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Dave Temple Brings Vintage Glamour to Culver City, California

L.A.'s Vintage Clothing Scene Is Beginning A New Chapter

Vintage pin

Vintage pin

Peach floral bedjacket

Peach floral bedjacket

Pink Chanel-esque jacket with striped blouse, pink scarf and pink rose pin.

Pink Chanel-esque jacket with striped blouse, pink scarf and pink rose pin.

Clothes From The Past Still Have Relevance

I love vintage clothes, which can be problem since I'm a modern girl. "Why is that a problem?," you might ask. It is because I don't wear old things to recreate the past but to help create my own style. A polyester shirt, from the 1970s, isn't a precious antique it's a separate to be worn with my skinny jeans. This ideal doesn't change the fact that I read "Vogue" every month and know who Rodarte and Erin Featherston are it just means that I see just as much chic in a $1 top as a $3,000 dress. Acquiring vintage does that to you, it makes you less of a snob and more of an aesthete. On June 11, I visited a place that allowed me to immerse myself in a specialized environment dedicated to vintage clothing and accessories, "Helm's Design District Vintage Boutique."

A Different Way To Do Vintage:

Dave Temple, owner of "Clever Vintage Clothing" started it in 2010 at "Light Space Studio" in Culver City, California. In the past, before "H.D. Buttercup" took over this spot, Lee Bixler created antique paradise with a collector's mart of his own. Ever since his death I've felt Helms and Venice has been awaiting a new vintage mecca. Organized into a flowing series of dealer spaces artfully displayed with luxurious goods by "Vintage Blue Moon," "Lorimarsha," "Rockstar Vintage Couture," "re-threads," "Renee Vintage Designs," "Vintage City Eyewear" and others this combination "pop-up shop" combination designer mart showroom espoused one beautiful philosophy, "quality garments for serious collectors."

Looking around on the day I stopped by I fell in love with an orange and green checked circa 1960s wool coat, a 1940s lucite purse, a group of print scarves, a re-designed straw hat and a pair of circa 1950s strappy gold high-heeled sandals.When I seemed less that enthusiastic about the high price tags one of the dealers told me, "On August 13 we're having a nothing over $50 sale." I was overjoyed to hear that since my love for vintage might be boundless but my bank balance isn't.

Changes In The Vintage Scene:

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Written up on July 19 in the "L.A. Times' Image" section as a "niche trend that's gone mainstream" the vintage scene has changed significantly since I started collecting and wearing it in the early 1980s. Back then you could go to thrift stores on Melrose and buy 10 scarves for $1, dead stock (never-been-worn) 1960s shoes for $5 and floral hats for $1.50. Now you'd be lucky to find a "Vera" scarf for $10. Sadly those days are gone and bargains like that are few and far between.

Is it still worth collecting if that's the case? Yes, because when else can you actually own something that you won't see on anyone else?


1) "Helm's Design District Vintage Boutique," is at "Lightspace Studio" on 8755 Washington Blvd., Culver City, CA. 90232. For more information please contact Eventbrite at

2) "Clever Vintage Clothing," is at 117 W. 9th St., #918, L.A., CA. 90015. For more information please call 310-650-8357. Open by appointment.

It's Time To Collect Your Own Vintage Clothing Memories

Enjoy A Day Surrounded By Things From The Past

Finding Tomorrow's Heirlooms in Culver City, CA.

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