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How to Become Beautiful in Three Days


Woman, as everyone says, is a beautiful creation of God who wants to be appreciated and loved. Every girl or woman—fair, dark, tall, rich or poor—wishes to be beautiful and be appreciated. But nowadays, due to their busy, tiring schedules, women do not get sufficient time to take good care of themselves. Even though they take good care of their families and loved ones, they don't make sure they themselves are well-fed and rested, and after a while this neglect takes its toll. Lack of rest and poor diet might be the cause of their shapeless figures, dark-circled eyes, premature wrinkles, and dull complexions. Sometimes women are malnourished because they skip meals most of the time, eating a heavy meal once a day when hunger is at its peak. Junk food and greasy food can also be responsible for deteriorating looks.

Some women spend months using expensive and experimental product, trying to improve their skin and figure. A lot of people think that they can buy the right skin care cream, for example, and have a beautiful face. But the fact is that most skin care creams and products contain harmful chemicals and low-quality ingredients which can harm the skin as well the as body.

Instead, we have here natural and easily available tips to make yourself attractive. If one follows natural methods on a daily basis, one can have a beautiful body and skin. In fact, it's possible for women to relax and bring back their beauty, glow, and figure in just three days.

If one is determined to have beautiful skin, for example, there are a few steps that if followed regularly will help a lot.

  • Regular exercise
  • Maintaining body weight by setting realistic goals
  • Correcting eating habits, for example by taking omega-3 fats like fish oil supplements
  • Getting enough sleep after regular exercise
  • Learning the secrets of facial beauty

A Three-Day Beauty Diet

Before starting a three-day liquid diet, one should first prepare one's body for two days. Doctors say that before starting a liquid diet, we should avoid heavy and oily food, alcohol, cigarettes, coffee, chocolate, and drugs like painkillers and antibiotics. During this diet one should also get plenty of rest.

After coming from a morning walk, one can start the day with a glass of fruit juice. Juice improves a woman's figure as well as her skin, hair, and eyesight.

Amala juice (Indian gooseberry fruit) has great benefits to health. Add honey if that improves the taste.

If you don't like Amala juice, the following is a good morning drink:

  • 50 grams ginger juice
  • The juice of two lemons
  • A spoonful of honey
  • Half a glass of warm water

Another choice is the juice of tulsi, a plant that is worshiped in India (its English name is "basil"). To prepare this, you need:

  • 10 to 12 leaves of tulsi, ground in a mixer or juicer with warm water
  • the juice of one lemon
  • one teaspoon of honey

Drink fruit or vegetable juice throughout the day to keep yourself energized.

  • Tomatoes contain calcium, chlorine, sodium and iodine, and help reduce weight.
  • Radish juice can be taken with a pinch of salt and lemon juice. It helps burn calories and fat, reduces wrinkles, pimples and blackheads, and reduces acidity in the body.

Fruit juices like kiwi, banana and mango should be avoided because these fruits have a lot of calories compared to other fruits. We should always prefer juice from oranges, tomatoes, and carrots. Or mix the latter juices with one another.

The dinner menu should include only vegetable soup, if necessary with a small amount of pulse foods (like lentils or beans). Two bowls of soup with a small amount of pulse should be enough food for the night.

You may add a small amount of juice made from green wheat or green pulses; they are good for health and can be called a complete diet. Aloe Vera juice or green-leaf soup (palak) are also good evening choices. Before going to sleep, one should drink a glass of orange juice, apple juice, or grape juice.

After three days on this diet, good changes will be seen in your skin as well as in your health. After four or five days, it's best to go back to a normal diet, though one should still avoid unhealthy food that might undo the good done by the liquid diet.

Natural Skin Care

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Washing your face the right way

How you wash your face can make a difference in your appearance. Washing your face is as simple as using soap and water. Never scrub the skin or use harsh products; doing so irritates the skin and makes it look worse. Use a gentle and non-abrasive cleanser that does not contain alcohol. Wet your face with lukewarm water and use your fingertips to apply cleanser; using a washcloth, mesh sponge or anything other than your fingertips can irritate your skin. Rinse with lukewarm water and pat dry with a soft towel.

Apply moisturizer if your skin feels dry or itchy.

Skin Care During the Monsoon

1. Cleanse well:

Deep pore cleansing with a facial scrub is essential to keep the pores free of hardened oil. Use a facial scrub twice a week. Apply it on the face and rub gently on the skin, using a circular motion. Then rinse off with plenty of plain water. Make a facial scrub at home by mixing ground almonds with curd, and add dried and powdered lemon or orange peel.

2. Skin tonic:

A skin tonic or freshener is a must in humid weather. Mix rose water with cucumber juice and apply on the face. Wash it off after 15 minutes.

3. Ban those zits:

For pimples, acne or rash, add two handfuls of sesame leaves to four cups of hot water and let them stand overnight. Next morning, strain the soaked sesame leaves and make a paste of them. Apply on face and rinse off after 20 minutes.

4, Face pack:

If your skin is very oily, mix mud pack with rose water into a paste and apply it daily on the face. Wash off with cold water when it dries.

