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The Lowest Cost Spa Facial


Most people want beautiful, soft, smooth skin. The amount of information available to achieve this is so vast. Just walk down the aisle of the beauty and skincare section in the department store, and there are hundreds of products to choose from. Some of these products are probably amazing, but there are times when money is tight. Should you settle for rough, dry skin because you don’t have any money? I don’t think so. Follow these steps for a supple, kissable face.

What You'll Need:

Face Brush


Hot Water



Petroleum Jelly (optional)

Step 1: Dry Skin Brush

The first step is to gently exfoliate your face. A boar bristle brush that is designed for the face is perfect for this because these types of brushes are softer. Before washing and while your skin is still dry, use tiny strokes on the skin of your face. Make sure all the strokes are upward strokes. Start from the chin. Brush around the mouth and use upward strokes on the nose. Work your way up the cheeks and the sides of your face. When you get to the forehead, do upward strokes to the hairline.

Step 2: Face Wash

After you have finished dry brushing your face, you want to immediately cleanse the skin. Use any type of cleanser that does not irritate your skin. The choice is yours and it does not need to cost a lot of money. Lather your face with small, circular motions of your fingers and then rinse thoroughly with warm water.

Step 3: Wet Hot Steam

Take a cheap, clean washcloth and cut a hole in the middle of it for your nose. This hole is for you to breathe through during the next step. Prepare a place to lay down and relax, with a comfortable pillow for head and neck support. Wet the washcloth with hot water to tolerance. You don’t want it to burn your skin, but you do want it to be hot. Lay down on your back, and place the wet, hot washcloth on your face. Relax with it on there until the washcloth cools down. If you have allotted a lot of time for this, you can reheat the cloth and relax more.

Step 4: Moisturizing

Remove the wet washcloth. At this point, the skin on your face will begin to air-dry. Don’t rub or pat it dry with a towel. Grab your favorite face lotion for the next step, which is moisturizing the skin. Most people will pour lotion into their hands, rub the hands together, and then roughly rub the lotion into the face. This is the wrong way. What you should do is place about a teaspoon of lotion in the palm of your hand. Then with the other hand, spread the lotion onto the face as if you were gently frosting a cake. It will seem as if you have too much lotion on your face, which may be true, but something amazing will happen. Your skin will absorb more of the lotion in areas where it needs more and absorb less in the areas that don’t need it. After letting the lotion melt into your skin for a few minutes, dab the excess off with a tissue.

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Bonus Step: Kissable Plump Lips

After doing this facial, you may have skipped your lips. You want soft, smooth lips, too. Wet the washcloth with steaming hot water, fold it into a little bundle, and place it onto your mouth so that both lips are completely covered. The washcloth should be wet but not dripping. Hold it there for a few minutes until the lips feel plumped with water. After taking the washcloth off, immediately spread lotion onto your lips. Then seal in the moisture by applying a thin layer of petroleum jelly onto the lips.


After doing this low-cost facial, your face will be supple with a healthy glow. Some time in the future, you may want to splurge on expensive skincare products, and that’s okay. But with this method, you’ll achieve amazing results, knowing that you don’t have to spend a lot of money. You can have a personal spa day with items that you have in your home.

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