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The 10 Benefits of Citrus Oil on Hair

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The 10 benefits of oranges on hair

The 10 benefits of oranges on hair

The 10 benefits of oranges on hair

The 10 benefits of oranges on hair

Orange juice from oranges can be used in the hair as a conditioning-rinse, after shampooing. Oranges contain a rich amount of vitamin C, that's why applying orange juice in the hair as conditioner-rinse is a great idea. Hair wants vitamin C too by direct contact, we consume vitamin C with the foods we eat and drink. So it only makes sense to put it directly in the hair, to give hair it's nutrition.

Leaving freshly squeezed orange juice in the hair as a conditioner, is beneficial for your hair's health, due to the high content of vitamin C. Also the acid that are in oranges, decreases dandruff and an itchy scalp. Oranges contain others vitamins as well, such as vitamin B, E, and A.

Vitamin B in hair assists with the supplying the hair with protein, which makes the hair stronger to prevent split ends and breakage. Vitamin E in the hair helps to rid the hair of toxins and gives the hair shine. And vitamin A in the hair assists with repairing the hair and making the hair grow faster.

After shampooing the hair with a mild organic shampoo, you can apply and leave the orange juice in the hair for about 10 minutes with a shower cap. And then rinse the orange juice out of the hair. A good orange conditioner would be 2-4 oranges squeezed in a bowl, add 1 tablespoon of honey, and 1 ounce of water. Mix and apply to hair as a conditioner.

Anything that is natural and organic is better for hair, that would be shampoos, conditioners, hair spray moisturizers, and hair cream moisturizers. Hair products that are organic may contain: fruit extracts, flower extracts, herbs, water, essential oils, and/or vitamins.

The 10 benefits of oranges on hair

The 10 benefits of oranges on hair

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10 Benefits of oranges on hair

  1. Reduces dandruff
  2. Conditions hair
  3. Promotes faster growing hair
  4. Adds protein to hair
  5. Adds nutrients in hair due to the vitamin C
  6. Prevents an itchy scalp
  7. Makes hair-strands stronger
  8. Adds shine
  9. Takes out toxins
  10. Repairs damaged hair

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threekeys on August 06, 2016:

Its funny how you mentioned hair loss because I feel I am losing more than I should.


A friend suggested to include more protein in my diet. I will do both. Try your hair recipe and...thankyou

Ann810 (author) from Sunny Cali on August 05, 2016:

Hi Threekeys, going organic is the new trend these days for hair and skin. Oranges on the hair can be for conditioning the hair, preventing hair loss, and as an antiseptic. Thanks for commenting.

threekeys on August 05, 2016:

Never heard of it. Love the idea. I will try it!

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