Don't Go Out Without Sunscreen

Dermatologists concur that almost all age -related damage on your skin results from the ultraviolet rays of the sun. For Indian skin tones, a minimum protection of SPF 15-20 is required, and you should apply sunscreen at least half an hour before you go out. Buy sunscreen that offers broad-spectrum protection and check the label to see if the ingredients include zinc and titanium dioxide. Stay indoors between 11 am to 3 pm when the rays of the sun are harshest. If you plan to visit hilly (high-elevation) areas, get sunscreens with higher SPF.

Polish Off Your Skin with Body Scrubs

More of your skin is likely to show in the summer. Buff your body with body scrubs and show off the smooth skin with panache. You could also use orange-peel powder with good old bean-and-milk to make a homemade body scrub to exfoliate your skin.

Resolve Skin Woes with Aloe Vera Gel

Venturing out in the sun without a sunscreen will give you sun tan, which is nature's way of increasing melanin production to protect your skin. Apply Aloe Vera gel on the tanned skin for instant relief of sunburn pain. Aloe Vera also soothes skin inflamed from rashes, zits, and acne.

More Natural Beauty Ideas


Natural Beauty Principles

  • The facial expression of a person depends on his or her diet.
  • Avoid anger and mental tension; adopt a positive attitude.
  • Happiness cannot be compared with the cosmetic value of a face.
  • For a beautiful face, combine regular exercise with a regular diet plan.
  • Drink sufficient enough water every day (not less than 12 glasses).

Lead a Life Without Worry

Is it better to worry? Does it show you care? Does it mean you are cleverly anticipating the future? I think the answer to all is "No." Worry is anxiety, a series of negative thoughts which not only damage your consciousness but are also reflected on your face. If you want to look beautiful you need to avoid any kind of mental stress, as it is just a waste of time and energy. Stress also sabotages your digestive system. We can make ourselves more beautiful and loving if we live without any worry; that way, we can be fully present and available for others.

Other Beauty Techniques


Here are some practical tips to improve your appearance quickly.

Make Your Eyes Look Bigger With Artificial Eyelashes

1. Opt for a natural look:

Artificial eyelashes can look subtle yet still enhance the shape of your eyes and make them appear bigger. Pick the lashes that look the most natural.

2. Measure the size:

The length of the lash strip must equal the length of your own lash line. Measure the lashes by holding them against your lash line, and cut the lash strip at the ends if it is longer.

3. Use adhesive:

Take a quality adhesive, apply it to the end of a brush, and apply a thin line onto the lash line of your fake lashes. Give it a few seconds to partially air dry

4. Stick the lashes on:

Bring the lashes as close to your own lash line as possible and press them on from the middle, before pressing on the ends of the strip. Keep your eyes shut, and hold on to the lashes for a few more seconds to make sure they are in place.

5. Hide with liner:

Apply a thin coat of eyeliner to cover up any evidence of extra skin or glue. Top the lashes with a few strokes of mascara, to give them a more natural look.

Dress Right for Your Body Type

Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. Curved or flat, pick up outfits that flatter your body shape. Here are some tips:

  • Choose well-fitting dresses that will off your toned figure. Peplum-styled dresses and skirts will give a feminine look and create an illusion of curves.
  • Adding a statement belt to your dress adds interest.
  • Team flowy tops in floral patterns with fitted, straight pants to soften your shape. Experimenting with color-blocking will also suit your shape.
  • Avoid straight-fitting tunics or dresses that do not have a defined waistline.

New Dental Technology Makes Great Changes Possible

With the latest techinques of dental implantology and cosmetic dentistry, you can have a smile like a star's. Tooth bleaching or tooth whitening makes it possible for people with dull, yellow, stained teeth to have sparkling white teeth. In re-positioning and reshaping teeth, veneers and bridges can correct small chips, alter a tooth's length and shape, and re-position teeth. For replacing missing teeth, options include not just dentures (a removable replacement for missing teeth) but fixed bridges and dental implants. The implant acts as the tooth's root and can anchor an artificial tooth. To improve a "gummy smile," laser techniques can trim away excessive gum tissue.

Make-Up Essentials for Working Women


A must-have to liven up your tired eyes. Ensure that you use the long-lasting and smudge-proof type.

Face wash

This one's for the time when you have been hard at work all morning and need a quick-perk-me- up.


To cover those late-night work-induced dark circles or stress at work.

Lip balm

Works double wonders as it hydrates your lips and gives it the added shine.


Freshen any morning sweat from gym or commuting with a little spritz of your favorite perfume. The fresher, the better!


We have gathered so much information on methods and ways of keeping yourself beautiful. But of course the old saying is really true that the inner feeling of happiness is what makes us beautiful, because it brings a natural glow, brightness and confidence. A person who is positive and happy with himself is a really beautiful person, while a person who is selfish or envious is ugly. Sometime when we look in someone's eyes we are impressed with a certain brightness in the eyes of that person. Such brightness doesn't come from some beauty technique; it comes from the soul and heart running on positive thinking. To keep ourselves beautiful, we need to remember that pampering our body and skin with methods and techniques will work only when we start thinking in a positive way and our hearts and minds are filled with happiness.


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