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The allett Leather Original Wallet Has RFID Protection and Fits Well


You Can’t Beat A Wallet For Carrying Your Stuff Around

So there once was a time when a person could carry, had to carry all their information with them — we’re talking about tings like credit cards and driver licenses and medical information and cash, among other things. But over time people started thinking that they didn’t need to do this — because a smartphone could carry lots of that personal information, so who needs some kind of pouch or something that goes into your pocket? Of course that kind of thinking is completely silly, because you can’t put a dollar bill into a phone; you can’t put a LoJack card into your phone; you can’t put that lottery card you just got into your phone. So that’s why having a wallet still makes a lot of sense. The question is what kind of wallet will do the job and not make for a aggravating bulge. The answer is allett’s Leather Original Wallet which not only does the basic job of carrying your stuff around but also has some special, technical aspects that does stuff that wallets in the past could only dream of.


Form Works With Function

The first thing to note is that we’re talking actual leather here, which means the wallet isn’t stiff to start and becomes even more relaxed over time. Not to mention keeping its coloring subtle over time as well. It’s a top quality Napa leather, but there has to be other material aligned with it — in this case it’s bluesign certified rip stop nylon — the combo makes for an attractive and durable results. So the wallet seems slim, yet has a lot of “storage” are due to the way it’s constructed: opening the fold reveals two sides, each having two horizontal slits that allow for credit card/business card sized cards to be inserted and held in place (this being done courtesy of a non-slip gripping surface as regards the cards). So you’ve got 4 slits to work with, and while allette says that each slit can hold 4 credit card sized cards, the reality is that you can put a lot of cards into these 4 slits without causing the wallet to bulge when the fold is closed — for sure this is true as it will let you glom a lot of cards into these spaces without causing it to weigh you pocket down and call attention to the pocket.


Hidden Technology Makes For A Safer Wallet And For You Too

Now as to the technology being touted earlier — in use on this wallet is RFID-blocking material so that takes care of radio waves intercepting the cards by a bad actor. It’s a passive tech too, you don’t have to do anything to have it work so it’s just a matter of knowing it’s doing what it needs to ti keep RFID skimming from occurring so you can just move on.

Meanwhile at the top of the wallet are two deep folds, with it easily holding cash in the front or rear fold, with whatever paper money size fitting in without incident. Notes and receipts can also live here — but having a blank sheet isn’t too sensible, huh? Or maybe it is.

Because there’s still another surprise — in that allette has a micro pen that goes nicely into the sleeve at the middle of the fold. Having a pen may sound super analog, but it’s a lot more convenient than having to try and tap on the phone’s tiny keyboard when it comes to taking a quick note. Does it’s presence in the wallet’s center seam mess things up — no way. And its weight is pretty much negligible.

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The Leather Original Wallet tops out at 1.4 ounces before it starts sucking up all your stuff, and it’s not exactly a size hog — coming in at 5” x 3.75” x 0.25”. It also comes in 3 colors, but we still like black. For more details on this and other wallets that they make, go to

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