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The Perfect Corset For Your Body Shape

Curves Are Back!

Over the last couple years the corset has seen an increase in popularity. And for good reason, not only are they sexy, they serve a purpose. Corsets are designed to create the ever appealing hourglass figure. For many years now the ideal body shape of a woman has been very thin and tall, it your butt was too big, panic would set in. Size's 0 - 2 became the ideal size, but recently we have seen a shift in the ideal body shape. Curves are back, having a large bum is a good thing, and hips are revered. There are body shaping undergarments to enhance the size of the hips and butt, women are even getting butt implants to increase their bootyliciouness. With a sexy curvy body image being the goal of women everywhere then it makes sense that garments designed to enhance those features are bound to become more popular.

Corsets are popping up everywhere, in all different shapes, style and colors. You have the over bust corset, under bust corset and waste cinching corset, all of which minimize the appearance of the waste line. The under bust and over bust are multi-taskers, they also define the hips and lift the bust, creating the very sexy hourglass figure.

Now, every woman's body is shaped different, but there are different categories of body shapes. The same is true with corsets, different style corsets to suit different body shapes and sizes. Below is a description of different body shapes and what style corset will benefit each one in particular. This will give you the best idea on what type of corset will accentuate your body best.


Sexy Red Sequin Corset with front closure.

Sexy Red Sequin Corset with front closure.

The Straight Body Shape

The straight body shape or average is the most common, close to 50% of all women have the straight shape. This means your hips and bust line are evenly proportionate, you tend to have medium to large breasts and your waist is small but not well defined. You're bottom tends to be flat and you're curvy but it's subtle.

With the straight/average body shape you can wear just about any style corset. If you would like to make your waist a little more defined, then choose a corset that will enhance the bust line, this creates the illusion of a smaller waistline.

If your looking to create a more curvacious appearance then you can purchase enhancers for your hips and fanny. Between the corset accentuating the bust and the hip/bum enhancer, you'll be able to create a more dramatic hourglass figure. But in all honesty, the straight/average body shape is fine the way it is and will look fantastic in any corset you choose without adding any enhancers.

Captivating Jacquad Floral Corset

Captivating Jacquad Floral Corset

The Hourglass Shape

If you have an hourglass figure then your a lucky lovely lady, this is the body shape most women strive to achieve. Your bust and hips are perfectly symmetrical and your waistline is well defined. Most women with hourglass shapes have medium to large breasts and your bottom is naturally round which gives you a beautiful side profile as well. Your upper body is proportionate to your lower body and you have wonderful shaped legs. The hourglass figure is, for lack of a better word, statuesque; perfect and proportionate at every angle. The term buxom bombshell translate to woman with the hourglass figure (not really, but it should be lol).

There are no limits to what the hourglass figure can wear. Virtually anything will look stunning when you wear it and you're often the object of affection and rampant jealousy. But who cares, you look great and it would be a real travesty if you don't accentuate the hourglass figure you're blessed to have. If you're one my lovelies that is on your journey to Find Your Sexy and you've discovered you have an hourglass form, now is the time to experiment. Don't be afraid to show off those curves, you're lucky to have them so don't waste'em. "Show'em If Ya Got'em Ladies"

Tall and Slender Shape

The tall and slender body shape is usually 5'6" or taller, you have average size bust line and no visible curves. This is the body type most runway super models have, tall and lean with a sleek body style.

With the tall slender build it's typical to have a long torso, so you'll want a long boned corset, 16" should be the perfect length to define your waistline and it will give your bust a little extra boost at the same time. You also have the luxury of looking fantastic in form fitting clothes, tube dress or strapless dresses with a belt look very elegent. Another good dressing tip for Tall and Slender shapes is to create a look that has your top and bottom symmetrical while you define your waist. Mix and match seperates or 2 peice sets are great ways to accomplish this look. If you choose a one piece dress or romper then try a wide cinch belt to break it up and define your waist. Another great tip is to wear an underbust corset with a romantic looking blouse or tank top underneath (think reaissance or bar wench). Try to stay away from drop waist items, your torso is long enough, a drop waist item will make it look even longer.

Full Figured

5'6" or smaller

When your full figured with a small stature you have a shorter torso, a large frame wth distinct curves and a large bust, it can be dificult to find slacks that don't drag on the ground, just like a tall pprson has a hard time find slacks that don't flood and look like cropped pants. But when it comes to corsets, you have it pretty easy. Any waist cinching corset will work beautifully.

The point of the corset is to accentuate the bust and hips while it cinchs the waist, well your well endowed in the bust and you have beautiful curves. Most women are looking to minimize the waist and possibly create a look that makes your torso and legs look longer. Try wearing your favorite corset with dark denim that is straight legs and stilettos, The dark straight leg jean will not only look classy and elegant with the stilettos, but the straight leg and heels will elongate the legs, making you look taller. Or you can try a Corset with a skirt , either a pencil skirt or a full length skirt. But so not get wear a mini skirt, if it gets too short you'll look top heavy and mis-proportioned.

5' 6" or Taller

You're Full Figured and Tall and you have visible curve and a large bust, your shoulders and hips are about the same width. You're going to want a longer corset, 16" boned corset, any 12" or longer waist cincher or a underbust midriff corset. Your goal is to minimize the waist and lift the bust. This will give your figure an hourglass silhouette. A long skirt with an ultra sexy slit would acompany these corset styles well, you want your gorgeous legs peaking through and you'll also create the illusion of a slimmer figure. If your skirt is to the floor, try flats, you can't see them anyway and you're already tall. If you want get some cute flats that have sparkles on them or bedazzle them lol (JK please put down the bedazzler).



