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The Top 10 Sexiest Panty Styles

Rachel Anders is a formal model and fashion enthusiast. She has tremendous insight into current fashion trends and styles.

From the thong to the G-string, this article ranks the 10 sexiest panty styles.

From the thong to the G-string, this article ranks the 10 sexiest panty styles.

What is the Sexiest Panty Style?

Throughout the panty realm, women are afforded a tremendous amount of flexibility in regard to their underwear choices. In their quest to provide options to the consumer, designers have developed a wide array of different fabrics and styles for individuals to choose from. Some of these particular styles, however, have proven to be sexier than others, offering only minimal coverage. From the bikini to the thong, this article ranks the 10 sexiest panty styles currently available on the market today. Its aim is to provide women with greater knowledge of current styles, and to discuss their practicality (for everyday use). Possessing a deeper understanding of the different panty styles that are available is crucial, as underwear is a key component to any wardrobe and plays a major role in amplifying a woman’s comfort and their overall level of confidence.

The Sexiest Panties of 2021

  • Bikini
  • Brazilian Briefs
  • Cheeky
  • Tanga
  • Thong
  • G-String
  • V-String
  • C-String
  • Pearl Thong
  • Crotchless Panties
Bikini panty style (viewed from the rear).

Bikini panty style (viewed from the rear).

10. Bikini

The bikini style is often described by women as a cross between the brief and thong, and was originally inspired by the bathing-suit bottom of the same name. Offering a great deal of coverage to the wearer, the waistband for bikini panties tends to sit in the area between the bellybutton and hip (with the exception of low-rise options). And while this style has relatively high-cut openings in the legs, women are offered a great deal of coverage in the rear without sacrificing its overall “sexiness.” This is augmented further by straps along the side which are quite thin, with fabric in the rear sitting higher on the cheeks. Colors and fabrics for this style are nearly unlimited. Likewise, a string option is also available for women preferring less coverage.

When to Wear Bikini Panties

Due to their moderate coverage and comfort, bikini panties are suitable for just about any occasion. They are highly versatile, and can generally be worn with any outfit. This includes miniskirts, skirts, jeans, dresses, or pants. This is due, in part, to the fact that panty lines will be virtually invisible with this particular style (with the exception of thicker fabrics that tend to show a bit more). With their form-fitting design and moderate coverage, the bikini is easily one of the sexiest panty styles on the market today.

Brazilian briefs (viewed from the rear).

Brazilian briefs (viewed from the rear).

9. Brazilian Briefs

Brazilian briefs are a panty style that is often described as a cross between the bikini and thong. Also known as “Brazilian knickers” by some individuals, this panty style was designed to offer minimal coverage in the rear, while simultaneously sitting low on the waistline. The end result is a sexy panty style that offers the wearer a “cheeky” appearance similar to thongs, but with slightly more coverage. And while this style is generally classified as an “everyday style” due to its comfort, Brazilian briefs are nevertheless an extremely sexy style in the realm of panties. They are well-suited for women who wish to transition (slowly) from bikini briefs to thong underwear.

When to Wear Brazilian Briefs

In general, Brazilian briefs are suitable for nearly any outfit due to their remarkable level of comfort, as well as their lack of visible panty lines (VPLs). This is due, in part, to their wide coverage along the sides and front. As such, they are also an excellent choice for jeans and denim, as their additional layers provide a great deal of protection against the harsh feel of denim against the skin. In spite of this, however, it is important to note that this particular panty style has a tendency to “ride up” when worn for extended periods of time. Likewise, the sides of Brazilian briefs can often be noticed when wearing low-rise jeans and skirts. For this reason, some women are often uncomfortable wearing this particular style. Although some of these issues may be alleviated by proper sizing and fabric selection, they cannot be avoided altogether. Nevertheless, if “sexiness” is your only goal, you can’t go wrong with the Brazilian briefs.

The cheeky (affectionately known as "cheekies").

The cheeky (affectionately known as "cheekies").

8. Cheeky Panties

Cheeky panties (sometimes referred to as “cheekies”) is a sexy style of panties that are often described by ladies as a cross between the bikini and thong. The thong-like origins of this style are clearly evident, as these panties are designed to show a great deal of the lady’s lower bottom (hence their name). Nevertheless, they continue to maintain good coverage, owing to their bikini origins. Ladies will quickly discover that this particular style is incredibly comfortable to wear, due to their thickness along the sides, and support in the rear. They are without a doubt, one of the sexiest panty styles available on the market today and should be a part of every woman’s panty collection!

