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The Best Fragrances for Women


Are you looking for a signature fragrance that will last all day? If so, you have come to the right place. The art of finding a great perfume doesn't have to be hard. There are numerous great fragrances to choose from. You can go with designer classics or something more casual. Some celebrities perfumes are also great. We will examine all the various choices.

My list is based upon popularity and personal preference. Here are the best fragrances for women.

Si by Giorgio Armani

The sophisticated Giorgio Armani fragrance is quite alluring. It is slightly sweet, with musky notes of blackcurrant nectar, rose and cedar wood. The perfume is most popular with younger women. It is a signature scent.


Chloe by Nordstrom

Chloe is a summer scent. The fragrance make you feel like you're in a field full of cherry blossoms. Its beautiful aroma will last you all day. What a wonderful scent.


Good Girl by Carolina Herrera

This Carolina Herrera scent is just as awesome as the designer impressive shoe collection. You will love the great notes of jasmine, almond cocoa and coffee. The bottle is also quite glamorous as it shaped like a stiletto heel.


Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet Eau De Perfume

Imagine yourself in a garden full of peonies and roses. This is what this fragrance smell like. It is a great scent for the young and old alike.


Narcio Rodriguez

This is another great designer fragrance. It is for the chic and modern woman: with a few spritz, you will enter a place full of amber wood and vanilla.


Red Door by Elizabeth Arden

This old lady scent is quite awesome. The fragrance has never really gotten old. Many women love this signature scent. Its amazing aroma is what makes it so popular with consumers.


Victoria Secret tease perfume is a cute and girly scent. It is sweet but not too over powering. It has pretty good staying power. Give it a try, you will definitely like the scent.


Black Opium By Yves Saint Laurent

The next scent is quite seductive and can be worn on a date with your significant other. The notes of this fragrance are coffee and vanilla with orange blossom, jasmine and pear.

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Rebelle by Rihanna

This celebrity perfume gives off a beach and party vibe. It smells very tropical and unique. If the islands are your choice. You may enjoy this fragrance.



DKNY is a great fragrance for women. It has notes of grapefruit and apple. The fragrance is perfect for spring outings. You can wear it to work or on a warm hot day.


Viktor& Rolf Flowerbomb

The name say it all. This perfume is an awesome display of flowers. The great notes of this fragrance are orchid, patchouli, jasmine, tea leaf and rose.


Kai Eau De Parfum

Kai is a great smelling perfume. You can wear it for all occasions. It is a fresh and awesome scent.


Lady Million by Paco Rabanne

A hugely popular fragrance that is sure to please. The fragrance makes a woman feel her very best. It features notes of gardenia, African orange flower, jasmine, white honey patchouli and amber.


Coach Dreams

Take a trip with this gorgeous fragrance. It is perfect for traveling and is a wonderful perfume to own. It has a floral and woody aroma. The fragrance is also long lasting. It opens up with notes of bitter orange, juicy pear and also gardenia and cactus flower. The dry down notes are Joshua tree and Ambroxan musk.



Femme is a awesome and beautiful scent by Avon. It is very feminine and alluring. It smells so amazing. It is a light scent but also strong enough to last all day. You only need a two spritz of this wonderful perfume.

The scent was discontinued by Avon but you can find it on ebay.


I hope this article was helpful in enabling you to find a great signature fragrance. Please, feel free to leave your feedback in the comment section below. As always, I look forward to hearing from you.


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