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The Best Hairstyles for Dirty Unwashed Hair


Second day Hair

Second-day hair can be a little harder to style than freshly washed and dried hair. Grease can build up overnight and yesterdays styling can start to look a little funky after it's been slept on. Maybe you don't like to wash your hair every day or maybe you are in a hurry whatever the reason your second-day hair can look just as great as your first-day hair. Try these styles to find the perfect second-day hair look for any occasion.


Hiding the Grease

One of the biggest problems with unwashed hair is the greasy build up. This can happen really quickly for certain hair types and doesn't really look all that great. Fortunately, there are some hairstyles that completely hide the grease.

Bump or poof

This hairstyle actually works better on dirty hair. It helps keep the hair in place while using less product. You can place the bump in the front or back. I suggest to place it wherever your hair gets the greasiest.

Slicked back up-dos

Anything slicked back will look great. Greasy hair can be slicked back easily and stays in place without much effort. Some slicked-back updos would be high ponytails or braids, Ballerina bun, messy buns, and last but not least finger waves.

French Braids

Braiding your hair will most definitely hide greasy or oily hair. The best braids though are French braids because they use the hair at the top of your head where the most oil builds up. French braided pigtails are a great spin on the basic french braid.


Recycled Curls

Curls are one of the best hairstyles for second-day hair. The curls hold better in dirty hair and they still look pretty even if they are messy here are some different kinds of second-day curls and how they are achieved.

Yesterday's curls now beachy waves

If you had curled your hair the day before and today you still have some curls keep them in you just call them beach waves. Brush and adjust them a bit that's all it really takes and they look so pretty.

Leftover bun curls

Buns make crazy curls. Ballerina buns, top knot buns, sock buns if you had your hair in a bun the day before you already have a style as soon as you take it out. This is the coolest second-day hair trick because it looks like you did it on purpose

Creating new curls from second-day hair

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This takes a little more work but not much. These curls will really hold and the grease will protect your hair from heat damage a little it.

Sock bun

Sock bun

Crazy Buns

Buns are great for second-day hair and just plain old bad hair days. There are so many kinds it can be hard to choose but these I found to be the best and easiest for second-day hair.

Messy Bun

The messy bun is a bun that is supposed to look messy! Could there be a more perfect hairstyle for dirty hair? I don't even brush my hair for this style.

Ballerina Buns

These buns look neat and tidy. They are great even in professional and evening situations. Since they are slicked back they hide the grease well while looking elegant.

Sock Buns

These come messy or neat but and they have a unique look to them. This is a really easy hairstyle to pull off when you have dirty hair.


Loose Casual Styles

These are the easiest of them all. They look great and take just minutes to create. You can pair these with slicked-back hair or a bump, either way, they will look great.

Loose side braid

This is a big stretched out braid worn to the side. This is a great way to tame a mess of second-day hair. If you are in a hurry this a great style.

Loose fishtail braid

This is a great twist on the simple side braid. This is an easy way to create a look with second-day hair and without anyone ever knowing. It looks complicated but is so easy to style.

The mermaid braid

This is too big side braids pinned together to look bigger and fancier. It is just as easy as the simple side braid all you need is a couple of bobby pins.

What kind of style do you like best

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