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The Best Home Waxing Product: Best Leg Wax for Hirsutism

The Best Home Waxing Product: The Best Leg Wax Strips

The Best Home Waxing Product: The Best Leg Wax Strips

This hub reviews the best home waxing product, specifically the best leg wax method that is the least painful. This product will be especially helpful if you have hirsutism or suffer from PCOS. Some women have excess hair on their legs, lower backs, buttocks, arms, face, chin, and neck that they would like to have removed. Later in the article, we also discuss a more permanent hair removal solution you can do at home that is effective all over the body, but especially for the chin and cheek area. This is preferable for women who want to be more hair-free all year.

If you have PCOS or are naturally hirsute, smooth legs can be hard to get if the only method of hair removal you use is shaving. There are many leg wax products on the market, but some are better than others. As a long-time sufferer of PCOS, I wanted to share my product recommendations because I've been through the tedious process of looking for hair removal solutions for many years -- both spending money and going through a lot of pain with the hair removal itself.

The Downsides to Shaving

Shaving your legs in itself is not a bad hair removal method, but when you have to shave your legs repeatedly every two days, as you often have to do with PCOS, you can get some unsightly and bothersome results, especially if you have excess or naturally coarse hair:

  • Raised, sometimes painful or itchy pink skin bumps (from repeated irritation) that can bleed after shaving over the surface again.
  • Ingrown hairs
  • Cuts and nicks
  • Legs that still feel stubbly after shaving
  • Increased skin sensitivity to ingredients in soaps, body washes, shampoos, and conditioners that might spill onto your legs in the shower. (This is from the many microscopic cuts all over your skin).

These shaving side-effects, in turn, can make you go back to wearing your cool-weather long skirts and pants. After all, who wants to be showing off inflamed skin for the world to see or have continuously irritated skin? And who wants to keep shaving their legs with those results?

In my journey to have a more hair-free body, my best results have come from ...

The Least Painful 6 to 8 Week Hair Removal Solution

The Best Home Waxing Product: Best Leg Wax. Great for Hirsutism or PCOS hair removal solutions.

The Best Home Waxing Product: Best Leg Wax. Great for Hirsutism or PCOS hair removal solutions.

Nad's Body Wax Strips are the best leg waxing strips and best leg wax product on the market. This is because of the following:

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Nad's is the only company that provides skin-desensitizing wipes with their wax strips. This is especially important if you are hirsute/have PCOS/have A LOT of hair to take off of your legs. First, take a warm shower to open up your pores and dry off as normal. Then use the wipes on the areas you will wax and wait a few minutes. You will notice that waxing using Nad's strips provides much less pain than other waxing products. You should mostly just feel some stinging instead.

These strips leave almost no mess behind compared to waxing with a small tub of loose hot wax. It is easy to take too much wax at one time and also spill it too much. Nad's provides clean-up wipes that help clean up any minimal wax that is remaining on your legs from the strips.

There are 24 wax strips in each box, which is plenty. They can be cut into smaller sizes to wax a smaller area at a time if you wish. If you are hirsute, you might want two boxes. These strips are very effective in grabbing hairs from the roots, which is exactly what you want.

When the hair regrows, you will have none of those unsightly, painful, itchy bumps that repeated shaving gives you.

Your skin will stay hair-free for six to eight weeks, depending upon your own hair growth cycle and the parts of the skin you use the wax strips on.

Each subsequent time you wax, you will feel less stinging, as there will be less hair and the hairs will grow back thinner.

NOTE: These wax strips are best used on legs, abdomen, back, and buttocks. For waxing bikini area hair, I specifically recommend bikini strips because they are firmer -- designed to work on thicker hairs.

If you need a more permanent solution ...

Although Silk'n Flash & Go is highly effective on the legs, I initially transitioned to using it because I wanted to remove hair from my chin, cheeks, and upper neck. I had some trepidation at first because I didn't want to be let down by false claims of effectiveness. But just like the wax strips above, this system has worked for me. I hope you find it changes your life like it did mine -- whether it is for your legs, face, or any other part of your body.

Before I tried Silk'n Flash & Go, the only solution I had found was either plucking -- which was very tedious -- or laser hair removal at a salon -- which worked but was expensive ($900 for five sessions), and I would have needed to go back for sessions for many years to keep up the look. I also felt it invaded my sense of privacy to have the hair removal be done by another human being. I'm a little too shy for that. I found my solution with Silk'n Flash & Go.

Silk'n Flash & Go uses a pulse system with cartridges to permanently remove hair from anywhere on your body. As of now about 75% of the hair I had on my cheeks, chin, and upper neck is gone. This took about five months of treatments -- once every two weeks for a month, and then ever four weeks after that.

The last time I went on a cruise was the best time because I put my hair up in a ponytail without fear of someone seeing stubble on my face or chin. In addition, my legs got incredibly smooth. There is a learning curve with Silk'n Flash & Go and some patience required, but it's so worth it. I hope you are as happy with it as I am.

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