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Tips for Thin Hair as a Man

Thinning hair is a natural and normal problem that many men may have to face in their lifetimes. Thin hair can be a source of constant frustration and a real hit to your self-confidence but before you reach for the shaver to take it all off you might want to try these tips for how to get thicker hair.

1. Try thickening hair products

There are a lot of shampoos and conditioners out on the market that claims they can help thicken hair. The only way to know for sure is to try out a couple of different ones and see how you get on.

You use hair thickening products just the same as regular shampoos and conditioners but just remember not to wash your hair every day as this can dry it out and lead to it looking thinner again.

Not sure where to start on your hair thickening journey? Browse our recommendations and favorite products for thinner hair.

2. Wash your hair regularly (but not too regularly)

While washing your hair too often can cause dryness and thin appearances, not washing your hair enough can have the same effect. It’s all about balance.

Washing your hair helps to get rid of any buildup of grease, dirt, and oils. Greasy or oily hair looks flatter, and strands can clump together, enhancing the appearance of any bald patches.

How often you need to wash your hair will depend largely on how oily it is but usually 2-3 times a week will be sufficient. Use warm water – not hot – to open pores and really get in there.

3. Lose the comb and style with fingers

Combed hair often lays flat on your head looking thinner than it is so try styling with your fingers instead. There are plenty of styling creams, gels, and gums that can help you achieve the right look.

Styling hair with your fingers can help add volume and texture while stopping your hair from looking limp or flat. A common styling tactic is to rough up your hair for that messy ‘just out of bed’ look but be gentle or risk pulling precious hair out your scalp!

Discover here more tips for men’s haircuts and styling thin hair.

4. Stop smoking
Now we are never one to get too preachy but the benefits of stopping smoking are well known … at least some of them are. One lesser-known benefit is that it might help you get thicker hair!

This is because smoking increases the level of certain hormones in the body which can trigger or speed up hair loss. It can also damage the hair follicle itself which may prevent the hair from growing with its usual strength, resulting in more hair breakage and more hair shedding.


5. Blow-dry to add volume

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Blow-drying your hair can help to add volume to thinning hair but there are some hacks to follow to get it just right.

First, run your free hand through your hair while drying to gently rough it up and add texture and bounce. Next, only use a lower heat and fan speed to avoid unnecessary damage. Finally, don’t skimp on using a protective heat spray. Heat styling can be damaging otherwise.

6. Don’t rough dry with towels

Prefer to let your hair dry au naturally? You may save your hair from heat damage but what about towel damage. Your hair is at its weakest when wet so tugging with a towel can be a sure-fire way of pulling some out, not to mention the damage that the coarse, dry cotton can do to your strands.

Instead, gently pat your hair dry using a microfiber towel which has a finer and gentler texture. Avoid vigorous rubbing which can create frizz, tangles, and damage. You can add volume by gently scrunching your hair in your hands.

7. Learn how to style it out

If you use products like gels, waxes, and pomades to style your hair then you may end up with hair looking even thinner. Why? Heavy styling products can cling to your hair, clumping it together and holding it down flat.

Try switching to hair mousse to add volume instead. It is light and airy so it can give the lift your hair needs instead of holding it down. Hair sprays may also help – just don’t use too much as they may become sticky and clumpy. Experiment with different options and learn how best to style your hair for a thicker looking mane.

8. Work on your diet

A lot of nutrients can help the health of your hair. Two of the most important are zinc and iron: deficiency in either could even be the cause of hair loss!

Check out the Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) for each nutrient and check you’re getting enough. You can get zinc from milk, whole grains, nuts, and poultry while top sources of iron include beans, nuts, and dried fruit. Do not make any drastic dietary changes without consulting a physician.

9. Avoid harmful hair treatments

If your hair is thinning you may think of trying something new to change it up – maybe straightening it out or a drastic new color.

Unfortunately, hair treatments like bleaching or straightening can do more harm than good. Bleaching your hair may strip oils and weaken your hair so try to avoid it, or if you already have a bleached do, try coloring it less often. For regularly bleached heads, check out our guide on how to repair bleached hair. If straighteners are your weakness, make sure you always use a good heat protectant, and again try to do it less often and definitely not every day.

10. Chill out

Easier said than done, but stress can have a lot of negative effects on your body – and your hair. With your flight or fight response kicking in, your body will be working overtime producing extra hormones and these may affect your hair follicles and lead to more hair falling out.

Everyone is different so taking a step back from the stressful things in your life and finding time to focus on what you enjoy can be hugely beneficial for your head and hair.

And there you have it. There is no need to get down about thinning hair, try these steps to get on the right track of learning how to get thicker hair.

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