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The Most Affordable Beauty, Health, and House Tips

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Hola! So you want to be beautiful and your broke? Well, I have news for you. Here are some tips to follow to help make you, a more beautiful you.

1. To make your hair shinier, try washing it with eggs or beer. I suggest putting some fragrance with this as the egg smell may last for a couple of days... and that's not super attractive.

2. Eat strawberries which are natural fruits that whiten your teeth.

3. Mix hydrogen peroxide, a dash of toothpaste, and baking soda together to make a paste, that you can store in a container, to help make your teeth whiter and to remove pesky stains.

4. As for exfoliating, try mixing olive oil with sugar then add a scent to the mix. You want to have enough sugar with the oil so that you can spread it on your skin, preferably for your hands and feet. I suggest adding a touch of vanilla from the cabinet, adding pumpkin spice flavoring, or lavender as these three smells are considered the most alluring by men.

5. Sleep on your back instead of your side. This will help prevent wrinkles on your face as well as keep your breasts staying perky.

6. Wash your fingernails in lemon juice, which will help strengthen them and clean them to make them appear whiter.

7. When going to bed wrap your hair in silk which will give it a more lush look in the morning.

8. Sleep with a towel on your pillow as the absorbent powers of the towel will help reduce acne and other bacterias.

9. Consider the drinks in your life. Avoid sodas, especially with caffeine as this can upset your heart. Also, drinking several sodas a day easily adds weight. Alcohol dehydrates you which can lead to wrinkles and other problems with your liver. Men have more compatible body chemistry for alcohol than women.

10. Eat anti-oxidants that can be found in chocolate, blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, and green tea. And some fish.

11. If outside ,make sure to wear sunscreen. This will help prevent having sunburns, which age you skin and can lead to one of the most common and fastest spreading cancers.

12. Clean your make-up brushes and utensils with warm water and baking soda under the sink. If you end up having eye infections, throw out mascara and buy a new set.

13. When using contact solution, make sure to read all the directions. The kind with hydrogen peroxide can make your contacts last significantly longer, but you need to rinse the contacts with the solution before your place them in the container with the solution.

14. If you are feeling sick, there's a number of remedies involving olive oil. Olive oil can help with ear infections, upset stomachs, your skin, and a number of problem areas. If you feel as though you are having a minor stomach problem, I suggest drinking a cup of olive oil and then a cup of cranberry juice.

15. Pepto Bismol helps soften the skin. You can use it as a cheap facial mask.

16. If you end up with a blood stain on your clothes, the easiest way to remove it is with cold water and repeatedly rubbing the stained area.

17. Flexing your toes can help ease pains in your back.

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18. If you have an eye infection, make sure to get plenty of rest, have Advil or another drug, and place a dry cloth over your eyes. This should reduce the time of having an infection.

19. Use hydrogen peroxide on minor wounds so as to prevent scarring.

20. If you have a burn, use egg whites as a paste and put them directly on the burn.

21. Take an Earl Grey tea bath to smooth out your skin.

22. Gargle hot salt water and drink lemon juice to clear your throat. Pull on your tongue as though you're trying to remove your tongue. Avoid coughing as much as possible as this spreads the germs around your throat. Seek medical attention if you suspect you have strep throat as you will need antibiotics... strep can go to your heart.

23. Stretch ten minutes in the morning and at least another ten at night before you go to bed.

24. Try practicing meditation and prayer to have better focus with your emotions and thoughts. Listen to music that is soothing, such as soundtrack music, and that is not too pushy with words.

25. Give your eyes a break from so much electronic stimulation and try looking away at farther distances. Your brain can stimulate more activity in thirty minutes of staring at a blank wall vs. staring at a television for thirty minutes.

26. Use baking soda, vinegar, and bleach to clean throughout your house. Use it to clean the bathroom, kitchen, or other surfaces. You don't need to spend too much money on cleaners. Vinegar works great on floors and windows; use old newspapers to wipe off streak marks on windows. Place baking soda in a jar and place it in areas where you may have a funky smell. Baking soda on a sponge helps remove gunk off dishes.

29. To remove candle wax stains, place a piece of thin cardboard, or the paper from a grocery bag, over the stain, such as on the carpet, and place a hot iron over the paper. This will absorb the wax into the paper.

30. With groceries buy fruits, vegetables, meats, and other natural products rather than processed boxed food that you can spread out over the week. This will keep you healthier with fresh food and will help save money.

31. Use vinegar in your dishwasher if you run out of dish soap.

31. Pour baking soda into the litter box after cleaning it. This will help reduce the smell around the house.

32. To dry wet towers faster, throw in a couple of clean towels into the load to draw out the moisture of the wet ones.

33. Keep your lips moist throughout the day. Use chapstick or lipgloss to prevent them from being chapped. There are many homemade kinds that you can experiment with.

34. Use a humidifier to remove toxins in the house and clean out the filter.

35. Drink water often, but don't over do it and corrupt your electrolytes.

When it comes to sprucing up your house, try to schedule it out. If you clean a little bit each day, the chores will get done. So when you get home, try cleaning for like 15 minutes a day. Give yourself projects to do around the house. Don't be overwhelmed by the fact that there's always something to do... unless you hire a maid, but that's not cheap.

Clean one room at a time. As you clean, realize what you can cut down. Sometimes we hoard things, and it is a good idea to donate, throw away, and recycle things you are not using. The good thing about cleaning is often find things that are good for you like money, gift certificates, or cards your friends sent you. So make an effort to spruce up your home into something comfortable. Really know your home before you go out and buy cleaning supplies. Try to buy cleaning supplies in bulk so that you don't have to buy them often.

When you clean, meditate on what you are doing. Don't clean anxiously and upset. Do it calmly. It is a blessing that you have a shelter that you can call home. So enjoy what you can, and don't angry clean because that usually doesn't give you the best results... and could bother those that live with you.

© 2013 Andrea Lawrence

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