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Tesshair Hair Extension Unboxing and Review


How I Found Tesshair Extensions

About a month ago, I was contacted by a brand to receive free product in exchange for an honest review - hell yeah! I mean, I've been reviewing hair products I've paid for out of my own pocket for YEARS, it's about time someone sent me some products for free! And I couldn't be more pleased with the interaction and product I've gotten.

Usually when I get e-mails from "brands" I ignore them... Often times it's a scam. This time, I was contacted by representatives from Tesshair on two occasions, and I decided to do some more research into their company. Turns out... It's legit! Check out Tesshair's products and website here.

In this article, I'm going to go through the details and my personal thoughts on these hair extensions. If you'd rather just watch a video, good news! I've posted one below.

Tesshair Extensions Unboxing Video

About Tesshair

Tesshair is a relatively new extension company, hence why they're looking for reviews and testimonials. They were founded in 2019, and they're based out of one of my favorite places - Germany!

The brand uses 100% human hair, which is the first thing I love. I mean, if you've read my previous articles, I've used plenty of hair extensions. I had some synthetic ones for a while, and they were pretty hard to work with. They were way more shiny than natural hair, and completely un-styleable. I had clip-in curly extensions, and I tried wetting them, straightening them, blow-drying them.... They didn't budge. Human-hair extentions, while creepy to some, are amazing because you can style them with your natural hair.

So after speaking with one of Tesshair's representatives and scouring their website for something that would work for me, I was able to settle on #60 Platinum Blonde 18-inch extensions.


What's In The Package

So, when I filmed the video above, you'll notice that I (quite confidently) call each clip on the extensions a "weft." Please forgive me, because the weft actually refers to the top of the extension where the hair has been woven. I've always had it backwards in my mind. The clips are truly just called - you guessed it - "clips."

In the package, there were:

  • (4) 3-clip pieces
  • (2) 2-clip pieces
  • (2) 1-clip pieces

I'd say this is more than enough hair for anyone! I probably won't use every single piece at one time, but that's a story for another blog post. Generally, the 3-clip pieces would be used on the back of the head, while the smaller pieces would be used on the sides/front.

All of the pieces in the package displayed.

All of the pieces in the package displayed.

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Testing Hair Quality

There are a couple of things you can notice right off the bat to tell if your extensions are quality or not - including color and texture.

When you look closely near the weft, you should see consistency in the hair color. These extensions are blonde, so I'm looking to make sure that there aren't any brown or black hairs that may have been mixed in. You may not think this would be an issue - but I've seen it on MANY low quality blonde extensions.

The other thing you're looking at is texture, which on these extensions is amazing. Low quality hair will break off when you run your fingers through it, tangle easily, and have a more coarse texture to it. This hair is pretty much the opposite of that - silky smooth, and clearly taken care of.

All of the hairs are consistently blonde; no brown/black hairs are present.

All of the hairs are consistently blonde; no brown/black hairs are present.

Length Test

Next, you'll want to make sure your extensions ace the length test. There are several things you can do to test the quality of the length.

The first is to look for the breaking point. This is where the hairs start to taper off. Grab your bundle of hair, run your hand down it. High quality hair will start to taper in the bottom half - it should NEVER start in the top half. In the photo below, you can see where the ends of the hair start to pop out of the bundle, in the bottom half.

After testing that, I wanted to make sure that the hair was actually 18 inches as advertised. I'm not one for construction, so I don't have a tape measure. But I DO have a 12x18 watercolor paper book, so I put the extensions up to that. They passed.

Hair starts to taper off in the bottom half.

Only had this 18 inch long watercolor pad to use for measuring... and they were indeed 18 inches!

Only had this 18 inch long watercolor pad to use for measuring... and they were indeed 18 inches!

Split Ends

Take a look at the ends of the hair. I looked at a few different pieces, and only found one split end. It's inevitable really, but it would've been a big red flag if brand new extensions were full of splits.

Checking for spit ends

Checking for spit ends

Tesshair Extensions: 5 out of 5!

So far, I'm going to give these guys 5 stars! Overall, straight out of the package I am very satisfied. I feel they pass all of the tests and check all the boxes - they're definitely high quality. My next step is to color match them to my hair, which will be a bright blue/purple combo.

Keep checking back for more updates on my Tesshair journey! I will be giving these the full test, and plan to write about many aspects of them - how to bleach/dye these extensions, how to install them, how to take care of them, how to style them.

Thanks for reading, and thank you to Tesshair for a top notch product!

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