Short and Petite

For the short and petite stature, usually 5' 3" or smaller with a small body frame and small to average bust size, you're going to want a corset that has a busk of 14" or so and any underbust corset.

You want to create the illusion that your taller, you want to elongate the figure. You're also going to want put some emphasis  on the bust line, wearing a blouse under an underbust corset or say a 10" waist cincher will make your bust appear larger and lifted, as well as cinching the waist giving an instant hourglass figure. Try wearing vertical stripes to make you look taller or if your wearing a dress wear your corset over it, either in the same color as the dress or black, even better if the dress has a short hemline. If your short and petite a long dress can make you look even smaller.  


Pear Shape Body

The Pear shape body is exactly as it sounds, the lower portion of your body is larger than the upper portion. You have an average bust size so you're going to want to give the appearance of a larger bust which will give your shape a more proportionate look. Your goal is to create balance between the upper and lower portions of your body.

A vertical striped slimming corset will elongate the frame and  lift the bust, match it with a pencil skirt for sexy look. Long Line corsets or bustiers are also a good choice,  pair them with a long flowing skirt (black sheer for a seductive look) or any a-line skirt (any long skirt that starts by huggin your curves and flairs slightly gives balance, think boot cut jeans or flairs). Get a long skirt with a slit or a sexy harem skirt so your legs can peek through, this will also slim the hips. Short skirts are not a good choice for pear shapes.

An underbust corset or waist cincher with a romatic flowy blouse underneath it will create a larger bust, which will balance the upper and lower halves of the body. You'll have a beautiful hourglass sillouette, especially paired with a dark shade of boot cut jeans and high heels (sexy stilettos would rock).



Apple Shape Body

 The Apple Shape is tall and short, they are heavier in the mid section and usually have thin legs and ankles. Your goal here is to minimize the mid section. Long bone corsets, 16" of longer are ideal to slim the waist and lift the bust. Many Apple shaped women suffer from a low self image and tend to wear clothes to hide rather than enhance what you have. Don't do this, beauty is not in a size, it's how you represent yourself and who your are. There is no reson just because your big in the middle that you cant rock a sexy corset. Just know what to wear it with and how to wear it.

Stay away from large prints, this only enhances size, go with solid colors. There ae lots of beautiful colors and fabrics available in corsets and bustiers. Try a solid color that has black lace trim or a decorative rose accent. Sweetheart necklines, boat necks and v necks are all good choices, remember cleavage is your friend and draws attention away from the lower half of the body, so emphasis it.  A sexy corset dress will create balance, but not too short, mid thigh or longer look very sexy with the right stockings and heels .

Most important, don't feel self conscious, you are your worst critique and when you feel uncomfortable and not so sexy, it shows and that's not attractive. When you're confident and proud, nothing can take that from you and that is the most attractive of all.

Corsets By Bust Size

Sometimes we choose our Corsets by Bust Size. This is actally a very good idea. How many times have you bought something you didn't try on, only to find when you get it home that your bust size is with too big or too small to fit right? I have sold many items brand new blouses at garage sales or given them to charity cause there is no freakin way I;ll ever get to wear them. It can be a real bummer, especially if you fell in love with it.

When you have a large bust, you're going to want to create lift and add support. A halter corset would had extra support and lift while giving you some amazing cleavage. If you're taller than 5'5" you may want to consider corsets that are 16" at least because when you have a large bust, it tends to lift the top making it a little shorter than someone that has a smaller bust. If you're 5'5" or smaller then 14" corsets will work well.

If you have a smaller bust, then your trying to enhance your bust size. Corsets that have ruffles and other decorative elements on the bust area will create the illusion of a larger bust. If there are decorative accents along the bottom of the corset, like dangling beads and flowers or mesh and lace ruffles it's going to extend the frame making you look taller, so if your also on the shorter side you'll receive optimum results with a corset like that. Something you may want to consider is getting some silicone inserts (no not implants lol). These work really well at enhancing cleavage and you'll really like the appearance you get from utilizing those types of beauty tools. If you have a small bust and your petite, then try a corset tutu dress. Not only will you bust look larger, but the lines of the corset elongate the torso and the tutu will elongate the legs, creating a taller looking you.

The bust is a focal point and to look your best in a corset make sure you pat attention to how yours will appear in a corset. Regardless you'll look great, but it doesn't hurt to implement a few tips so you get the very best look out of your corset.

Which Corset Do You Like?


Little Miss Anon on April 07, 2014:

This doesn't really help anyone much. This is just your idea of what which girl should wear. Not only are some of these not even corsets, but they're all too showy. And it doesn't address women who are larger, which are the main consumers of corsets. This is honestly only oppinionated. A lot of women actually wear corsets under their clothes, believe it or not- And try to actually make themselves look slimmer. The last thing you'd want is to have your corset, especially if it's insanely colorful and showy, like these, accidentally showing. It just says to the world, "Hey! Look at me! I'm self-conscious about my body, and I wear a bodyshaper to hide all of this chub!" It might have been a bit more helpful if you addressed these body types, and where to cinch off more or less. For example, pear shapes may want to get a corset that gives some lift to the breasts, since they are typically smaller, and tighten it lower on the waist, to achieve the hourglass look.

poetryman6969 on December 23, 2013:

Lovely hub.

Anon on March 03, 2013:

What a pile of tosh. If you're going to write an article, here are a few pointers.

1) Get your facts right.

2) Learn to spell correctly and use appropriate grammar.

3) Take this one down. It's rubbish.

anon on November 30, 2012:

This article is bad and you should feel bad. Most of these aren't even real corsets you fashion hack.

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