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The History of the Modern Sweater and Where to Find the Best Deals


Young children wear them and so do their grandparents. College girls choose them, and contemporary women collect the garment like gemstones. Sweaters have become a girl's best friend. Men even love sporting the fashionable attire.

The sweater has been existence since the dawn of the twentieth century. Fashion turned into the symbol for the stylish sweater. During the 1920s, sweaters became known for more than just a article of clothing for one to feel warm in. By 1926, Lanyin's design made sweaters even more popular. The sweater came beaded and furred. The neckline reached the chin, and some sweaters stood off the shoulders.

In 1940, people put on sweaters oversized.

Schiaparelli is best noted for producing the dressmaker sweater while Chanel is best established for making the everyday poor man's sweater.

During the 1930s, the British started the twin set movement that became known. In America, during the great depression, American school girls wore their cardigan sweaters backwards to create a unique fashionable look. By 1935, the tight-knit sweater became the current trend until World War II.

The Changing Tide

Over the many decades pattern sweaters went from bulky to fitted. During the 1940s, a well known designer created beaded sweaters with linings of silk and fur. His sweaters became immensely popular with rich consumers. The designer sweaters later became a staple for working class folks by the 1950s.

The black turtleneck pull over was originally worn by bohemians but later rose to significance after movie starlet Audrey Hepburn started wearing it in her films.

Bulky sweaters were the look of the 1950 and 1960s. By 1970s, flat knit sweaters became immensely popular. Nylon sweaters were also prevalent during this time period. The sweaters of the 1960s and 1970s were Italian inspired. It was created with fluffy mohair and was loosely knitted. The item was also made to look larger in size with a shoulder turtleneck collar and detailing.

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Manufacturers today are coming up with new styles to meet popular demand. The distinct styles range from the unique look of crochets to the modern cashmere sweater. The Hoodie have also become part of the new fashion phenomenon and so has sweater dresses. Men usually sport hoodies as a dress down look while working women wear sweater dresses for a more formal dress option.

Sweaters have become a staple garment. It is worn by individuals from all over the world and from all walks of life. People love sweaters. It is truly a treasure and fashionable item.

Where to find the Best Deals

The best place to find great sweaters are at online stores such as Forever 21, and Amazon and EBay offer great deals on sweaters as well. Stores such as Walmart and Gap are also great places to find wonderful sweaters for your fashion needs.

With that said, this concludes my article on the history of sweaters and where to find the best deals. Please, feel free to leave a comment below. As always, I look forward to hearing from you.


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