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The Powerful Health Benefits of African Black Soap

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The powerful skincare benefits of African Black Soap

Over the past few years, the skincare community has seen products come and go, from DIY products to natural products, including lemon, aloe vera and coconut oil. However, the rise of African black soap to the holy grail status of skincare is rightfully earned and is here to stay. African black soap (a.k.a Alata/Anago Samina, Ose Dudu or black soap) is an all-natural plant-based antibacterial soap from West Africa. Although the recipes for African black soap vary, traditionally, it consists of palm kernel oil, filtrate of burnt cocoa pod ash and shea butter or coconut oil.

These ingredients are behind the limitless use of African black soap. It can be used to cure body odour, reduce dandruff and the appearance of fine lines and stretch marks, treat acne, blemishes and eczema, amongst many others.

Today, we’ll delve more profoundly into the powerful skincare benefits of African black soap.

Suitable for all skin types

There are thousands of different skincare products and routines because people have diverse skin types and react differently to products. For example, people with a dry skin type are advised to avoid alcohol-based products because they are stripping. However, someone with oily skin would have no problem with such products. These restrictions in skincare products and routines can make the skincare journey challenging to navigate, especially for people new to it.

With African black soap, its ingredient list, free from dye and fragrance, makes it easy for people with dry, sensitive, oily and combination skin types to use while still providing essential benefits.

A safe replacement for most skincare products

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Research suggests African black soap can be the perfect cleanser in one’s skincare routine and provides satisfactory results for its users. It does not leave residue after washing and can be rinsed off with water. In addition, African black soap containing shea butter improves the overall moisture in a person’s skin, perfect for dry skin and even oil skin because it doesn’t disrupt the moisture balance of one’s skin.

Aside from being a safe replacement for your everyday cleanser, African black soap benefits in your skincare routine include treating acne, make-up removal, and acts as an exfoliator, which helps remove dead skin.

Improves skin tone and texture

African black soap contains palm oil and shea butter, sources of vitamin A and E, which helps brighten dull skin and dark spots. It can also help reduce the appearance of scars, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, blemishes, wounds and stretch marks.

In addition, fatty acids in African black soap made with coconut oil or palm kernel oil ultimately reduces blemishes by fastening a process called cell regeneration.

A research survey also found that more than half of African black soap users were satisfied with their treatment of thick razor bumps.

Soothes irritated skin

People with eczema can testify that it can be painful, irritating and embarrassing, especially in visible areas. However, users of African black soap claim it has helped relieve the pain and irritation drastically within a few days. This relief is because it contains natural products that are soothing and hydrating and helps reduce irritation and itchiness of eczema and similar conditions with the same symptoms.

Reduces oil production

As stated earlier, African black soap is suitable for all skin types because of its ingredients list. People with oily skin can use African black soap because it helps reduce excess oil production and cleanses the skin very well without stripping it off its necessary nutrients. More importantly, the oils in African black soap mix well with water, which helps prevent the buildup of fats on the skin, which can clog pores. Clogged pores result in blackheads, whiteheads and acne. Therefore, African black soap is the ultimate fighter for oily skin and helps people with acne!


Before African black soap went mainstream, it was used by West Africans for many centuries and will continue to be used worldwide because its benefits are glaring. From being suitable for all skin types, a perfect cleanser and exfoliator to improving skin tone and texture to soothing irritated skin and reducing oily skin, African black soap benefits transcend a broad spectrum of skincare problems and is here to stay!

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