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Tips for Guys on Dressing Geek Chic

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Guy dressed Geek Chic

Guy dressed Geek Chic

What is Geek Chic?

Although you may have heard the term hundreds of times before, you may still find yourself asking, what is geek chic? Geek chic is a popular fashion style for both men and women that embraces the geeky or nerdy culture while still looking trendy. It takes those stereotypical "geek" looks, such as thick rimmed glasses and suspenders, and blends it with some dressy accessories so that the wearer looks fashionable while still keeping touches of a geekier lifestyle that makes their look more fun.

Do you have to be a true geek in order to dress geek chic? Not exactly. From Justin Timberlake to Johnny Depp, geek chic fashion is all the rage as even the hottest celebrities and heartthrobs embrace their nerdy alter egos. Although this style doesn't require wearers to have a little bit of a geeky side that you aren't afraid to show off, it doesn't hurt to embrace your inner geek locked deep down inside you.

Here are a few tips on dressing geek chic, for those guys out there ready to give it a shot. Whether you are looking to add a little more interest to your style or give yourself a new makeover, geek chic is the way to go for those intelligent guys out there that are not afraid to have fun, and look great doing it.


Geek Chic Celebrity Men

Am I a Geek?

Understanding what it means to be a geek or a nerd can be difficult for those who are unfamiliar with some of the basic characteristics of the two. You may even be surprised to learn that a geek and a nerd are not the same exact thing. Although being a geek isn't essential to dressing geek chic, embracing that geeky or nerdy side, if you have one, just makes this style more fun as you are able to express your interests through what you wear.

The definition of a geek or a nerd varies from person to person. One thing, however, is for certain: a nerd is someone who is intelligent, a little socially awkward, and has an obsession of sorts (this can be a television show, a movie, comic book, etc.), while a geek is the same thing, except for the socially awkward part. Therefore, the biggest difference between a geek and a nerd is that geeks are a bit more social. No wonder there's a fashion style named after them!

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Are you a geek?

Chic Geek Gear

Geeky Accessories

Dressing geek chic can be really easy and really fun, once you understand where to start. The best tip for learning how to dress according to this fashion style for men is to know the most essential accessories. Here are a list of the basic accessories for dressing geek chic:

  • Glasses (thick rimmed or retro style glasses are the best)
  • Shoes (Converse or other plain tennis shoes are perfect, especially in white, tan, or brown)
  • Vest (either a sweater vest or a tailored button up vest)
  • V-Neck Sweater
  • Blazer
  • Tie (either a regular necktie or a bow tie...have fun and don't be afraid to try some crazy patterns!)
  • Jeans, corduroys, or other plain, causal pants
  • T-Shirt (plain t-shirts work but, as you can see from the video to the right, even Hawaiian shirts can be geek chic. Have fun and choose t-shirts from your favorite bands or television shows)
  • Hooded zip up sweaters
  • Suits
  • Fun accessories (check out what stores have to offer. For example, cufflinks that look like computer keys or a calculator watch)
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Geek Chic Model

Geek Chic Model

Dressing Geek Chic

In addition to these accessories, it is important to note that men dressed in the geek chic fashion tend to have neat hair (unless they wear a hat, like the first picture to the right above). They are also clean shaven or have just a little bit of facial hair. Although the geek chic trend is meant to be fun, it is also supposed to look clean cut and modern, which means tucked in shirts and only occasionally torn jeans. When it comes to the fit of your clothes, you want to avoid anything baggy.

Yet another important part of the geek chic look is to keep in mind that layering is the most important. While wearing a long sleeve shirt with some thick rimmed glasses will get you a somewhat geeky look, the best looks that are guaranteed to be recognized as geek chic involve some creativity. Try a collared shirt under a v-neck sweater or a long sleeved t-shirt under a short sleeved one. This is really where those sweater vests and blazers come in handy.

Finally, don't be afraid to use some strange patterns on ties or shirts. Geek chic is meant to be fun so go out there and grab shirts with your favorite logos on them or other shirts with repeated patterns. The second best part of this fashion style, other than how fun you can make it, is the fact that many of the best accessories can be found at low prices at thrift stores. Just make sure that, when layering, you only use one or two patterned accessories so that you don't look too messy.

Now that you have some basic tips for how to dress geek chic, go forth and have fun coming up with your own style!

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