When to Wear Cheekies

Cheekies are a highly practical (and extremely sexy) style suitable for nearly any occasion. These panties work great with skirts (including miniskirts), dresses, and even jeans (as they provide a great deal of protection against the harsh fibers present in denim). And because they closely follow thongs in the rear, visible panty lines are virtually non-existent with this particular style, making them an ideal choice for tight-fitting attire. With an absence of back panels, you will almost forget that you’re wearing these panties as they seem to almost “disappear” under clothing. Likewise, they can also be worn with low-cut jeans and bottoms, as their low-cut design won’t show above the waist.

Tanga panties (viewed from the front).

Tanga panties (viewed from the front).

7. Tanga

The tanga style of underwear is an incredibly sexy form of panties that are both comfortable and offer a great deal of coverage. Typically described by women as a cross between both the bikini and thong (similar to cheekies and Brazilian briefs), this style was designed to showcase a great deal of the lady’s rear, while simultaneously providing a great deal of coverage to the sides and front. And while they are comparable to the bikini style in many ways, individuals will quickly discover that the front and sides are slightly narrower, resulting in minimum coverage (and exposing a great deal of skin in the process).

When to Wear a Tanga

As one can imagine, the tanga is appropriate for nearly any occasion due to their skin-hugging design that makes them virtually invisible under clothing. As a result, they can be easily incorporated into nearly any outfit, including skirts, miniskirts, and dresses, and tighter pants. Due to their minimal coverage, however, they are not usually recommended for jeans and rougher materials, as additional skin will come into contact with these fabrics (leading to possible irritation). They are also incredibly sexy, and are a terrific choice for ladies wishing to spend an intimate night at home with their significant other. For this reason, the tanga is easily one of the sexiest panty styles available.

The thong (viewed from the front).

The thong (viewed from the front).

6. Thong

In the modern era, thong panties continue to be one of the most sought-after forms of underwear for women. Coming in a wide array of colors, patterns, and fabrics, women are afforded an almost unlimited variety of thongs to choose from in current markets. This particular style is unique in that they look like normal panties from the front. The material quickly narrows, however, to a thin piece of fabric in the rear, sitting in between the cheeks. As a result of this narrowing, waistbands on the thong are typically narrow in their overall appearance, offering only minimal coverage to the wearer. This makes the thong an incredibly sexy (and practical) style of panty.

When to Wear a Thong

The thong is appropriate for nearly all occasions. And while some women find them to be uncomfortable to wear for long periods of time, others find them to be one of the most comfortable styles available. Due to their minimal coverage, thongs are also great at preventing visible panty lines, making them an excellent choice for outfits that are tighter. As such, skirts, shorts, and dresses are all highly-suitable for this particular style. The thong is also great for see-through fabrics, such as white jeans, tights, and leggings. To avoid potential embarrassment though, it is recommended that the wearer should select a thong color that matches their outer layers to prevent it from being visible to others.

The incredibly sexy G-string (viewed from the front).

The incredibly sexy G-string (viewed from the front).

5. G-String

Following many of the same traits as the thong, the G-string offers bare-minimal coverage to the wearer, and is easily one of the sexiest panty styles on the market today. Often labeled by women as the “loin cloth” of the panty realm, G-strings possess only a triangular piece of fabric in the front that connects to a single string in the rear (which sits nicely between the cheeks). To add a hint of “sexiness” to their product, some designers occasionally adorn the back string with tiny bows or silver rings add attract additional attention to your significant other. For ladies seeking a panty style for intimate encounters, few styles are capable of outmatching the sensual G-string in its aesthetically-pleasing look.

When to Wear a G-String

In spite of its bare-minimal coverage, G-strings can actually be worn with a wide variety of outfits as panty lines are almost non-existent with this particular style ( As such, women often incorporate the G-string for form-fitting attire such as tight dresses, miniskirts, leggings, and tights that require a “no-underwear” feel. For rougher fabrics though (such as denim jeans), very little protection is afforded against the fabric, making them an incredibly uncomfortable option for many ladies. As a result, other panty options are a better choice for these kinds of outfits.

The lovely V-string (viewed from the front).

The lovely V-string (viewed from the front).

4. V-String

The V-string is another pair on our list that is incredibly sexy and appealing in its overall style and coverage. Although the terms “G-string” and “V-string” are often used interchangeably by individuals, there are actually significant differences between the two styles. While a G-string forms a triangular shape in the frontal region, the V-string, in contrast, makes a “V-like shape” before connecting to the back string. The rear follows this unique design as well, forming another “V-like shape” in the back. Offering only minimal coverage to the wearer, this particular style aims to provide individuals with a “no-underwear” feel. For these reasons, they are easily one of the sexiest styles available to consumers today.

