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4 Kinds of Rare Diamonds

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I cannot say that I am an expert as far as jewellry are concerned, it is merely and interest and I like the look!!

World’s biggest yellow diamond "Graff Vivid Yellow"

100.09 carats

100.09 carats

1. Most Rare Diamonds - Red, Orange, Purple

If you are so lucky to have found a red, orange, or purple diamond for your ring, then you have found a treasure. Because of its rarity, these most rare stones are expensive. Only the rich will be able to afford a stone such as this.

Only one in every 10,000 diamonds is a red, orange, or purple diamond. That is scarce indeed and that is if you are lucky. More often than not, there is only a one in 500,000 chance that you will find one. These stones are the exception rather than the rule and this is why they are so highly valued.

  • Red diamonds occur in Africa, Brazil, and Australia and only twenty to thirty true reds exist in the world. These rare diamonds are only also half a carat or less in size, so they are small. Famous reds include the Hancock Red Diamond, the Moussaieff Red, and the Rob Red.
  • Orange diamonds are found in a spectrum of natural shades i.e. apricot, pumpkin, cognac and saffron and a variety of autumn colors.
  • Purple diamonds with their regal hues are incredibly rare. They are mostly found in Russia but on occasion also in Canada and Western Australia. The most famous one is The Royal Purple Heart Diamond.

100 carats

This is what 100-carats look like - awesome!

This is what 100-carats look like - awesome!

Large yellow diamond

40.23-carat fancy yellow diamond ring set in 18k yellow gold and platinum - priceless...

40.23-carat fancy yellow diamond ring set in 18k yellow gold and platinum - priceless...

Purple Diamonds


2. Extremely Rare Diamonds

  • Pink, blue and green are more rare colors than the two sets mentioned above, and affordability comes into play. These colors are considered extremely rare although it is quite likely to spot a pink diamond here and there. The color pink remains a favorite of many women even into adulthood and there is no arguing the beauty and allure of such a stone.
  • Green diamonds are so rare that many jewelers have never seen one, let alone own one. So, many of the green diamonds in existence are treated or enhanced diamonds and still they remain rare because only a select few diamonds can be treated and enhanced to produce the green color. The best-known green diamond is the famous Dresden diamond; the largest green diamond in the world, coming in at a massive 40.70 carats.

Small yellow diamonds

3. Very Rare Colour Diamonds

  • The yellow color is a very rare stone to find, but still not impossible. Even if the color of the diamond is unique, the cut should still be considered, it must be a cut that compliments the particular stone. Also bear in mind the personality of the wearer, whether she is feminine or sporty.
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J-Lo wearing Yellow Diamonds

30 carats yellow diamonds

30 carats yellow diamonds

Brown Diamonds

Light brown diamond

Light brown diamond

4. Rare Colour Diamonds

  • The rare diamond colors, and therefore the more affordable ones, are the brown, grey, and black diamonds.
  • Brown diamonds are the most common of the colored diamonds. These diamonds have a reduced glimmer and as such, they are not as attractive as the sparkling stones. The browns are mined in Africa, Australia, and Siberia.
  • The black diamonds are not transparent the way that, say a sparkling white may be and they are often used for industrial purposes.

Gray Blue Diamond Ring


What is your poison?

Taking the "every day" out of '"everyday" diamonds

Even though the diamonds that we wear everyday are not as rare as these four groups, they can still be phenomenal in beauty and size - and a major reason for this is their ability to catch the light and sparkle.

  • Do all women need diamonds?
  • Do women need diamonds as a sign of their man's affection?
  • Do women need diamonds in times of celebration?
  • The fact remains, that whenever a woman is presented with a gift of diamonds, her eyes will sparkle and she will feel special and valued.

The Diamonds we know and love



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