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The History of Victoria's Secret

One of the many elaborate stores

One of the many elaborate stores

Victoria's Secret Company Logo

Victoria's Secret Company Logo

Who is Victoria's Secret?

They are THE leading retailer of lingerie and intimate apparel, with more than 1,000 locations across the United States. And more recently, some in Canada.

A Brief History

Once upon a time there was a poor guy Roy Raymond who just wanted to get his wife some lingerie and hated shopping in lingerie stores because they were awkward for men. He started his own company, then jumped off the Golden Gate Bridge. Thus, Victoria's Secret was founded!

Most likely, we don't know, that the company was started in the 1970s and was originally designed as a place for men to shop in a comfortable Victorian boudoir essence. (That was designed to basically look like you walk into a closet to shop, and the stores today still maintain some of that original appeal.) In 1982 Limited Brands acquired the thriving company. (Not without some controversy, of course, to uphold the definition of business.)

Today the company is doing very well and continues to be the top seller of lingerie in the world with almost 5000 million USD in sales.

Model's for Victoria's Secret

Bio-Fit Launch

Bio-Fit Launch

Victoria's Secret Bra and Underwear Collections

  • Victoria's Secret PINK
  • Cotton Lingerie
  • Very Sexy
  • Angels by Victoria's Secret
  • Body by Victoria
  • Glamor by Victoria's Secret
  • Incredible Bra
  • The Lacie
  • Bio-Fit Bras
  • The Lacie
  • The Nakeds by Victoria's Secret
  • Classic Push Up
  • Secret by Victoria's Secret
  • The Bombshell Bra
  • Gorgeous Collection
  • Incredible
  • Sexy Little Things
  • The Showstopper
  • VSX (Victoria's Secret Sport)
  • Amazing
  • Desire
  • Unforgettable
  • VS Knockout
  • Fabulous by VS
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2010 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show


Victoria's Secret has long since offered an amazing array of scents. Many of them have gone on to win top fragrance awards.

  • Sexy Little Things Noir
  • Sexy Little Things Noir Tease
  • Bombshell
  • Dream Angles collection (Heavenly, Desire...)
  • Incredible
  • Rapture
  • PINK Fragrances
  • VS Fantasies
  • Rapture
  • Very Sexy collection
  • Body by Victoria
  • PINK
  • Pink Collections
  • Gorgeous
  • For Him
  • For Him2
  • Incredible
  • Love is Heavenly
  • Victoria's Secret ANGEL
  • Victoria's Secret ANGEL Gold
  • Seduction

Victoria's Secret Makeup Artists

A Day In The Life Of A VS Model


Winsome from Southern California by way of Texas on December 11, 2010:

Ok where is the video with the models? Hi LL-- Did you know that they are going to open their first store outside North America in Kuwait? Don't you think that will just make Iraq want to invade again? =:)

Lydia McCarter from The Murder Mitten on December 08, 2010:

I adored this article, I love hearing the history behind things. Thanks for a good read.

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