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The Well Dressed Man On A Budget


The best place to get started when developed a wardrobe would be dress shirts. Dress shirts are versatile enough that they can be worn by themselves, with a suit or a sport coat, or even with a tie etc. They can suit ( pun intended) many occasions from a date, a night out with the boys, to that work holiday party with the guy who drinks too much and talks even more.

But I digress, If you are unsure of what colors to get started with it always best to go with muted colors. Blue, grey, and white. One of each should suffice. You can find affordable dress shirts at any retailer such as TJ Maxx, Marshall’s, Target, Macy’s etc. For all three shirts you should be paying more than $100. There are plenty of shirts out there that are made by respectable brands that will last you many years of wear. Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger are the brands I wear most. The best part about those brands are they are designer name brand but very affordable when you’re on a budget.

Pants are much easier, all you need to know is your waist size and what colors you want. But I would go with muted colors (shocker). Dark blues and blacks. Usually sone thing made out of cotton or polyester. 3 pairs should suffice as well.

  • 3 Shirts
  • Blue, Grey, White
  • $100 Budget for all 3
  • 3 Pants, Dark Blue and Black

The names Bond... James Bond. When it comes to a nice suit, all of us guys want to look good and most importantly feel good. We all want that killer look like James Bond. When you look good, you feel good, and when you feel good; that breeds confidence. Just like Harvey Specter in the show Suits , you want a suit that fits correctly. When Harvey noticed his associate Mike did not have a proper fitting suit he sent him his tailor.

Step 1: Have your 1st Suit be tailored.

If you do not know what your measurements are (neck, inseam, chest, etc.) it is best to go to a tailor at any department store such as a Macy’s in order to be properly sized for that perfect fit. If you only are going to have one suit, have it be tailored.

Step 2: Colors

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If we’re going with the theme of colors like the last segment then you‘ve guessed right! Muted colors! In this case I would recommend your first suit to be either a dark blue, charcoal grey, or a light grey (like James Bond in the top picture).

Step 3: Price

Suit prices can very but if you want a decent first suit we’re looking at anywhere from 500 to 1,000 dollars. If you want something in the 500 range I would suggest going to a store like a Michael Kors. If you want closer to 1000 and above I would suggest a Macy’s.

  • Tailored
  • Muted Colors
  • $500-1000


This section is going to be super simple. When it comes to shoes don’t mess with the classics. Basic black dress shoes are where you want to be. They go with every outfit and you can never go wrong. It is the one part of your outfit that you never have to think about. You can grab a pair of Cole Han at a Marshall’s or TJ Maxx for around $50. If you’re on your feet all day, try to grab a pair with gel supports.

Next up we have the belt. Any leather black belt will do. Prices can range from $30- hundreds. It’s all about what is in your budget. Make sure the color of your belt matches your shoes (ex. Black and Black).

Finally we have the watch. Now I know not all guys wear a watch but it looks more elegant and classy than checking your phone for the time. You will look more refined and professional in the eyes of colleagues, clients, and even when you go for that next job. Again, it all boils down to budget. $100 is a good starting point. I would recommend a Seiko 5 or a Timex. Both brands offer a classy and sleek look on a steel or leather band with a minimal look .

  • Black Shoes ($50)
  • Leather Black Belt ($30)
  • Watch ($100)

Wardrobe Overview

3 Shirts/ 3 Pants

Blue, White, Grey


1 Suit

Blue,Charcoal Grey,Grey


1 Belt, 1 Pair of Shoes



Watches (Minimalist)

Steel or Leather Band




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