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This is Why Natural Skincare and Haircare are Best For Your Health

Abena is a writer and entrepreneur. In 2016, she took the plunge and moved from the UK to Ghana, West Africa.

All Natural


The Natural Way is Best

Why natural skincare and haircare are the best

Every day thousands of skincare and haircare products are created containing chemicals, fragrances and complicated ingredients lists, making it difficult for the average consumer to navigate through.

While products loaded with heavy chemicals are the conventional way to go for many people, they are harmful and lead to many hitches, including skin reactions and breakouts. As a result, people have protested against companies who produce these products, while others who poorly reacted have sued. Yet, we see more skincare and haircare products, harmful to people and the environment, spring up daily.

The truth is, the beauty industry, a billion-dollar industry, is saddled with companies and individuals who care little or none about their consumers. Therefore, it is only best to keep this in mind and thoroughly research the best and safest products to use.

Reaching the frontline of the best alternative to skin and hair care products heavily loaded with harmful chemicals is the natural route; find out why!

The healthy way

Many non-organic products are made up of phthalates, parabens and sodium lauryl sulfate, which are endocrine-disrupting chemicals. These chemicals can weaken your endocrine, reproductive and immune systems affecting your health in the long run.

Also, natural or organic products are toxin-free. They do not contain harmful ingredients to the scalp and hair and are the safest to use for all skin and hair types, especially for people with itchy scalps or dry or easily irritated skin. The herbal composition of most natural products improves the overall condition of the skin and hair while moisturising them. In addition, most natural products are plant-based with no synthetic ingredients, making them the safest bet for children, pregnant or nursing mothers or people with skin conditions.

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Aside from it being safe to use, it’s safe for the environment! Natural products are mostly made using eco-friendly techniques and contain biodegradable components that do not become concentrated in the bodies of living things that are their immediate surroundings. They also do not harm animals as most are plant-based and do not require animal testing. Therefore, if you are looking for a way to be healthy while keeping your environment safe, look no further than natural.

Nutritional benefits

More recently, many people have started using natural products because of the many nutritional gains and long-term effects they come with. While there are many natural products on the market, most contain long-lasting nourishment from ingredients like fatty acids, olive oil, tea tree oil, peppermint oil, African black soap, vitamin A and E, shea butter, amongst others.

Aside from the nourishment that comes with natural products, they have positive long term results. However, because of the chemical composition of most conventional products, they are very damaging to the hair and skin. While some people may react to these products instantaneously, others lose the texture of their hair or develop skin conditions later.

The anti-ageing factor

Harsh environmental conditions fast track the ageing process in parts of our bodies we leave exposed. Unfortunately, conventional skincare products make this problem worse because they are loaded with harsh chemicals to the skin. These facts are why it’s essential to switch to products that contain anti-ageing formulas that will help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. In addition, natural products are free from phthalates, sulfates, parabens or synthetic fragrances, which is why most anti-ageing contain natural products.


For many people, the best part about switching to natural or using natural products is because they are affordable and accessible. They do not require many processes or ingredients to be made, and most of their components are easy to come by, which affects pricing positively. Most people even give up on conventional skin and hair care in the first place because they are so expensive.

Going the natural way means saving some coins on what otherwise would have been spent on expensive products that would finish in no time.

Give it a try!

Trying something new for the first time can be scary, primarily if you’re used to a particular lifestyle for a very long time. However, the natural way has been tried and tested for decades and has stood the test of time because they have many benefits that outweigh the mainstream or conventional products. In addition, natural haircare and skincare products are affordable and the safest bet for you and your family.

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