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The Best Body Lotions for Dry Skin

Are you looking for an alternative to dry skin? If so, you're in luck. Today, we will look at the best lotions to use for super dry skin. These lotions will hydrate your dull or itchy skin. It will leave your skin glowing and super soft.

The lotions below are the best to purchase. You will love the many choices to sooth your dry skin. Here are the best lotions to add to your skincare regiment.

Necessaire The body Lotion

Fall in love with this awesome lotion. It is a dermatologist tested formula. The lotion is made without too many harsh chemicals. It will leave your skin soft. The product has many nutrients for your skin, such as Omega fatty acids. It also contains cacay. You will love this truly great product. Try adding it to your must-have list.

You can purchase this product on the company website. It is also sold on Amazon as well.


Such A flirt by Victoria Secret

This lotion will leave your skin super soft. It is loaded will many great nutrients to hydrate your dull and dry skin. The lotion has a amazing scent that you will love. It can be used after a shower to lock in moisture for best results.

Unfortunately, Victoria's secret has discontinued the product, but you can find it on eBay and other online websites for a bargain price.


Burt Bees Body Lotion for Dry Skin

Here is another great lotion to sooth your dry skin. It is a must have beauty product. The lotion leaves the skin soft and touchable. The lotion also deeply hydrates your skin. It is specifically made for dry and itchy skin.

You can use the lotion during the summer or winter. Burt Bees is a awesome find for your skincare needs. Check, Amazon for this lovely lotion.


In Shower Body Lotion

Nivea has stood the test of time. This great lotion will open your pores and leave your skin soft and glowing. It adds a huge boost of moisture to dry skin. The lotion leaves your skin soft.

You can find this great product at your local Safeway, Cvs or on You can never go wrong with the Nivea line of beauty products.


Mary Kay Hydrating lotion

If haven't heard of this line of beauty products, you have truly missed out on a great skincare lotion. Mary Kay hydrating lotion does wonders for your skin. The scent is mild and calming.

It best to use this product whenever your skin needs a boost of instant hydration. You can find the lotion on the Mary Kay website.

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Kai Body Lotion

Who can resist the Kai line of lotions? The lotion is made with ultimate high level of hydrating ingredients. Many women love this product. It is cool and soothing to the skin. Indulge yourself with this awesome lotion.


Kiehl's Soy Milk and Honey Body Butter

If you're a avid fan of body butters this cream will add up to your expectations. It is a hard to find great body butter. Many other butters can clog your pores and overwhelm your skin but this product is different. Your skin will look and feel flawless. The cream is light and adds a great boost of hydration from its many great ingredients.

Give this Body cream a try. You won't regret it.


Bella Bear Body butter

This Body Butter gives off a beach vibe. It's great to use in the spring or summer. The scent is very mild. It leaves the skin very soft. Bella bear has a great line of products. You can find their body butters on


Agave Papaya Sunset bath and body works lotion

Bath and body works agave papaya sun set lotion has gotten great reviews on social media sites such as YouTube and

The lotion is known to have a awesome scent. It also leaves the skin soft and touchable. You can see if the lotion meets your skincare needs by purchasing one on eBay or the bath and body works website.


Palmer's Shea Formular with Vitamine E Raw Shea Balm

This product is free of parables, phthalates, sulfates and dyes. It profides twenty-four hour moisture to the skin. Palmers is a good brand for healthier skin. The product has Shea butter, cocoa butter and natural vitamin E.


Aveeno Daily Moisture Lotion

This particular lotion is one of the best for softening the skin. It is fragrance free. Aveeno line of skincare is super awesome, if you're looking to have softer skin. You can always pair with a fragrance lotion for better results. You can purchase the product at your local Target stores.


Avon Candid cream

The cream have been around for a long time. Avon has continued to sell this skin softening lotion. It is great to use for the summer or winter. Candid is a great cream to use for softer skin.


The products listed are truly amazing. With that said, this concludes my recommendations for healthier looking skin. If you enjoyed this article, please leave your comments below. I look, forward to hearing from you.

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