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The Gillette Gillettelabs Heated Razor Travel Kit Brings The Heat To Men’s Shaving


Taking It To The Face

Shaving may be a lot of things but it is kind of pushing it to call it “fun.” After all the idea of taking a sharp blade and pressing it against one’s face hard enough to tear off surface hair doesn’t exactly scream a good time. And when you consider that surgeons first had their backstory in barbers whose spinning swirl of red in a barber pole signified a certain bodily guild that best is kept inside the skin and not out — then again there’s no fun involved in shaving as we see it. But because not every man wants facial hair, shaving is pretty much a necessity. Sure back in the early 20th century you could drop in on a barber (who used to get haircut orders weekly even), and they guy would grab a single edge blade, sharpen it up and then do the honors — followed by the ubiquitous hot towel. But long as we do for the “shave and a haircut, two bits,” that just isn’t happening. So technology and brains and corporations stepped in to offer two things: disposable razor blades and electric shavers. The latter does a fair job but by its nature can’t really get in and “bite” the skin hard. As for disposable razors, there’s the dance between how many uses go from a sharp blade to a dull one, which often results in cuts and cusses from the recipient. And that’s even when shaving cream has been applied, which is not often done with electric razors but pretty much has to be done with razors. Now since a blade does a better job in the eyes of many men, how to improve upon the workings of the disposable razor blade. Gillettelabs looks too have come up with the answer with their Gillette Gillettelabs Heated Razor Travel Kit.


Getting A Handle On Shaving

To start, the handle is cordless — hence there’s a rechargeable battery inside — but doesn’t have such a weight as to make it problematic to use with one hand. The purpose is not to vibrate the blades but to provide heat for softening the skin against shaving cream and increasing the removal of facial hair. Around 20 minutes of heat will be generated, once an initial charge of about 6 hours has been met — remember this is not an electric razor but a “straight” razor using disposable blades that provides its own heated use. To make charging simple, as well as provide a space for keeping the razor safe and available to use, a charging dock is employed which plugs into a wall outlet and has a magnetic grip for holding the razor properly upright once placed down. Pulsing LED light notes proper placement and that charging is in progress.


The Steps To A Heated Shave

There are three steps for using this razor, with the first being to place one of the disposable blade cartridges into its top. This is simply accomplished by sliding one on and using an ejector button to let you remove it when it’s time.

The next step is to set the temperature that you want the razor to heat up to — there are two choices with the first being default and the second actuated by additional pressing of the on/off button, with different LED colors noting what temperature has been selected. The razor, btw, remembers the last setting chosen.

The final thing is to turn on the razor’s heating cycle by using the on/off button and then waiting as the LEDs indicate it has reached the desired temperature. Then, with shaving cream having been applied, the razor makes its way across the contours of the face to remove facial hair (the actual process is obvious to anyone who shaves and need not be gone into here). About the only real consideration — besides the obvious fact that the razor can handle moisture/water for washing it off between strokes, use in the shower, etc. — is that after a number of shaves the blade will need removing so as to replace it with a new one (the kit includes 2 disposable blades and more can be acquired from Gillette as would be expected). For those traveling, a case for such use is available as an option.

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And One Last Step

The real final step is to evaluate the value of using the Gillette Gillettelabs Heated Razor Travel Kit. As one who shaves with a razor, we can attest that the heated razor contacting the skin against shaving cream makes for a shave that is closer and leaves the skin smoother while reducing the risks of nicks and cuts. Remember that you’re the one gliding the razor along, so you can’t blame it for not taking your time so as to getting a close shave (although the enhancement of a flexing of the blade to accommodate the contours of the face aids in this). The arguments between electric shavers and razors may never be settled, but that a better shave results from adding heat to the equation is unquestionable. Plus the razor looks pretty cool too. For more details, go to

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