When to Wear a V-String

As seen with the G-string, the V-string can actually be worn with a variety of outfits (especially tighter-fit attire). For these reasons, they are often incorporated alongside skirts (both regular and mini varieties), short dresses, and shorts. Due to their lack of material, however, they are not recommended for outfits involving rougher fabrics (such as denim shorts, jeans, and pants), as these materials can cause serious irritation to your private areas. Likewise, it is important to note that the V-string is notorious for “riding-up” on the sides, as the string-like waistband is difficult to contain under clothing. For some women, the prospect of this occurring could lead to potentially embarrassing situations and should be considered carefully. Nevertheless, only a handful of panty styles are capable of matching or exceeding the V-string in regard to its sexiness. For this reason, it is easily one of the sexiest styles available to women today.

C-string panties.

C-string panties.

3. C-String

Building on the success of the G-String and V-String varieties, designers sought to create a new panty style designed for “sexiness” and minimal coverage. The end result of their efforts was the tiny C-string; a single-piece style devoid of waistbands, and which tucks effortlessly into the lady’s crotch and bottom region. To date, the C-string is the closest a woman can get to going “commando,” while simultaneously maintaining coverage in the frontal area. The piece is held in place by a curved wire that sits between the cheeks. The end result is an incredibly sexy piece that is both aesthetically pleasing and practical.

When to Wear a C-String

The general purpose of the C-string is to provide ladies with a bare-minimum panty option, while also eliminating all panty lines for their attire. As such, the C-string is an excellent choice for tighter-fit clothes, such as skirts, short dresses, and leggings. Nevertheless, it is important to note that this particular style has maintained radically contrasting views (both negative and positive) from ladies in regard to its overall comfort level ( Some women absolutely adore their C-string, while others downright hate them. One of the biggest reasons for this love/hate relationship is the fact that many women feel as though their C-string could potentially slide off during the day (due to its lack of waistbands). Because this is certainly a possibility, great care should be exercised by individuals seeking to purchase this style, as they may not be appropriate to your particular needs. However, for those seeking a sexy style for intimate nights with your significant other, you can’t go wrong the C-string as your partner will absolutely adore its sexy look and style.

The incredibly sexy pearl thong.

The incredibly sexy pearl thong.

2. Pearl Thong

The infamous pearl thong is a style of “crotchless panties” that are incredibly sexy and revealing. Designed for sex appeal (rather than comfort), the pearl thong is often described as ultra-skimpy and “scandalous” due to its absence of fabric in the front and/or rear. Although they come in a variety of styles and fabrics, their overall look is relatively uniform in the panty realm. The top of these panties usually follow a slim fabric design around the waist that is joined by a string of pearls that connect from the front to the back. The end result is an incredibly unique, alluring, and sensual style that is both elegant and enticing to the eye.

When to Wear a Pearl Thong

The pearl thong is highly impractical for everyday use. They are designed solely for intimate evenings or sexy occasions, as virtually no coverage (or protection) is offered to the lady’s delicate areas. For these reasons, they are generally worn under nighties, “babydolls,” bustiers, and corsets. For even greater visible impact, designers recommend wearing pearl thongs in conjunction with various stockings. When worn correctly and alongside lingerie, individuals will be hard-pressed to find another panty style with as much sex appeal and charm as the pearl thong.

"Peekaboo" panties (crotchless).

"Peekaboo" panties (crotchless).

1."Peekaboo" Panties (Crotchless)

“Peekaboo” panties (which are sometimes referred to as “crotchless underwear”), are an incredibly sexy style renowned for their split front. Exposing a great deal of the frontal region, this highly impractical style offers virtually no support (or coverage) to the lady as they are designed exclusively for “sexy” occasions. The “peekaboo” comes in a variety of styles, including boyshorts, briefs, and thongs. Likewise, a number of fabric options are also available to women, such as cotton, lace, and silk to name only a few.

When to Wear Crotchless Panties

As mentioned prior, the “peekaboo” panty style is best-suited for “sexy” occasions at home (with your significant other). As a style that offers no support or coverage in the front, this style can cause serious irritation of your most delicate areas if worn alongside jeans (or clothing in general). Nevertheless, for women seeking a panty style that is extremely revealing and sexy, crotchless panties are easily the sexiest style available on the market today.

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