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The Future of Sustainable Designer Fashion

What's not to love about designer resale? Amazing vintage pieces, MUCH cheaper prices, keeping clothes out of landfills, and so much more! More recently, specific websites have been made that are fully dedicated to reselling high-end, designer pieces. Bella Hadid, a vintage Depop QUEEN, has been able to scavenge the resale site for the most unique and stunning vintage pieces.

But the one person who doesn't benefit from the resale of designer items, is the designer themselves. So, many brands have decided to take that and turn it around. Gucci, Valentino, and Oscar de la Renta have each started selling their OWN vintage pieces on their OWN websites. And my personal prediction? More and more designer brands are gonna start doing this. And I think this for a variety of reasons:

  • Returning styles
  • Sustainability
  • Better appearance in the public eye
  • Upcycling
  • Profit
  • Campaigns

And the list could go on! By selling their own vintage pieces, designer brands will be able to fully profit off of products (as they've already been sold before), create new campaigns, support climate change, and give themselves brownie points in the eyes of fellow sustainable shoppers. Most of all, they can sell returning styles without having to create new products. Trends are always resurfacing, either in the same way or in new ways, and by reselling their vintage pieces these designers will be able to keep up with resurfaced trends, and save money.

Non-designer brands have also began reselling their own used pieces, and it's an amazing way to reduce their carbon footprint. I totally recommend looking into the resale of vintage designer pieces, whether that be through a brand's own site, or on sites like TheRealReal, Vestiaire Collective, FWRD, Fashionphile and more!
If any of you have ever bought vintage designer clothing, shoes, or accessories from any of these sites, comment below what you got! And if you hadn't had the chance to check these sites out yet, comment below a wishlist item you hope to find on them!

Until next time sustainable fashionistas!

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