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The Beginners Guide to Getting 360 Waves the Right Way

Kyra is a beauty and fashion expert, well versed in hair care and styles.


From Afros to Jeri-curls and other styles in between, black men have been rocking quite an assortment of hairstyles since forever. However, the 360 waves are that one male hair trend that has remained quite constant for decades.

A favorite with both old and young African American men, the style gets its name from the spiral wave pattern that emerges over time if properly executed. Its popularity can be accorded to the professional and stylish look it gives you while embracing the natural texture of the hair. This is why it is no wonder that men both veterans and beginners are constantly searching for simple and best guides to help them achieve a 360 wave that is both sleek and enduring.

With some patience and a few tools, I will guide you through some tips to help you achieve 360 waves.

1. The Rules

There are three rules to getting 360 waves that I would like you to keep in mind

  • Avoid brushing your hair while it’s dry. You should only brush it after you have applied 360 waves grease or moisturizer and the hair is moist.
  • Get a good brush. Everyone knows, everybody knows, that the open secret to a good ole 360 waves is a good hairbrush. A good brush brand of your choice will do, although it is advisable that you own both a soft and hard bristle brush in your hair arsenal.
  • Take vitamins. According to health experts, taking vitamins helps you grow thicker and healthier hair. They recommend that in addition to making use of good hair products, you should also take care of yourself internally by taking vitamins such as Biotin and Multivitamins which are available at local pharmacies.

2. The Tools

  • A good brush
  • A do-rag
  • Hair Moisturizer or Grease (pomade)
  • A good shampoo or conditioner
  • A good deal of PATIENCE and effort!

The last one is important because getting the 360 waves takes time, patience and effort, so prepare yourself.


3. The Method

How to Get the 360 Waves


Wash your hair with a good shampoo and moisturizer, to remove any build-up, leaving your hair clean and healthy as you would be going a while without this.

  • 1. Get a Haircut.

For a start, to get optimal wave results, I recommend you get a haircut! A buzz cut to be exact. Cut short to about 1 ½” with a temple fade and edge. Make sure to tell your barber not to make it too short and to leave it thick enough not to see your scalp.

  • 2. Brush your Hair

Now, get a good wave brush and brush your hair for 1 to 2 minutes. A good wave brush recommendation for men is a 100% Boar Bristles Diane brush or any other brush you find most suitable for your hair. However, like I previously stated, depending on the texture of your hair texture and how deep you want your waves to be, it’s a good idea to have both a soft and hard bristle brush.

  • 3. Wet your hair
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Now wet a washcloth with hot water and squeeze but leave some moisture. Place the hot and moist washcloth on top of your hair and wipe it down. Wipe the sides and back of your hair in this manner as well, making sure to wet and squeeze the washcloth.

  • 4. Moisturize your hair with Wave Grease

After completing 3 above, apply a good wave moisturizer or grease to your hair.

  • 5. Brush in the waves

Now, this is an important step, all you have been doing have been leading up to this – find where the crown or where your cowlick forms at the top of your head and start brushing out towards the front, back and sides in waves. Make sure you don’t miss any part of your hair, keep brushing out for at least 20 brush outs in every wavy direction. It’s a lot of work, your hand will feel it, but, it will be worth it.

  • 6. Cover your hair

This is the final step – for now! Wear a do-rag or a wave cap your head. This is highly recommended in order to prevent your waves from getting mussed up. You should keep your headgear on overnight when you sleep, as well.

Now, this is where the effort and patience come in, you would repeat all the processes from 3(3) to 3(6) above daily until you get your waves. It might take from 3 weeks for your 360 waves to appear, so it is best to repeat the process daily to train your hair into waves until your waves start coming.

In Conclusion

Don’t brush your hair while it’s dry or shampoo your hair before your waves come in. Even after your waves come in, shampooing your hair or brushing it while it’s dry would break up your curl pattern, so you should try and go the longest you can without these for more defined and tight waves. Only brush the hair when it’s moist and make sure to brush it evenly all around for a sleek 360 waves. Be patient and consistent, getting 360 waves requires patience because it takes time and effort.



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