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The Notebook Dresses and The Notebook Fashions for Men and Women

Kitty went to school for fashion design and merchandising. She loves to design, sew, and create fashion inspired by the past.


The Retro Notebook Fashions

Did you love the romance and sheer beauty that abounded in the movie The Notebook? If you did, then you most definitely also adore the retro fashions presented to us in the movie. Perhaps you are looking for a retro dress like that of Allie's The Notebook dresses or a herringbone retro hat like Noah's...if so, continue on to discover that classy, unique retro 40's fashions for both women and men are not that difficult to find.

Whether newly made or authentic vintage, The Notebook fashions are out there and ready for you to put them on and be transported back in the 1940s setting of The Notebook.

Notebook Dresses and Fashions for Women

First of all, I can't stress enough how wonderful is for gorgeous, unique retro dresses. If you check this website out and are in search for that beautiful light blue shirt-waist dress that Allie wears in the movie (in the famous rain scene), then check out modcloth first and foremost. You are bound to find a dress very similar to the notebook dresses at this wonderful website. Keep in mind that modcloth's clothing are not true, authentic vintage pieces...they are in fact vintage reproduction or vintage-styled dresses.

Check out the blue plaid, retro 40's two piece bikini above. This is from Amazon and is so close to Allie's red swimsuit from The Notebook, it isn't even funny! Though it's not red, the pattern is almost the same and the style is that of the classy 1940s. This swimsuit looks like it stepped off a scene right out of The Notebook. If you're looking for The Notebook fashions, you want to think RETRO always.

A great place to find more retro-style pin-up dresses (similar to Allie's dresses in The Notebook) is on Amazon, believe it or not. Folter Clothing, Bettie Page Clothing, and Living Dead Souls are all hot brands to find pin-up dresses. These pin-up dresses are based on vintage fashions of the past and therefore are very similar to The Notebook dresses. Simply go to Amazon and search for "pin-up dresses" and "vintage dresses" and a whole myriad of options will pop up.

Another great look of The Notebook fashions is the red jumper that Allie wears earlier on in the movie (pictured here). Vintage jumpers and jumpsuits are a little more difficult to find, but not impossible. Check out the adorable hand-made retro pin-up sunsuit that I found on A little pricey at $198 a pop; however, this will be a retro romper that you will want to wear all summer long! Not to mention, it looks just like something that Allie would have worn on set of The Notebook. A perfect piece to The Notebook fashions. You'll also want to check out and for similar bombshell 1940s retro dresses like that of The Notebook dresses.

To achieve a classic 1940s look like Aly's in The Notebook, you'll want to hit up your local vintage boutiques and thrift stores. You'll almost always find a cute 1940s dress or top at your local vintage store, but it will be more difficult to find these pieces at thrift stores nowadays (as vintage is very popular). Also keep in mind if you're good at sewing, another option is to recreate vintage pieces by using vintage patterns and retro fabrics.

Beautiful Repro The Notebook Dress (style) by Jitterbuggin'

Button down shirts, khaki pants, and retro hats complete the Ryan Gosling Notebook look.

Button down shirts, khaki pants, and retro hats complete the Ryan Gosling Notebook look.

Ryan Gosling's look is classic and classy.

Ryan Gosling's look is classic and classy.

Ryan Gosling's Fashions for Men

Aside from Allie's adorable 1940s dresses, rompers, and swimsuits, what about men that want to get that cool, rugged 1940s style of Noah's? No problem, guys. You can look just as hunky and old-fashioned as Noah does in The Notebook. You can indeed acquire classic, cool looks straight from The Notebook fashions.

Check out all vintage websites for 1940s and 1950s work-pants and slacks. They are very easy to find on etsy and also on ebay. You can also look in your local thrift stores and consignment shops for authentic vintage trousers. Just make sure to check them over for stains or tears before purchasing.

To get The Notebook fashions right down to Noah's hat, jump on Amazon and do a search for herringbone fitted flat hats. The scala wool tweed fitted flat hat below is perfect to get Noah's Notebook look.

You'll also want to get some button-down work shirts and flannel shirts to mimic Noah's Notebook fashions.

Keep in mind, just because you're looking for The Notebook fashions doesn't mean you have to tell your friends that you like the way Noah dressed in the don't ever have to mention you've even seen the movie at all! We ladies want you to look cool and rugged, just like Noah, without you having to lose your it'll be our little secret.

Jump on and other vintage websites, as well as for a more rockabilly look that is classic 1940s.

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© 2011 Kitty Fields


Kitty Fields (author) from Summerland on January 07, 2012:

Thanks, pmccray, I agree! :)

pmccray on December 29, 2011:

I love the movie and the fashion. It was a more feminine coy, sexy time when less was more. Excellent hub, interesting subject matter. Thank you for sharing, voted up, marked interesting

Kitty Fields (author) from Summerland on December 29, 2011:

Eddy - Yes, as I told Nell, you must watch this movie. It is beautiful, though somewhat sad too. Great fashion ideas. Thanks for reading.

Eiddwen from Wales on December 29, 2011:

Hi I really enjoyed this one and even though I was never seen in a dress (not now or in my younger years) I did enjoy this read. I haven't seen the film either but will make a point of finding it now.

Take care and enjoy your day.


Kitty Fields (author) from Summerland on December 28, 2011:

Nell - You must, must, must see the movie! You would love it. Sounds like you had an adorable handbag...I love the box handbags from the 40s. Thanks for reading & sharing. :)

Nell Rose from England on December 28, 2011:

Hi, I have never seen the film, but I love the clothes! I remember back when I was a teen we went through a forties stage, and to this day I remember my box handbag and forties skirt with great affection, wish I could find that handbag again! loved the swimsuits, pity I wouldn't look very good in them now! lol!

Kitty Fields (author) from Summerland on December 28, 2011:

Thanks, Little Light! You're always so kind. I agree, awesome movie, awesome book (I'm reading it right now), and awesome clothes!

Lilly May Rose from Australia on December 27, 2011:

This is a great Hub. I love 'The Notebook' and the fashions of the time. I also love discovering unique dresses. Thanks for the tips!

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