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The Fountain of Youth, Secrets to Stay Young Forever


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Humankind has always been in the search of the Fountain of Youth which restores the youth of anyone who bathes in it or drinks its water. Is not it amazing?

As we age our skin starts getting dull, dry and wrinkled. The glow of the youth starts to fade away.

So, the long search for the Fountain of Youth is not a fatuous one. Who would not like to be young and beautiful again? But Is it really possible to restore the youth?

Well, the answer is "Yes" if you really want and desire. The long hunt for the water of the Fountain of Youth led mankind to many other discoveries which indeed can restore the youth and slow down the further aging.

Your skin is the basic indicator of your age, and if your skin is fresh, glowing, and free from wrinkles, blemishes and fine lines, then it is called the 'Youthful Skin'.

Now the question is how can we do this? The answer lies within this article. If you adopt a healthy lifestyle and adopt certain habits then you can surely delay and slow down this process of aging.

Following is some tips and secrets to defy age and stay young for much longer.

Exfoliate your skin

Exfoliate your skin

Exfoliate your skin

Exfoliation is a process of cellular turn over of our skin. When we are young, our skin turns over very quickly, but as we age this cellular turn over process gets slowed down, this causes our skin to look older, drier and even rougher in texture. So, you can exfoliate your skin in many ways;

  • You can do mechanical exfoliation like using a clarisonic brush.
  • You can exfoliate using a scrub before or after washing your face.
  • Furthermore, you can also use chemical exfoliators like chemical peels.

If you have a normal skin exfoliate it 2 to 3 times a week and if you have a sensitive skin exfoliate it only once a week.

Use Retinol based cream

Use Retinol based cream

Use Retinol

Retinols have very effective anti aging properties. Use a Retinol based anti aging cream, as they are scientifically proven to turn back the clock.

If you ask any Doctor or Dermatologist, what is their favorite ingredient in skincare, I am sure the vast majority will say "Retinol".

If you cannot tolerate Retinols you can look for;

  • "Growth factors" or
  • "Peptide" based creams.

Sometimes Retinol can a little harsh on skin and some people cannot tolerate it, and if you are one of them, go for Growth factors or Peptide creams.

Stop smoking

Stop smoking

Do not smoke

Smoking is the worst thing that you can do to your skin as well as your health. There are in fact some scientific studies on twins. One twin smoked the entire of his life and the other did not and after 50 years the one who smoked, in fact looked like the parent of his twin brother.

Hookah is also a very popular type of smoking which contains flavored nicotine. So stay away from smoking, hookah, and vaping as well. Smoking triggers premature aging, wrinkles, and fine lines on your skin.

Always wear sunscreen when going out

Always wear sunscreen when going out

Wear sunscreen

Dermatologists and Plastic surgeons around the world are always seen recommending, to wear sunscreen. Make sure that it is SPF 30 or greater, and it is a broad spectrum, which means it take care of both UVA and UVB rays. You must have heard that these UV rays are also a big contributing factor in premature aging.

Eat colorful fruits and vegetables

Eat colorful fruits and vegetables

Eat fruits and vegetables

Well your mom has always been right, you have to eat your fruits and vegetables. By mixing up different fruits together making a fruit bowl or mixing different vegetables together making salad, you get all the different antioxidants found in different colored fruits and vegetables.

Antioxidants are very important in fighting free radicals, and are actually found in these pigments of fruits and vegetables. When you are eating a fruit that is green and a fruit which is red, you are actually getting two very different antioxidants.

So when you are eating a rainbow of fruits and vegetables, you are getting a big variety of different anti oxidants, which are really important in turning back the clock and for a youthful you.

Drop soda pop

Drop soda pop

Drop soda

Soda pop is so much consumed all around the world, but most people do not know that soda pop means unwanted pounds and aged skin. Now if you also drink too much soda pop, try to drop it slowly and replace it with some healthy drink. It's high in sugar which itself is a driving force of premature aging.

Keep your skin hydrated

Keep your skin hydrated

Hydrate your skin

The hydration and moisture of your skin is way more important than you might think. The moisture of our skin keeps it young and youthful and with the process of aging this moisture drops, leaving the skin dull, and prone to wrinkles and fine lines.

So it is advised to keep your skin hydrated, you can also use some 'Hyaluronic acid' based creams or serums to retain the moisture of your skin.

Collagen is very important

Collagen is very important

The importance of Collagen

Collagen is the main building block of our skin along with Elastin and Hyaluronic acid. Collagen makes up 75 to 80% of our skin, so it is a big component of our skin. When we are young our skin is smoother and thicker but when we get older collagen in our skin starts getting thin making our skin thinner and thinner.

Using a Collagen cream is not a good option. The Collagen molecules do not penetrate in your skin due to their bigger size so, they do not benefit you.
Well eating Collagen supplements is wonderful for your skin.

A recent study from the "University of Kiel" Germany found that, eating Collagen supplement for 4 to 8 weeks, resulted in significant improvement in skin elasticity.

Another study by the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology found that, that taking Collagen supplement increased the hydration and thickness of Collagen of the skin. This means, a smoother, thicker and younger skin. You can also use some collagen supplement (after a proper consultation with your Doctor). But you can also get collagen from some natural sources, 'bone broth' is one of the best ways of getting collagen naturally.

You can also maintain the freshness and youthfulness of your skin through the foods you eat. You can check my other article 'Foods to eat and to avoid, to stay young and slow down the aging', which is all about how you can stay young by eating and avoiding certain foods.

Foods to eat and to avoid to stay young and slow down aging

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