes and a bit of lavender. These quickly are tempered and overtaken by the appearance of the resins, soft woods, moss and a very faint hint of tobacco. This is a fragrance I would call intriguing, irresistible, overpowering and sophisticated. It is a very fine lavender scent to wear, modern yet rich.
  7. Acqua di Parma Lavanda Tonica: Acqua di Parma Lavanda Tonica which was introduced in 1999 is a unisex perfume and smells divine on both men and women. If you are looking for a fragrance with a prominent lavender scent, you got to like this one!
  8. Pure Lavender by Azzaro: Pure Lavender launched by Azzaro in 2001 is a delightful lavender fragrance with Top notes are carnation, orris, lavender, juniper, star anise and cloves; middle notes are lavender and orris root; base notes are tonka bean, amber, vanilla and white musk. This is a well crafted and well balanced scent made by perfumer Richard Ibanez.
  9. Grey Flannel by Geoffrey Beene: Grey Flannel by Geoffrey Beene is what I would call classic, remarkable, outstanding and distinguished. This masculine fragrance is a combination of lavender, violet, oakmoss, sage and sandalwood. Though lavender is a strong component of the scent, the smell is bitter floral. I find it crisp, clean and refreshing scent designed for men. It is a scent which lasts longer and is an absolute masterpiece!
  10. Lavender Water for Men from Geo. F. Trumper: Lavender Water is a woody aromatic fragrance for men launched in 1898. It is a very bold and assertive masculine scent for men who want to make an impression. The fragrance features the dominating scent of lavender along with sage, patchouli, sandalwood, oak moss and mint. It is a relaxing and refreshing scent which can be worn anytime.

Another 2 perfumes you may try or give as gift for a male are Reverie au Jardin which is a long lasting fragrance created by the Swiss perfumer,Andy Tauer and Wild Lavender / Inglese by Lorenzo Villoresi.

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Keri Summers from West of England on February 13, 2012:

I really enjoyed this Hub, and could even smell it! I hope you don't mind, but I've linked to it in my "Bunch of Hubs" about lavender.

vydyulashashi from Hyderabad,India on February 15, 2011:

Very nice informative hub.

God Bless You!

Wolfgang G. Greiner from Germany on February 15, 2011:

Thank you for your great Hub about the scent of lavender - my favourite perfumes are "Eau de Cologne 4711" and "Eau Sauvage" of Christian Dior - I'm sorry but I don't know anything about the ingredients... (d.48)

Marcella Glenn from PA on February 14, 2011:

A very informative article.

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