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8 Different Styles of Bangs and how to Wear Them



Bangs can change the look of any hairstyle. Choosing the right bangs for your personal style and face shape can complete the perfect haircut. The wrong type of bangs can completely ruin a good haircut or style. Learn the different kinds of bangs and find out which is best for you.

The classic

These are just basic bangs. They are cut straight across. They end just above the brow line. This is a very simple classic looking fringe. This looks great on long faces, oblong shapes, and ovals. The classic style will break up the length in the face which is perfect for any long shaped face. These can be curled under, side-swept, pinned up or to the side.


Blunt bangs

Blunt bangs are cut at the brow line just like the classic. The difference here is that they are cut in such a way that makes them curl inward slightly giving a rounded look. This is an elegant glamorous type of bangs. You will see models in magazines sporting these. Just like the classic fringe, they look best on long faces. They also look good on face shapes with sharp angles like the square shape. The roundness of the bangs helps to soften the harshness of the angles. They can be styled in all of the same ways the classic can but curled under is the most common.


Short bangs

These are bangs that are shorter than the brow line. This style shows off more of the face than the classic. They are often paired with a choppy or wispy look. Heart and oval-shaped faces look great with short bangs. These bangs can be really difficult to style because they lack the length


Long bangs

These are bangs that are longer than the brow line. These bangs look great on oval faces and long faces. These are another type of classy and glamorous bangs. They can be styled in lots of unique ways because of the extra length. These bangs look great in a poof or parted down the middle. They can be worn side swept or curled also.


Angled bangs

angled bangs or asymmetrical bangs are cut in a diagonal shape. Usually starting out really short and one and very long at the other. The degree of the angle can vary depending on the individual. These bangs look great on just about anybody. Their versatility makes them quite popular. They look like side swept bangs without the work of styling them that way. The reason they work for so many face shapes is that they are cut flatter whatever face shape. These bangs are not styled much because they already have a pretty bold look.

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The V shaped

This is a truly unique style of bangs. If you are looking for something different that stands out then you might want to try this style. The truth is that it is not much you can do to style a V-shaped bang differently. You can cut them in different v shapes to go with the contour of one's face or eyebrows. This hairstyle looks best on those with a natural widow's peak and those who have bold personalities. They look styled already so there is no real extra work but you can not really wear them in the many ways most bangs are worn.



This style of bangs is thinner than classic bangs. They look light and flowy. They can be cut angled or straight across. This style is often cut asymmetrical or worn in a curly or wavy style. These can be worn in just about any style but they look especially great worn side swept or with a cute accessory.



These bangs are cut unevenly. This could mean that they are cut at an angle or that they go back and forth between short, long in no particular pattern. Choppy bangs add angles and texture. This is great for round faces. This look is also great for hearts and ovals. Choppy bangs can be a bit more difficult to style because they are uneven but this gives them plenty of versatility without being styled at all.


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rachel on March 13, 2016:

Someone had cut my bangs Too Short what do I do

Mahaveer Sanglikar from Pune, India on May 12, 2013:

Great Hub with beautiful photographs of style-ladies, thank you for sharing.

healthmom on April 23, 2013:

Thanks for the info, I'm trying to get brave enough to do bangs again, after growing out my 90's bangs years ago!

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