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The Power and Significance of The Black Aesthetic

Born in London, I currently live and work in Accra, Ghana. I am a writer and creative entrepreneur.

Black Accessories From the Black Company

Black Accessories From the Black Company

Simple and Minimal

When you think of the color black, you think of mourning or sadness, however, historically the color black symbolized opulence, sophistication, elegance, power, and authority. In recent years, the minimalist movement has shifted the color black to a whole new plane. With minimal influencers such as Joshua Fields Millburn & Ryan Nicodemus leading the way in the minimalist movement. They often wear black, grey, or other neutral colors for a simplistic, elegant aesthetic.

Black Minimal Spectacles

Black Minimal Spectacles

Type "Black aesthetic" into Instagram or Pinterest and 100's of images appear. Clean, minimal, seamless images, contemporary and majestic, you drown in a sea of black, so simplistic yet so complex, the depth of the black aesthetic is unfathomable, it conjures up a multitude of emotions, thoughts, and feelings.

The color black signifies strength and power, it is so severe yet so easy on the eye. Modern yet, formal, it offers something youthful, tinged with maturity, its the perfect hue. It pairs well with any color, yet stands out steadfast on its own.

What Does The Colour Black Communicate?
When you wear black, it creates an air of formality and sophistication. Wear black to an important business meeting to create a lasting first impression.

It is a known fact that 62 to 90% of first impressions are dictated by the colors you wear. Colors have a powerful effect on the brain, black evokes feelings of power, mystery, and opulence. From a marketing perspective, black represents boldness, formality, mystery, and luxury.

In Feng Shui, the ancient Chinese method for harmonizing your environment, black is connected to the water element. It represents power, calm, and mystery.

Black accessories promote peace, relaxation, and harmony.

Minimal, elegant black watch

Minimal, elegant black watch

Black Rings

Black Rings

5 Reasons To Wear Black


"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication" - Leonardo Da Vinci-

Simplicity is elegant, sophisticated, and clean. When you observe someone dressed in simple, clean black clothing, it is really difficult to form a negative opinion of that person. The simple style leaves a lasting impression.

Minimalism promotes the idea that happiness comes from eliminating the things that we don't need in life. Whether that be clothing, relationships, or other possessions. Black is a minimal, bold color that speaks volumes in a minimal and stylish way. Choosing to wear black most of the time promotes stress-free, minimal living.

Reduce Decision Fatigue

Mark Zuckerburg and Barack Obama are among the many rich, powerful, and successful people who stick to wearing simple colors. Often dark blue, black or grey. Their reason behind this is the idea that deciding what color to wear each day creates another decision, more work for the brain when they could be focusing on more important, impactful decisions.

As a young, ambitious entrepreneur, thinking less about the colors you pick for each outfit will leave you with more thinking space to make vital, meaningful decisions. Wearing black gives you an air of mystery and sophistication.

Pairs Well With Any Color
We all know that black pairs well with any color, as long as you have a few simple, good quality black staples in your wardrobe as well as accessories, you will always have something to wear. Easy, simplistic, and elegant.

Power and Respect
We mentioned earlier that black signifies power and respect, and that colors influence first impressions significantly. Wearing black will create a bold, positive, powerful first impression.

Final Thoughts

Black is essentially the absence of color, it represents opulence, power, mystery, and respect. Choosing black gives you a powerful, bold edge. Creating a lasting first impression, black is the ultimate choice for people who live a minimal lifestyle. Clean edgy and sophisticated, black is the perfect choice for the young and ambitious.

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