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Rolex Watch Oyster Perpetual and the History of the Brand


The Rolex watch have been in existence since 1905. The company officially became Rolex brand name in 1908. In 1926, the Rolex brand produced watches that were water and dust proof. The brand named the watch collection Oyster which later became Oyster perpetual.

They were the first company to make 360 winding rotor on watches. The company founder died in 1960. His brand is now run by a private trust called Rolex SA.

Early achievements of the Rolex

Rolex watches are mechanically produced. The manufacturer was the first watchmaker to earn a chronometer certificate in 1910. The brand was also the first to produce a automatically changing date on a wrist watch in 1945. By 1954, the company became the first to produce a watch that featured two time zones at once (Rolex GMT Master).

A year earlier the brand also produced the case waterproof 100m (330f) Rolex Oyster Perpetual Submariner. The brand other notable creations include the Air King and the Rolex Sea Dweller.

The Rolex watches Today.

The manufacturer is now under the Rolex and Tudor brands. Forbes magazine named Rolex as one of the most expensive luxury watches in the world. Many high profile individuals have sported the expensive timepiece. These individuals include actors, sports players, models, singers, rappers and politicians.

The Rolex watch is a very unique timepiece. It is why it is so highly valued. The brand have become the symbol of luxury and style. The watches can be worn for any occasion since their are so many variations available to the buying public. You don't have to be a public figure to own a Rolex watch however you must be able to afford the luxury timepiece. The timepiece range in price.

There are various collection to choose from. A new collection just came out last year and it is receiving great reviews. The watches features many great perks that watch collectors everywhere would want to own.

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If you are a fan of the luxury timepiece, try buying one at your earliest convenience. These kind watches are beautiful and timeless.

Where to Buy Rolex Watches

Rolex watches can be bought online at luxury watch stores or on the company's website. You can purchase great Rolex watches on sites such as Amazon and EBay although you must be careful to not buy a fake timepiece. These two super stores sell all kinds of things including luxury watches. You may be able to find a great bargain or deal on sites such as EBay and Amazon.

If you live in the United States you can purchase a Rolex from a high end Jewelry store in your state or local area. The watches range in price from a few thousand to several million dollars. The Rolex is sold all across America and in all fifty states. Check your local listings for information about where to purchase the timepiece.


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